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Unsatisfied with your Photoshop brushes? Are the ones you have now just not working for you or just plain boring?

With the Web, it’s easy to find new brushes to add into your current collection. There’s tons of great designs out there to choose from and plenty of websites that allow you to easily search for what you’re looking for. Best of all, it all doesn’t have to cost you anything!

So, where do you go to download some cool sets of brushes? Look no further than this list. Here’s the 6 best sites to download free Photoshop brushes.


free photoshop brushes

BrushKing is home to thousands of well-designed Photoshop brushes, all up for grabs at absolutely no cost. You can search the sets of brushes by keyword or sort through them by the various categories, including grunge, splatters, vectors, swirls, and more.


The pages for the brush sets are simply designed, displaying the author, file size, license information, number of brushes, a description, and preview. Just hit “Download” if you want the set.


Brusheezy has a huge collection of brushes to choose from. The site only accepts the best sets and is constantly updated with more selections. Search by keyword or use the site’s filters to sort results by category or Photoshop version.

download free photoshop brushes

The download pages feature all the basic information about the free Photoshop brushes, but also a simple rating system to go along with it.

Users can also post their own reviews about the brushes to share with other visitors.


For more attractive sets, head over to myPhotoshopBrushes. Filter its collection by category and sort by rating, numbers of downloads, or date added. Simply hit the “Download” button when you come across brushes you’d like to keep.

download photoshop brushes

One big plus about the site is that instead of just having an image preview, icons of how the brushes will actually look like in Photoshop are displayed at the bottom of the download pages as well.


free photoshop brushes

FBrushes has a massive collection of well over 5,000 high quality brushes. The “F” stands for free! Just browse the many pages of sets or search by category for what you need.

The download pages feature the same basic information about the brushes, along with comments from users about the set at the bottom.


123Freebrushes is another great website with a growing free stock of Photoshop brushes, over 1,000 of them. The best way to sort through them all is by category to find a set that you’d like to download.

Big images of what each brush looks like are displayed for each set. Other than that, very limited details are given, so be sure to check out the the link to the designer’s website for more information about the brushes.


If you still can’t find the free Photoshop brushes you’re looking for, head over to deviantART, the source of a lot of the free and user-created Photoshop brushes out there. The site’s community of artists have submitted a sizable collection of all kinds of sets to choose from, all available for free download.

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What are some of your favorite websites to download free Photoshop brushes? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: freeparking

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