6 Stupid Yet Entertaining Games To Play In The Office Whilst Your Boss Isn’t Looking

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games to play in officeIf you’re reading this in the office, then shame on you – shouldn’t you be working? Doing something more productive with your boss’ time? You know, fun things like spreadsheets, photocopying and email.

Chances are if you do work in an office environment, your internet wings have been very much clipped and your access to guaranteed timewasters like Facebook and Twitter is restricted. Time to find something else to pass the time when you’re at your least productive?

Well here I present to you a small collection of games to play in the office that you and your co-workers can enjoy, even without an internet connection. Time to have fun the old-fashioned way…

The Invisible String

This one’s really simple. Take two points in your office and draw an invisible line across the area. Try to choose a fairly high-traffic area, preferably near the water dispenser or printer for maximum enjoyment.

games to play in office

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It is then up to you and your closest co-workers to avoid crossing the invisible line. You can duck beneath it, or even jump over it – but your aim is to never touch it. The more people that join in, the better the game.

Should anyone forget, or unknowingly cross your line then all participating players should let out audible gasps of pain.

Microsoft Office 2010 Left Hand Edition

More of a prank than a game, but a modern variation on a longstanding joke nonetheless. This probably works best if you’re the one in charge, but it’s also great if you’re an especially evil office member.

You’ll need to target new members of staff, those on work experience or temps. It is up to you to issue a request for said newbie/temp/student to find and purchase the left-handed edition of Microsoft Office, the latest Adobe suite or whichever software package you desire.

fun office games

You and your cohorts can then chuckle to yourselves whilst said poor intern trawls the web and the office for a non-existent product. If your chosen victim is wise to your plan, simply reassure them that they’ve “passed the test”.

Traditionally this gaff is employed by asking a recruit to fetch “a long weight” (read: wait) from another department, especially effective if the other department is wise to your wit.

Blu-Tack Movies

Blu-Tack (or any tack used to stick up posters, memos etc…) can be found pretty much in any office in plentiful supply. One of its more creative uses, however, is in the Blu-Tack movie game.

fun office games

Grab some tack and mould it into a familiar object, character or clue to the name of a movie. It is then up to your co-workers to figure out the movie. Bonus points are awarded for artistic merit.

Photoshop Tennis

Best played with 4 or more players, Photoshop Tennis can yield some hilarious results. You don’t strictly need Photoshop to play either – any image editing program will do.

One player starts to draw a picture within Photoshop (or equivalent) which subsequent players must add to. The picture makes its way around the office (the more people, the better) before making it back to the originator.

This game tests the creativity of your workmates, and it’s fun trying to figure out who did what. Repeat the process till you’ve run out of room, then print it off and display it as your latest office project. Team building – right?

Off-Ground Tag

Just as childish and potentially outrageous as the invisible line game, the idea behind this one is to not touch the office floor at all.

Especially difficult to play, workers must use their wits and work together in order to keep their feet off the floor. Transportation is provided via the comfort of your office wheely chair, and lunchtime doesn’t count (unless you’re the guy in the picture below).

fun office games

The fun lies in catching your workmates out, and the forfeits you and your co-workers must come up with for anyone caught with their feet firmly on the ground.


For anyone who likes a wager there’s Telegambling. Gather your closest workmates and invite them to place a bet on a phone call. You’ll need to choose a victim who isn’t in the same room as you, and whose extension you know.

games to play in office

Everyone then must place a bet on whether the victim will pick up the phone. The winners share the pot equally, and the losers are left empty-handed.

This is a great way of raising change for the coffee machine, or foolishly gambling away your dinner money.

Have you discovered any office games that you and your co-workers like to play? Maybe you’ve invented some? Maybe you were caught? Explain yourselves in the comments!

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