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A quick search in the iPhone App store can return you more than a dozen to-do list apps. If you can’t make up your mind over which to-do list app to choose, here are five of the best free to-do list apps that I have reviewed.

1. Dobot Todos

DoBot To Do

If you like simplicity and just want the bare minimum, then Dobot is the one for you. Dobot provides a plain text interface, but with some really useful features. Usage is easy. Simply press the ‘+’ button to add a task. For each task, you can edit the Task name, due date, priority and note. On the front end, you can easily change the task priority by tapping on the blue horizontal bar.

When viewing a list, you can sort by priority, due date, or creation date, and you can opt to view all tasks, just unfinished tasks, or just those tasks due today.

For those who are looking for a simple, decent and free to-do list app, this is the one to go for.

2. Zenbe List



Some users may find Zenbe too simple with only a few functions. However it has two things that other apps don’t have: a backend sync with Zenbe and the ability to share your list with others. You can easily create a list for a collaboration project with your co-workers, sync it with your Zenbe account and email the share link to your partners. When any one of them updates the list, everyone can see the update.

Another use that I can think of is to share your shopping list with your family members so that no one buys any extra items.

For those who wanted to share their lists with others, this is the only app that allows you to do so.

3. iProcrastinate Mobile

iProcrastinate Mobile

Although iProcrastinate Mobile is free, it does have plenty of useful features that are only found in paid apps. You can allocate your tasks under different subjects and assign different colors for each subject. You can also create smart groups to manage tasks that are due today, or to select different subjects altogether. When creating a task, other than the standard priority, due dates and notes fields, you can also add steps required for each task, and if necessary, add team members to the tasks. If you are looking for a to-do list app that has a nice UI and focuses on task organization, then iProcrastinate Mobile is the one for you.

4. Easy Task Manager

EasyTask Manager

As its name implies, Easy Task Manager is easy to use and there are few complicated options around. Simply enter your task and see it display on the screen. Tasks are automatically sorted according to their due dates. Tasks due today will be showed on the top of the screen so you can easily refer to it without much tapping around.

There is also an option for you to perform an online sync with their server. If you are using the EasyTask desktop client on your Mac or Windows, you can also sync your iPhone to-do list with your desktop.

5. reQall


reQall is unique in the way that you can use your voice to add tasks (the voice recording is for the iPhone only, iPod touch users can add tasks by typing). It is similar to Jott, but with more functionality.

Other than task management, Reqall also acts as a shopping list, idea recorder, reminder service, memory aid and also a contact list. In the reQall home screen, there are three sections that you can view: Time, Things and People. Time helps you to group tasks according to their due dates while Things allows you to see the categories where the tasks are located. People allows you to share reminders with your friends and family.

If you are online, reQall will automatically sync your tasks with their online server.

Do you have any other favourite to-do list apps for the iPhone? Share them in the comments!

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