6 Quick Ways to JAZZ-UP your Photos

A bunch of really cool and dead-simple tools to add a “WOW” factor to your images. We have mentioned most of them already, here I wanted to put the better ones together.

beFunky – This is by far my favorite tool. With beFunky you can take any of your photos and turn it into a cartoon like drawing. You can either convert it into a black and white sketch drawing or into a colorful animated painting.

befunky avatar cartoon   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

And that’s not all, it also lets you do the same for videos. Check out the video below.

Note: beFunky is still in beta and currently works as an invite only service. If you want you can request an invite directly from the website (you should be able to get in within 1-2 days). If that’s too long than feel free to request an invite from MakeUseOf. More details here.

Rasterbator – Looking for DIY-style wall-sized poster? Got plenty of spare printer ink? Check out Rasterbator. This tool lets you take any image and convert it into a huge (up to 20 meters), awesome looking, rasterized wall poster. It’s a free, easy to use piece of software and the whole procedure won’t take you more than 5-10 min (well, not incl. poster printing and putting it on your wall). Available both online and as a downloadable program.

rasterbator example   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

[NO LONGER WORKS] MagMyPic – Fun website where you can turn pics into cool magazine covers. Quite handy in case you’re looking for a quick way to spice up your profile page.

magmypic magazine cover   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

ImageMosaicGenerator – Here you can get a mosaic version for any image you submit. Mosaic will be created out of randomly selected images from Flickr. Depending on the colors of your image, you may see very different results. Some turn out pretty well, some not so good.

image mosaic generator   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

[NO LONGER WORKS] Graphita – Graphita is a quick online app that lets you add some fun to pics by using captions, funny objects, speech bubbles, notes, doodles and more. All of this in an intuitive drag’n drop interface.

graphita enhance images   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

Photo2Text – Photo2Text is a simple web tool that lets you convert images to text files and download them to your computer. Simply upload your image, adjust brightness, choose characters to be used, and get it back as a text file (.TXT).

photo to text   6 Quick Ways to JAZZ UP your Photos

Looking for more tools for working with images? You can also check out earlier posted ‘5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools, or browse all image related tools in MakeUseOf Directory. Enjoy!

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Thumbs Up! Best recommendation ever. I am gonna forward this to all my friends.


Love this list. Which one do I try first?


I say, go with beFunky;-)


Excellent Post!!! What else can I say? This is why I visit this site everyday.
For some extra fun, try using a combination of any of these on your pictures.


“try using a combination of any of these on your pictures.”

Excellent idea!


Excellent post! I’m going to try to get an invite to beFunky; if I don’t get an invite in a few days, I’ll come back here to get one, thanks.


No probs, I will keep one extra, just in case you will need one. ;-).

frank drebin

awesome website, excellent post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good posting, this is the best I have seen here


I guess you haven’t seen much :-)


Am I the only one who can’t use ImageMosaicGenerator? I submit the photo with the upload button, but then nothing happens…


Are you sure your photo is in the right format? It supports only PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG files.

tips photo

Thanks for the great list. I love art and things that can be done with the new technology. I can’t wait to start playing with these but the hard part if finding what to start with.


I tried using Graphita but all I get is a circle with a hand inside and colored balls atop. I click everywhere .. nothing. What am I doing wrong?


Yes, I tried .png and .jpeg; it loads a new page and a new address (http://imagemosaicgenerator.click42.com/?MAX_FILE_SIZE=100&uploadedfile=SP_A0344.JPEG) but it’s just the home page of the site. It’s not even a big photo (800×600).
Anyway, great finds, I love beFunky & Phot2Text!