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Not that long ago I wrote a post entitled 6 Best Blogs To Follow If You Are A Web Designer 6 Best Web Design Blogs To Follow 6 Best Web Design Blogs To Follow Read More . The premise behind the article was to try to narrow down what was otherwise an abundance of great web design information floating around in cyberspace. It featured some of the most prominent blogs in the industry.

By popular demand, I will be covering some of the lesser known web design blogs this time around. Without further ado, here are some of the web design blogs you may not have heard of.


The first website I feel obligated to mention in this post is TrueKolor. They do graphic design in the form of designing logos and banners, but their blog has a lot of great content that often goes unnoticed. Articles include lists of inspiring logos and font sets, Photoshop tips and tricks, and everything in between.

[Disclosure] They designed our logo. We think they’re awesome.



Designrfix is pretty popular numbers-wise, but I still don’t think they are getting the recognition that some of the other design blogs are getting, so I felt I should include them here too. They do a great job of giving examples of inspirational design in both online and real-world examples, as well as the usual stuff like cool icons and graphics.

Paper Leaf

Paper Leaf is a legitimate unknown, but a good blog nonetheless. The site has some well-written, informative articles centered around design and it’s a good place to go for ideas. New articles are posted every few days, which isn’t as frequent as some of the other blogs on this list, but perhaps we can change that by delivering some positive attention.


AEXT.NET stands for “An Extension of the Net”. While they cover some of the design aspects like the other blogs on this list, they do a good job of focusing on the development side of things, covering topics like server-side rendering and even SEO. They also have a good tutorial section you should check out.


I feel like I had to include this site on the list. I really like their design and layout, and if you are into design I think you will appreciate it too. They make great use of images as every post is just a large photo, and you can click on it to get to the underlying content.

You can spend a lot of time browsing for ideas and inspiration on this site. There is a little strong language used in some places on the site – apologies. Just look at the pictures!


Speaking of giant photos, idsgn rounds out this list.  I know I’ve mentioned inspiration and design ideas throughout this list, but if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for you have to check out this site. They provide monthly reviews and throw out a lot of design love to important people in the industry.


Like I’ve stated before, there are an insane amount of design blogs and resources out there. It’s great to have so much information readily available and it allows you to focus on any aspect of web design you choose to master.

My list might look completely different from what you could come up with. If this is the case, let’s help expose some of the best unknowns in the comments section!

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