6 Reasons It’s Better To Date A Geek – The Female Version [Opinion]

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reasons to date a geekNot long ago, we all enjoyed James’s 5 reasons it’s better to date a geek. While he made some good points, James made the error of assuming that geek girls are so rare, they’re virtually non-existent. This is the way he put it: “Unfortunately, data on these rare creatures is still quite scarce, so we will not discuss them today.”

Well, I am here to tell you that geek girls do exist, and not only do they exist, they’re actually more common than most people think. Finding them is just a matter of taking interest in the actual person in front of you, not the way she dresses or puts on make up. This is not to say that geek girls don’t know how to dress (see below), but as a general rule, we tend to have more important things on our minds. So is it worth the effort?

Emergency Tech-Support Only

One of the best things about dating a geek guy, is the ease with which you can get tech support. Well, when you date a geek girl, you rarely have to waste your time on informing her that IE7 is not the best browser in the world, or that she might want to restart her computer when “the Internet is not working”.

reasons to date a geek

In fact, when you date a geek girl, you may find yourself actually learning a few tricks from her here and there. One thing is for sure, you won’t have to worry about trivial computer calls when you’re out (or more likely, in) doing something important. She will take care of it herself, and will only ask for help when things go really wrong. She might even take a load off your back when she offers to help your mother with her new computer.

They Understand Your Sense Of Humor

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Does your girlfriend laugh when you mention the Death Star’s canteen? Does she actually want to find ways to dress like Starbuck? There are lots of cultural references girls might not get, because, frankly, they’re not interested.

But geeks are interested. OK, not every geek girl is Star Trek’s biggest fan (let’s face it, that show is boring even for most geeks!), but she will definitely laugh at the same jokes (as long as they’re not fart jokes, come on) and enjoy the same type of culture as you do. And yes, for her, Battlestar Galactica and X-Men is culture.

Keeping Up With The Latest News

“Honey, the new Ice-Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod is out for the Galaxy II!” Does that sound like something you would say that would fall on deaf ears? This, in all reality, can be something your girlfriend says to you, if she’s a geek.

Geeks, yes, even girls, are interested in the latest technology news, and sometimes they may even keep you up to date on things you haven’t managed to find on your own. Wouldn’t it be nice to do your own thing, and know that your girlfriend will let you know if something really exciting happened? And by “something really exciting” I don’t mean Justin Bieber’s new song.

They Understand “Computer Time”

Let’s face it, geeks (and here I mean most men) need their “computer time” and “phone time”. Whether it’s work (isn’t everything “work” when it’s in front of the computer?), playing, watching important videos, reading and answering e-mails (everywhere), this is something men need (yes, women too, but maybe not as much).

date a geek

Who but a fellow geek could understand your need to spend 12 hours a day in front of a screen? Who else could appreciate the things you do in front of that screen? For others, your lines of code or new website may seem utterly boring and slow. “Is this all you did in 12 hours? Those 10 lines of code??” But geek girls will understand what it is you’re doing, and heck, they may even give you ideas and pointers when you show them your work.

They Enjoy Computer Time

This is a good one. Computer time, or any other screen time, can be a mutual pastime! Imagine this – you and your girlfriend spend a quiet evening playing Super Mario 3 on the NES emulator you downloaded. You and your girlfriend watching Battlestar Galactica all over again off the DVD set she bought. You and your girlfriend building a website together!

What you consider as fun time, which many people may not understand, is what she likes to do too! Neither of you has to drag yourself into doing things you don’t like to do (well, not as often, anyway).

They May Be Geeks, But They’re Still Women!

reasons to date a geek

If you’ve read James’s post about geek guys, you might get the feeling that some geek men are more geeks than they are men. True or not, this is rarely the case with women. Girl geeks may be geeks, but they are first and foremost women. This means that geek girls are mostly not like Sheldon’s Amy (Big Bang Theory), they do have interest in other things which are not computers and technology, they do know how to dress and how to communicate with other people.

This is a good thing. Being with someone who has the exact same interests and skills as you is fun, but boring in the long term. If your girlfriend can show you other interesting things, such as excellent TV shows that have nothing at all to do with being a geek, and you can show her new things as well, you both stand to gain something from the relationship.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, I do know this article is not true for every living being on earth. It’s a generalized view of the issue, some of which will probably ring true or be true for those who’ve tried it.

While geek girls may be more high maintenance than “regular” girls (let’s just say that flowers and chocolate will usually not cut it), it’s definitely worth it, whether you’re a geek yourself or not.

Do you still think it’s a challenge to find one? All you have to do is open your eyes!

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