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A little over 3 years ago, my boyfriend (together with my family) bought me an iPad. It was – and still is (I use it to this day) – a first generation iPad, and the first iOS device I ever owned (and have owned since). It was also the first time I laid my hands on a tablet outside of an Apple store. I had no idea what to do with it.

Was it a good gift? If you’re thinking of doing the same thing you might be wondering if it’s really a good idea. Why buy your girlfriend an iPad and not a cheaper Android or Windows 8 tablet? Why buy her a tablet at all? What do you do if you hate Apple? These are tough questions indeed, but all will become clear below.

Before you blow up, this post can work just the same the other way around. If you’re a woman and want to buy your boyfriend an iPad, these reasons will work just as well.

Because She’ll Become Geekier

Everyone know it’s better to date a geek 6 Reasons It's Better To Date A Geek - The Female Version [Opinion] 6 Reasons It's Better To Date A Geek - The Female Version [Opinion] Not long ago, we all enjoyed James’s 5 reasons it’s better to date a geek. While he made some good points, James made the error of assuming that geek girls are so rare, they’re virtually... Read More . Well, OK, maybe not everyone, but it’s definitely lots of fun, especially if you’re a geek yourself, and provides lots of mutual interests to discuss and many great activities to do together. While the iPad is not the geekiest tablet you can gift — an Android tablet will answer that description much better — it’s bound to make anyone, even the most technologically disinclined person, a tech lover.

Before you know it, your girlfriend will be following tech news, expressing heated opinions about the new version of iOS, and teaching you about the coolest iOS apps out there. It’s bound to happen to anyone once they own an iPad, there’s simply no way around it.


If you’re an Android user or a Microsoft fan, don’t worry. Even if you turn her into an Apple fanatic, all it will do is to provide more interesting topics for discussion, right?

Because You’ll Spend More Quality Time Together

I touched on this one in my previous point, but this is about more than just interesting discussions. No matter how badly you like or hate Apple, you’re not going to be able to refuse playing awesome multi-player games The Top 7 Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Friends On The Same iPad The Top 7 Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Friends On The Same iPad If there’s one thing we’ve established in these monthly iPad games columns, it is that the iPad is an excellent gaming device. You can literally pass away hours just playing games on the iPad, which... Read More on it. Or watching videos The Complete Guide To Watching Videos On Your iPad The Complete Guide To Watching Videos On Your iPad Read More together on it. Or learning how to cook Not Just Recipes: 4 iPad Apps That Teach You To Cook [iOS] Not Just Recipes: 4 iPad Apps That Teach You To Cook [iOS] Owning an iPad has changed the way I cook and bake in my kitchen. I can now load everything on my iPad, place it in the closest spot where it still wouldn't get dirty, and... Read More together from it. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, you can play games and on your phone or on your table (remember board games?), you can watch videos on your computer, but using the iPad together is an experience in itself, which you won’t fully understand until you try. Even my clunky old first generation iPad is still one mean gaming machine, for casual gamers, anyway.

Because You Already Own An Apple Device

If you already own an iPhone, an iPod, or even another iPad or a Mac, getting one for your girlfriend could be a great way of expanding your Apple horizons. If your girlfriend joins the Apple family, you can easily recommend or buy iPad apps for her, or even set up the same Apple ID on all your devices, and enjoy the same apps all around.

Because iPads Are Beautiful & Have Beautiful Accessories

It’s a well-known fact the Apple possesses a reality distortion field. Every product that comes out of Apple has the power to seem amazing, beautiful, revolutionary, and one of a kind. This is not always true, but there’s no denying that the iPad is a gorgeous device. Not only that, Apple hardware enjoys a uniformity that’s not shared by Android or Windows devices, which makes it much easier to find good-quality and unique accessories for it.

I know it might seem stereotypical to give a woman a beautiful thing, but as a woman myself, I’m all for it. As an Android user, I often find myself craving for an iPhone. Why? Not because it’s superior in any way to my Nexus 4, but because of the amazing cases available for it that I will never find the likes of for my own device. Nice accessories make people happy, and so do good-looking gadgets. This is an excellent reason to go for an iPad.

Because She Doesn’t Know She Wants One

Seriously. She doesn’t. Just prior to getting my gift iPad, I asked my boyfriend, “what do you do with a tablet anyway? It seems like the most useless thing in the world”. A week later I found out he bought me and iPad, and was pretty much dumbstruck. What do you do with this thing?

Don’t get me wrong, I still think tablets are unnecessary I Can't Find a Single Productive Use For My Tablet [Opinion] I Can't Find a Single Productive Use For My Tablet [Opinion] First off, I have to say that like most of you reading this, I love technology. I love it. I dream about it so much that I just had to write an article about where... Read More for most people, but it doesn’t change the fact that I use my iPad all the time, and wouldn’t give it up for the world. For most people, a tablet is something they don’t really need, and will therefore not spend money on. That doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it immensely, which makes it the perfect gift.

Because She’ll Think About You Every Time She Uses It

Romantic? Yes. Corny? Yes. True? Very much so. This would be true for any gift you give, but you can rest assured she would use the iPad much more than she would use a necklace or a ring, and that it will last much longer than flowers or chocolate (although an iPad and chocolate will probably could earn you a marriage proposal on the spot).

A Note About Expensive Gifts

iPads are expensive. The cheapest model you can buy is the $329 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini, followed by the similar iPad with Retina for $499. The most expensive iPad you can buy (from Apple) costs a hefty $929, which will get you a 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and a cellular data connection.

As much as the latter seems cool, it’s most likely an overkill for anyone who doesn’t use the iPad for business. If you’re looking to buy the iPad as a gift, going for one of the cheapest models will not make you cheap; quite on the contrary, it will make you amazing.

Remember that you don’t have to go at it alone. If it’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you’re set on buying an iPad, why not get her family involved as well? This way, you’ll all be pitching in together for the gift, but you’ll be able to tell her that it was your idea. And that’s what really counts, isn’t it?

What Do You Think?

You may think I’m being horribly stereotypical, and I would have thought the exact same thing several years ago. It’s very possible that I am being stereotypical, but experience is the best teacher, isn’t it?

Do you agree with my reasoning? Can you come up with better reasons to get an iPad as a gift? Or maybe you think it’s a horrible idea? Share your thoughts below.

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