6 Reasons To Buy Your Girlfriend An iPad

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A little over 3 years ago, my boyfriend (together with my family) bought me an iPad. It was – and still is (I use it to this day) – a first generation iPad, and the first iOS device I ever owned (and have owned since). It was also the first time I laid my hands on a tablet outside of an Apple store. I had no idea what to do with it.

Was it a good gift? If you’re thinking of doing the same thing you might be wondering if it’s really a good idea. Why buy your girlfriend an iPad and not a cheaper Android or Windows 8 tablet? Why buy her a tablet at all? What do you do if you hate Apple? These are tough questions indeed, but all will become clear below.

Before you blow up, this post can work just the same the other way around. If you’re a woman and want to buy your boyfriend an iPad, these reasons will work just as well.

Because She’ll Become Geekier

Everyone know it’s better to date a geek. Well, OK, maybe not everyone, but it’s definitely lots of fun, especially if you’re a geek yourself, and provides lots of mutual interests to discuss and many great activities to do together. While the iPad is not the geekiest tablet you can gift — an Android tablet will answer that description much better — it’s bound to make anyone, even the most technologically disinclined person, a tech lover.

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Before you know it, your girlfriend will be following tech news, expressing heated opinions about the new version of iOS, and teaching you about the coolest iOS apps out there. It’s bound to happen to anyone once they own an iPad, there’s simply no way around it.

If you’re an Android user or a Microsoft fan, don’t worry. Even if you turn her into an Apple fanatic, all it will do is to provide more interesting topics for discussion, right?

Because You’ll Spend More Quality Time Together

I touched on this one in my previous point, but this is about more than just interesting discussions. No matter how badly you like or hate Apple, you’re not going to be able to refuse playing awesome multi-player games on it. Or watching videos together on it. Or learning how to cook together from it. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, you can play games and on your phone or on your table (remember board games?), you can watch videos on your computer, but using the iPad together is an experience in itself, which you won’t fully understand until you try. Even my clunky old first generation iPad is still one mean gaming machine, for casual gamers, anyway.

Because You Already Own An Apple Device

If you already own an iPhone, an iPod, or even another iPad or a Mac, getting one for your girlfriend could be a great way of expanding your Apple horizons. If your girlfriend joins the Apple family, you can easily recommend or buy iPad apps for her, or even set up the same Apple ID on all your devices, and enjoy the same apps all around.

Because iPads Are Beautiful & Have Beautiful Accessories

It’s a well-known fact the Apple possesses a reality distortion field. Every product that comes out of Apple has the power to seem amazing, beautiful, revolutionary, and one of a kind. This is not always true, but there’s no denying that the iPad is a gorgeous device. Not only that, Apple hardware enjoys a uniformity that’s not shared by Android or Windows devices, which makes it much easier to find good-quality and unique accessories for it.

I know it might seem stereotypical to give a woman a beautiful thing, but as a woman myself, I’m all for it. As an Android user, I often find myself craving for an iPhone. Why? Not because it’s superior in any way to my Nexus 4, but because of the amazing cases available for it that I will never find the likes of for my own device. Nice accessories make people happy, and so do good-looking gadgets. This is an excellent reason to go for an iPad.

Because She Doesn’t Know She Wants One

Seriously. She doesn’t. Just prior to getting my gift iPad, I asked my boyfriend, “what do you do with a tablet anyway? It seems like the most useless thing in the world”. A week later I found out he bought me and iPad, and was pretty much dumbstruck. What do you do with this thing?

Don’t get me wrong, I still think tablets are unnecessary for most people, but it doesn’t change the fact that I use my iPad all the time, and wouldn’t give it up for the world. For most people, a tablet is something they don’t really need, and will therefore not spend money on. That doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it immensely, which makes it the perfect gift.

Because She’ll Think About You Every Time She Uses It

Romantic? Yes. Corny? Yes. True? Very much so. This would be true for any gift you give, but you can rest assured she would use the iPad much more than she would use a necklace or a ring, and that it will last much longer than flowers or chocolate (although an iPad and chocolate will probably could earn you a marriage proposal on the spot).

A Note About Expensive Gifts

iPads are expensive. The cheapest model you can buy is the $329 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini, followed by the similar iPad with Retina for $499. The most expensive iPad you can buy (from Apple) costs a hefty $929, which will get you a 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and a cellular data connection.

As much as the latter seems cool, it’s most likely an overkill for anyone who doesn’t use the iPad for business. If you’re looking to buy the iPad as a gift, going for one of the cheapest models will not make you cheap; quite on the contrary, it will make you amazing.

Remember that you don’t have to go at it alone. If it’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you’re set on buying an iPad, why not get her family involved as well? This way, you’ll all be pitching in together for the gift, but you’ll be able to tell her that it was your idea. And that’s what really counts, isn’t it?

What Do You Think?

You may think I’m being horribly stereotypical, and I would have thought the exact same thing several years ago. It’s very possible that I am being stereotypical, but experience is the best teacher, isn’t it?

Do you agree with my reasoning? Can you come up with better reasons to get an iPad as a gift? Or maybe you think it’s a horrible idea? Share your thoughts below.

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It’s a great gift! Although I would never want one, the status symbol of the Apple defeats any statistical garbage. Buy one for her–be sure to tell her you love her.


Tanel Ramst

Still overpriced.

Mauricio A

Maybe so, but it’s worth the sticker price hence it being the most reliable tablet on the market with the least support needed as well as best market value


Source for your assertion please?


Can’t be worth the sticker price if it’s “overpriced”…

Can’t have “best market value” if it’s overpriced…

But I’m glad you agreed that it is overpriced.


No one ever complains about something being overpriced unless they want it.

Mauricio A

@iDisapprove: In today’s technological age, almost everything that’s meant to be used on a daily is “overpriced”. Now when that the iPad has the best market value, i’m going by the best performance and usage for the price of the product The only thing I agree on, is accepting your opinion and view point on the price of the iPad. My personal opinion on the price is irrelevant as I don’t decide on the price of items; i’m a consumer and as one if I want an item, i’m either going to buy it new for the manufacture’s price or used from a second party.

Mike C

You clearly haven’t seen what happens when iPads start to malfunction…

Mauricio A

@Mike C: technology like anything in this world is bound to malfunction; nothing is built to last forever not even products from Apple. We may wish and want for a “forever” product that doesn’t malfunction, breakdown, or suffer from wear-and-tear but the reality is that’s just wishful thinking.

Chinmay Sarupria

And you haven’t seen what happens when Android devices malfunction. Actually all Android devices have malfunction preinstalled in them. They get activated on the first time the device is turned on.

Mike C

Of course I’ve seen Android malfunction – I’ve seen all of the major players have issues. My point isn’t that other technologies don’t malfunction. My points is that with iOS, because of the stupid limitations Apple places in it, troubleshooting any issues becomes nearly impossible compared to a more open system like Android.



Personally I think it’s still too over priced for what you are getting. The best thing going for it is its app market tbh.



This article makes no sense. First, a Nexus 7 is as easy and fun to use as an iPad Mini (the only iPad worth getting nowadays). Second, all of the other reasons equally apply to Android tablets. If you already have a household full of Android phones (which, statistically, is more likely) then it makes more sense to get another Android device.

Chinmay Sarupria

Nexus 7 may be fun to use but it is not better than iPad. The reason is the crap Android installed in it. Everyone on this planet knows that iOS is far better than any version of Android.

“If you already have a household full of Android phones (which, statistically, is more likely) then it makes more sense to get another Android device.”
Who on this earth would like to get another Android device when they already have many?

Yaara Lancet

You’re absolutely right. I never said you shouldn’t get an Android tablet. Great gift too. :) Couldn’t speak from experience about that, though.

However, the iPad is a great gift even in a house full of Android phones. I’m not sure an Android tablet would be welcome in a house full of iPhones. :)


You see, your bias comes through even here. Why would an Android tablet be less welcome in a house full of iPhones than the other way around? I think you need to step back and realize that many people (possible the majority of people now) prefer Android devices to iOS devices, find them simply better devices overall. The age when Apple devices were just better by definition is over.


I guess my point is not that you are biased personally in favor of Apple in general, but that you are still subject to the bias that somehow Apple devices are considered higher quality, luxury devices that somehow would be considered a “better gift”. That is simply not true anymore.

Yaara Lancet

That’s not the case, actually. I know many Apple fans who use iPhones and Macs, and if I tried gifting them with an Android tablet they’d make a face, claim they don’t know how to use it/what to do with it, and assume without trying that it’s inferior.

Android users, however, even if they don’t like Apple, usually know how to use an Apple device (what’s there to know, after all), and would probably end up using an iPad, just like I did without ever owning an Apple product before or since.

Naturally, this is not always true, just like any generalization about people, but in my experience, it’s true a lot of the times.


See, again you are falling into that trap. That may the past, but it is no longer the way things are. Maybe with your anecdotal evidence, but in the wider world around you people don’t feel that way. The general feeling is that iOS devices are getting outdated and stale and people are wanting Android devices. That is why Android is outselling iOS devices on all fronts. I bought my wife an iPad Mini since they use Apple at her school and I thought it made sense, and I wanted her to stop “borrowing” my Nexus 7 for extended periods. She was very disappointed and said she would rather have had a Nexus 7 like mine.

Yaara Lancet

Replying here as the thread got too long.

I’ll just sum up and say that I like both Android and iOS. I prefer Android in my everyday life, but I can definitely appreciate and see the merits of iOS.

I may be the only person on the planet who likes both and will not defend one against the other with passion.

Android is awesome, I agree. iOS is pretty awesome too. Which is better? I’ll let people decide that for themselves, that was the point of the article at all.


I have to disagree with you. my house has apple & android devices. I would rather use my phone to play my music than to use my ipod. If I dorp my ipod it has a higher chance of the screen breaking than my phone does. Also about the android “not being welcomed in a house of apple users, you are wrong there also. I bought my friend an android tablet for her birthday and she uses it more than she uses her ipad… apple is dying

Yaara Lancet

Oh well, I guess my Apple-loving friends are old fashioned or something. You just say “Android” next to them and they act like they’ve heard a curse word.


Nikola Katsarov

This world is going in wrong way!
One more reason: she will not ask you to fix her tablet once a week. Its not easy to broke iPad in regular use. Android is another thing.

Android fan.



Apple lover. Sad to see that makeuseof is making publicity in such way. Every product have pro and cons. I have nothing against Apple, but on lover prices you can get quite the same things on Android or Windows products. From my point of view to buy an Apple product is to get something fency to show off.

Yaara Lancet

Like I said in the article, I’m no Apple lover. That 1st gen. iPad is the only Apple product I own, or owned since 1996, and I got it as a gift. I never would have bought it for myself.

I’ve been on Android ever since I moved to a smartphone and love it. To be honest, I don’t like Apple that much. :)

Still makes a great gift, though!



She’ll say she doesn’t want one! That she’s happy with an ipod. I guess I will give her this post and ask HER for an ipad for myself.

Although I am more of an android girl than apple..

Yaara Lancet

Of course she’ll say that! No one really needs an iPad. :)

I cried when I saw my gift was an iPad. Not from excitement, even. I felt guilty that they paid so much for it and there’s nothing I can do with it! It worked out at the end, though. :)


Harsha Vardhan

Confess that you work for apple now. You know an android tablet these days (note 8) is tonnes more times productive than ipad .stylus of note 8 is god like. Overpriced is one thing and the other thing would be buying every freakin app unlike in android where majority of apps good apps are for free. Unless you are Jr. Steve Jobs you can’t afford an iPad.

Chinmay Sarupria

“You know an android tablet these days (note 8) is tonnes more times productive than ipad.”
No. I don’t know that because i believe in truth.

“stylus of note 8 is god like.”
There is something called Google Images where you can search images for iPad and then compare.

“Overpriced is one thing and the other thing would be buying every freakin app unlike in android where majority of apps good apps are for free.”
Have your ever opened an iOS App? Have you ever visited App Store?
iOS has quality apps but what does Android has?

“Unless you are Jr. Steve Jobs you can’t afford an iPad.”
Who said iPad is overpriced other than Android users?

Moral – Half Knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

Yaara Lancet

Yes, I work for Apple! You caught me!

No, I only work for MakeUseOf (and several other websites), and while I’m an Android fan myself (as you can read in the article), I still think the iPad makes a good gift, if you feel like spending that amount of money.

This is meant to be a fun article. You don’t HAVE to go and buy an iPad for yourself or for anyone else. :)


Robin Hardman

Still far too pricey, and iOS is getting left in the dust by Android at this point. The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 far outstrip the iPad and iPad mini. Every point you made is applicable to those devices as well.

Chinmay Sarupria

Please read reason no. 2 which says “Because You’ll Spend More Quality Time Together” and you said “Every point you made is applicable to those devices as well.”
You basically want to tell that Android = Quality. I was like rolling on the floor.

“iPads are beautiful.” Who will disagree with that point? And currently there is no Android device that looks beautiful.

If anyone owns an Android device his next choice would be getting a Apple device but if someone already has an Apple device, he would still buy an Apple device because he will fall in love with the simplicity that iOS offers.

Gary Mundy

Excuse me but I have An Android tablet and Phone and will not be changing anything over to Apple. My sister has an Ipad that her kids bought her for Christmas. When she uses my Samsung tablet she says that she wishes that she had mine.

My daughter has an Iphone and is dreaming of a Ipad. She feels that she “Needs” it but hey she is allowed to be wrong.

It is a personal choice.

The thing about simplicity of the OS. Why is that so important to some people?

G ;~)

Chinmay Sarupria

“The thing about simplicity of the OS. Why is that so important to some people?”
Who on this planet doesn’t likes simplicity?

Gary Mundy

A straight jacket would make my life simple too.I wouldn’t like it any more than ios but it would be simple. ;~)

Robin Hardman

That is quite the assumption there my friend. I’m pretty confident that the majority of Android users are very happy with the OS, and any new devices they buy will be another Android device.

Android phones and tablets are, in my opinion, of a higher quality than Apple’s products. Apple’s A6X processor pales in comparison to any current gen processors being made by Nvidia, Qualcomm, or Samsung. The Nexus 10’s screen blows the Retina display our of the water. As far as aesthetics, they’re about on the same level. The HTC One has a gorgeous design, and more and more manufacturers are following that trend.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course, but you might want to check your sample group if you think any Android user wants to switch to iOS as soon as possible.

Yaara Lancet

Completely agree! I would love a Nexus 7 myself. We have a rooted Kindle Fire with a clean Android install on it at home, and it rocks.



I would never recommend or buy anything from Apple for my friends and family.



ipad is so outdated and overpriced, apparently you’re not keeping up with the latest technology


Outdated? I think you’re not keeping up.


yes, outdated, just cuz they have a newer version not too long ago doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel outdated when using it, I know full well what it can and cannot do, apparently you don’t know much about Android

Chinmay Sarupria

“ipad is so outdated and overpriced, apparently you’re not keeping up with the latest technology”
I would suggest you to open a website named jokesonios dot com and categories like Joke of the day, Joke of the Month, Joke of the Year and so on.


Alot of non-tech women couldn’t be bothered with the latest tech. my wife is one of them. she will normally tell me what she wants out of the phone and I will suggest what suits her needs her last 3 options where (her own choice)1 Sony Xperia J, (my options) Samsung Galaxy SIII mini or the HTC Desire C. she went with the mini and got a tab with the bundle.


Dhruv Sangvikar

First of all, I appreciate you put in efforts to write this article. But I don’t think this article is suitable for a website which is used by people to get an unbiased technical opinion or support.

Now, without any offense, I would like to scrutinize every reason of yours:

1. Geeky. Please read again what you have written. ” ..an Android tablet will answer that description much better.. ” . Then how on earth is that a reason in bold? This put me off at the start itself.

2.Games. Every possible popular game made for ios is available for android. On the contrary, some games are still to be ported to ios. The very game you have shown in the image (though for illustrative purposes) is available from many developers on Android market.

3. Already have some apple device. How is this even a reason? Most of the readers reading this do not have any type of apple device. So you have a false assumption as a reason? Wow.

4. They are beautiful. Agree.

5.She does not know she want’s one. :D I laughed a lot. How is this a reason? I mean.. whatever. What if she knows she wants a tablet. Then no ipad? Maybe I am not entirely clear here to you, but you are “dumbstruckness” itself put me off. And you felt geeky.

6.Think everytime. Any gift does that. That is not at all an Ipad specific.. not even a tablet specific reason. Any smallest gift item does that. ( MakeUseOf is no life hacker or similar giving tips about everything. Is this a dating site?)

I may have put my reaction a bit harshly maybe, but still that’s what my take is on this article. Cheers.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for your feedback, Dhruv!

This was meant as a fun article, not a hardware review about the iPad (we have some of those, you’re welcome to read them), and it doesn’t claim to be anything it’s not.

You’d be surprised to know that I agree with your assessment, these things could be said about Android too. If you feel like buying someone an Android tablet, by all means! I’m sure they’ll be happy. :)


Irshaad Abdool

even if overpriced.. the value of it to your loved one may create loootts of advantages..
but.. will she make the most out of it.. wont a powerful android device help her more.. ya..i agree, it all depends on what will she be doing with it; gaming? office use? surfing?..

also..are you not buying something that will burn a hole in her pockets afterwards? (when she’ll start buying accessories and/or apps)



I’d recommend Galaxy Note, same price, yet with Wacom tech, microsd, dual front speakers, and plenty of unique features not available elsewhere, the ipad just have more apps, but nowadays it doesn’t matter much anymore since now there’re thousands of apps for Android tablets



greedy apple ecosystem pretty much Forces you to buy their other products or specific partners’ for certain features to work, for example airplay, airprint, etc, so if you want more freedom and choices, get Android


Eric S

I bought my wife a tablet and she has an Iphone, and she has not become “geeky”. She still refers to me as her “IT” department. Hell she barely uses the tablet because she is to busy watching Hell’s kitchen!! At least she can work the DVR without my help!!

Yaara Lancet

Ooooh, I love Hell’s Kitchen! Doesn’t she ever watch it on her tablet? :)



what a stupid article



“Because she’ll become geekier”
Yeah, right! She can barely operate anything that is more mechanically advanced than a sharpened stick.

“Everyone know it’s better to date a geek. ”
She is dating a geek – me.

“Because you’ll spend more quality together”
Horse Puckey! If she gets the iPad, she’ll get married to it, not to me. The games we play do not require electric gadgets, though we do use them sometimes.

“Because You Already Own An Apple Device”
Yep, an Apple IIgs.

“Because iPads Are Beautiful & Have Beautiful Accessories”
If I get an iPad and accessories I won’t be able to afford a Girl Friend

“Because She Doesn’t Know She Wants One”
What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me( or my wallet)

“Because She’ll Think About You Every Time She Uses It”
If she ever comes up for air from her infatuation with the iPad

“A Note About Expensive Gifts”
Better than buying her an iPad and accessories is buying her a diamond ring. Every time she looks at her hand, she defintely will think of me and the games we’ll play… OOH LA LA! Besides, like the song says – Diamonds, not iPads, are a girl’s best friend.


I bought my fiancée an ipad instead of a diamond ring. Much cheaper and much more useful.


What will the resale value of the iPad be in 10 years? /grin/


So you’re saying that the ring isn’t a gift, just a financial investment? I’m sure she’s thrilled by that.


“I’m sure she’s thrilled by that.”
No matter how snarky you are and how tawdry you try to make the ring seem, she is very thrilled. She knows that I really care. Instead of giving her some electronic gewgaw that will be obsolete and worthless by tomorrow, I gave her an item that has a lasting intrinsic value. It may even increase in value over the years.

And what is wrong in making a financial investment in one’s significant other? What is wrong with providing her with some financial security???


Paul Prakash J

An ‘apple’ for a woman, did I heard it before……somewhere else



you’re two months two late. my wife’s upgrade came with a tab and yip android phone with android tab and she loves it!

Still handy to have when your on the long road, 16GB SD card with a few mkv’s and next thing you know, you’re there XD!


Taha Baba

well you should write a new article under the title of “10000 reasons to buy your boyfriend a W8 Tablet PC” :P

because i need new one :P


Rudi Niemand

Funnily enough, I’ve been racking my brains over what to buy my fiancee for her birthday (which is in 2 weeks) for a while now and this topic has given me the answer. Despite being overpriced (even the Apple-approved refurbished ones are nearly the same price as a new one) when compared to a decent Android tablet – and she already has a Galaxy Tab 2 7″ – I’m sure she’ll love it! Now just to find the money to afford one. Then again, considering our current financial situation (because my employer doesn’t pay what they state and even when it’s right it’s low) she will quite likely be annoyed at how much I’ve spent as she always tries to equal or better it when it comes to my birthday – and I’ve already got all the gadgets I want, except a Windows Phone 8 mobile phone :-(



Well, it’s highly dependent of what one wants to use it for.
My wife got an iPad (from me) for ther birthday, last year. She’s not a geek.
We both use it for reading mail, Skype, some Web, you know…
But… She’s constantly complaining that she can’t see any pictures, can’t listen to any music or watch any movies or take any pictures to show her relatives, since we keep everything secure on our NAS. Meanwhile, everything is easily and readily available to all other computers/smartphones/internet appliances/network receiver we have. She was also unable to back up her camera SD when on vacation and without internet connection. She can’t listen to our voicemail forwards simply because they are in .wav format, etc., etc. But it’s very elegant… :)


Jouni “rautamiekka” Järvinen

As far as I’ve found there are no good games for iOS, especially multiplayer ones. I’ve been thinking about buying some other OS’ed phone than Symbian since it’s dead, but WP is no option and the little I’ve managed to do with an iPod I’m not too interested in iP, and suicidal price for any iOS device is worse option than WP’s corruptivity. The only good game behind the link is the air hockey and to some extent the 4-in-row.



thinking of getting the mini for my gf, woman I believe would prefer the ipad also because of the hype around apple and the design.

Both IOS and android suck. IOS because you get it like a black box and you have to use all the crapware iphoto itunes irm -rf . Android on the other hand sucks mainly because of the dalvik infestation on top of linux.

Personally i would prefer an empty device where you can install any OS preferably linux with gtk, qt or HTML5 interfaced applications.

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