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ubuntu tweaksHere at MakeUseOf, we strive to bring you the very best tutorials, guides, reviews and articles to make your daily tech life that little bit easier. We’re not alone (of course!) and occasionally it’s only right to highlight some of our own favourite resources elsewhere on the web.

Ubuntu has grown in popularity immensely over the last few years – and for good reason. The operating system is accessible (both in a software and hardware sense), compatible with a lot of software and won’t cost you a penny.

If you’re looking to expand your Ubuntu knowledge, have a burning question about some missing feature or are a newcomer to the world of Linux then these 5 sites are a great source of information.

OMG! Ubuntu!

ubuntu tweaks

My personal favourite source for Ubuntu-related news and developments, interspersed with timely how-to posts and tutorials. Due to the beautifully designed site layout, you’ll be forgiven for spending a while stumbling from article to article, and learning plenty in the process.


As well as instructional pieces, there’s plenty of news about upcoming software, updates and unreleased versions to gawp at, as well as editorial pieces, interviews and software reviews.

OMG! Ubuntu! is updated with a good cluster of posts each day, and should be your one-stop website for unofficial Ubuntu news, tips and speculation.

Ubuntu Geek

ubuntu tips and tricks

A repository (mind the pun) of tutorials and instructionals, purely aimed at the Ubuntu Linux distribution makes this a cracking resource for users old and new. Whilst the site itself could use a bit of a redesign, the information is what really matters – and handy information it is too!

Tutorials are split up into 9 different categories, ranging from backup The Best Free Backup Software for your PC The Best Free Backup Software for your PC Read More and networking techniques to security and package management information. The site is especially useful for newbies as there are a number of tutorials aimed at the very basics. – Tutorials & Tips

6 Handy Sites To Learn New Ubuntu Tweaks & Tricks forums

When journalism and official documentation fails “ubuntu tips and tricks” why not ask the community 3 Forum Search Engines to Search 40.000+ Message Boards 3 Forum Search Engines to Search 40.000+ Message Boards Read More ? The official Ubuntu forums play host to a message board dedicated entirely to tips and tutorials. Being a message board, it’s updated far more often than any news or tutorial site.

Outdated tutorials for older versions of Ubuntu are kept separate from how-to posts which are applicable for the current version. The best thing about the forum format is the ability to address the poster directly and ask questions if you don’t understand or get stuck.

Registration is of course free, though you won’t need to register if you simply want to browse.

ubuntu tips and tricks

Much like Ubuntu Geek, is a fairly exhaustive collection of tutorials on anything and everything Ubuntu-related. From installing Ubuntu onto a Macbook Air to the many uses for the Windows “Super” key in Ubuntu, it’s a resource for users old and new.

There’s a whole section dedicated to Compiz, the current Ubuntu compositing & window manager. If you’re looking to beautify your desktop 5 Tools And Tips For A Sexier Ubuntu Interface 5 Tools And Tips For A Sexier Ubuntu Interface Read More or resolve sluggish video issues then the Compiz category is a good place to start.

There are regular updates, with a new tutorial published pretty much every day.


6 Handy Sites To Learn New Ubuntu Tweaks & Tricks unixmen

UNIX Men, whilst not specifically dedicated to Ubuntu, is a general Linux news and tutorial resource with plenty to offer. The website caters for a whole variety of users and distributions 13 Lightweight Linux Distributions to Give Your Old PC a New Lease of Life 13 Lightweight Linux Distributions to Give Your Old PC a New Lease of Life Read More , but hovering your mouse over the Linux Tutorials button will reveal a section dedicated just to Ubuntu.

There is also decent coverage of the world of Linux software and gaming, though beware there’s a chance you’ll need to compile some downloads from source.

MakeUseOf Answers

ubuntu tweaks

Have you got a burning question? You’ve looked all over the web and are wondering if there’s anybody out there who can help? Our very own Answers section was designed with your predicament in mind.

Simply click Ask A Question, fill in the details and both the MakeUseOf team and community will attempt to answer your dilemma. You can always return the favour by helping someone else out!


There are plenty of resources here to answer a variety of questions related to the Ubuntu operating system. Once the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 lands there is bound to be another surge of documentation and tutorials, as everyone gets up to speed with the changes. With the aid of these few sites, you should be covered for a good few releases yet!

Do you use Ubuntu? Any favourite Ubuntu tweaks, tips and tricks? Trying to find out how to do something? Let us know in the comments below.

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