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facebook timeline coversFacebook’s Timeline profiles, while creating an uproar when first introduced, are here to stay. As the only Facebook profiles available, they cannot be ignored, and if you’ve so far neglected to create a nice Timeline cover for yourself or for your Facebook Page, it’s never too late to start.

Your Facebook Timelime cover can include a nice photo of you or one you took, but can also be any other photo you like, and can even be designed to include multiple photos, your name, your logo, graphics, and almost anything you can think of. Below you will find 6 awesome and free places to create a unique Timeline cover for your profile that your friends and customers will not be able to miss.

Timeline Cover Banner

facebook timeline covers

Timeline Cover Banner is a flexible Timeline tool, which not only provides a wide variety of backgrounds for you to choose from, but also lets you design your very own Timeline cover, complete with a profile picture which can be integrated into the Timeline cover. You can choose one of the provided backgrounds, or jump straight to the profile cover maker. Here you can upload your own background and photos, and arrange them exactly as you want them. You can also add text, shapes, drawings, and play with your photos’ saturation, brightness, etc.

When you’re done, the app will let save the Facebook timeline cover and profile picture as PNG files, which you can then manually upload to your Facebook profile. This is a nice feature, since you don’t have to grant the app permission to access your Facebook account.


fb timeline covers


CoverCanvas is a tool I covered fully Create Your Own Unique & Personal Timeline Covers For Facebook With CoverCanvas Create Your Own Unique & Personal Timeline Covers For Facebook With CoverCanvas A lot of bad things have been said about Facebook over the years, many of them justified. But there is one thing about Facebook that even the most zealous critic can’t ignore – it makes... Read More in the past, and is a great option whether you want to use your own photos or someone else’s. With CoverCanvas, you can choose between custom covers and static covers. In custom covers, you can use your own profile pictures, with or without your name, and create a unique Timeline design using one of CoverCanvas’s layouts. With static covers, you can browse the many available categories, and find a photo to place in your Timeline.

The service requires access to your Facebook profile, and will also post on your wall when you upload your cover. Nevertheless, you can create some truly unique things with CoverCanvas, so it’s probably worth it.


fb timeline covers

If you’re a true Instagram addict, this one is for you. InstaCover lets you create a Timeline cover out of your or other people’s Instagram photos. The interface is very simple, and surprisingly versatile. This means that not all InstaCovers are created equal. You can decide to include only photos from a single user, photos that meet a certain category or a certain tag, or simply get random photos. You can then choose between different layouts, change background and text colors, and choose to include dates and number of likes for each photo.

When you’re done setting things up, click on Preview and see if you like the results. If you do, you can upload it straight to Facebook. For this the app requires access to your Facebook account, which is a shame, since it would have been just as easy to let us download the result and upload it ourselves.


fb timeline covers

If actually designing your own Facebook Timeline cover seems like too much work, some sites offer ready-made covers in various categories. Reader John recommended DesignYourTimeline in a comment, and after checking it out, I think it’s one of the best places to find ready-made Timeline photos. The site doesn’t require access to your Facebook account, it doesn’t require any designing decisions on your part – all you have to do is choose your image.

Browse the available categories, and when you find a nice image, simply right click and save as. You can now upload it to your Facebook account. The only thing DesignYourTimeline gets back is a small square with the site’s name on the top right of the image. For the simplicity it offers, it’s worth it.


timeline cover

MyFBCovers is a one stop shop for Timeline covers. Here you can find lots of ready-made covers which you can use as is, a cover generator to which you can upload your own image and edit it, and even a collage maker for a cover that includes photos of 24 of your friends, if that’s your thing. I especially liked the cover generator, which lets you add some effects to your image, change its size and rotation, and choose whether you want it to include the myFBCovers watermark or not.

When you’re done creating or choosing your cover, click the “Make My Facebook Cover” button, and the app will upload the new cover to your Facebook account. For that, it naturally needs access to your account, as well as for the collage feature which uses photos of your friends.

Pic Scatter

facebook timeline covers

PicScatter is a nice collage tool which would have gained a better place on this list had it not included consistent nagging to buy the premium version (which is very affordable, around $2). The free version includes the collage layout you can see above, which you can fill with photos of your friends, photos you like, or photos from one of your own photo albums. You can give the collage a title, which will appear in white on black on the collage, along with the small Pic Scatter branding which is mandatory with the free version.

You can click an image in the collage to replace it, and also drag it inside each square for best position. When you’re done, download the cover as PNG and upload it to your Facebook account. The app requires access to your profile in order to pull your photos, but doesn’t post on your behalf.

Do you know of more great places to design your own Facebook Timeline cover? Share them in the comments!

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