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The very first thing I should mention is that when it comes to Facebook, there’s really no such thing as “hack codes.”  The title of this article is partially tongue-in-cheek because, with Facebook, the rules change so often that one “Facebook hack” code that works today will likely not work tomorrow.  Facebook designers change links and features at whim – and you’re left trying to guess what’s coming next and why your link or plug-in no longer works.

We’ve previously written a couple other similar articles here about Facebook, such as a guide to Facebook symbols A Guide To Facebook Symbols & What They All Mean A Guide To Facebook Symbols & What They All Mean Have you ever noticed how many little symbols are scattered throughout the Facebook landscape? Here's the complete guide to every icon you'll come across. Read More  and avoiding Facebook scams Beware This New Facebook Login Scam (And How to Protect Yourself From Hacks) Beware This New Facebook Login Scam (And How to Protect Yourself From Hacks) There's a new scam going around that could steal your Facebook account if you aren't careful. Mobile users are at greater risk. Here's what you need to know. Read More . However, in addition to those tips, there are a lot of codes and features that aren’t immediately obvious to most users – so I wanted to provide a list of the top six of my favorite Facebook “hack” codes and tips to other Facebook enthusiasts out there.

1. Post to Facebook via SMS

Sure, you could install the Facebook app on your phone so that you could monitor your friends feeds and post to your own feed whenever you like, but what if you want to be able to post to Facebook without installing an app? Or what if you’re one of those really old-school people who don’t even own a smartphone Why I Ditched My Smartphone and Bought a Dumbphone Instead Why I Ditched My Smartphone and Bought a Dumbphone Instead Smartphones may not be all they're hyped up to be. Read More , and all you can do is send SMS messages?

No need to worry. All you have to do is log into your Facebook account from a desktop browser, and go to Settings, and then Mobile. Then click to Add another mobile phone number, if you haven’t already added this phone to your Facebook account.

Once you select your wireless carrier and click Next, you’ll need to send an SMS of “F” to Facebook’s SMS number (32665).

Once you do, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your phone, which you’ll need to type into the field in that pop-up box on Facebook. For privacy reasons, I highly suggest deselecting Share my phone number with my friends and Allow friends to text me from Facebook.


Now, all you have to do to post a status update to your Facebook wall is send an SMS of the post to the Facebook SMS number.

Pretty slick, right?

What good is this? Well imagine you’re thousands of miles from nowhere 7 Time Management Lessons I Learned from Mountain Climbing 7 Time Management Lessons I Learned from Mountain Climbing How you manage your time from the first moment in the morning, to the last moment when you go to bed, is a lot like mountain climbing. I learned these lessons the hard way. Read More , lost in the middle of the woods, and the only thing between you and civilization is your phone and its cellular data connection to the internet. Just send an SMS text to all your friends with your current location and beg them to send someone to come find you.

Oh, by the way, there are a few other useful commands you can SMS to Facebook if you prefer using Facebook via text messaging.

2. Aye, Make Yer Profile a Pirate’s Page You Landlubber!

The second “hack” is also one of the easiest to implement. Facebook offers users the ability to transform their Facebook pages into any language that they like. If you log into Facebook and go to Settings and Language, you can click on Edit next to What language do you want to use Facebook in, in order to change your default language.

Click on this, and you’ll have a list of all languages available to you. Notice the English Pirate option?

Ahoy matey – yer now a Cap’n! Now as you go through your profile page you’ll notice some pretty hilarious pirate variations.

Now your profile is the Captain’s Log, your friends are your Mateys and you can now either give a post an Arrr! (Like), Scrawl yer thoughts (Comment), or Split the booty (Share).  It certainly removes the “boring” factor from your old standard Facebook pages.

3. Upside Down Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ve probably seen someone have the upside-down Facebook prank played on them — or maybe it’s happened to you. This is similar to the old keyboard trick where someone in an office will run over to someone else’s computer and press Ctrl + Alt + Down to rotate the computer screen upside down.

Well, you can do a similar thing on Facebook by selecting the upside down language under someone’s Facebook account. Obviously, this only works if someone has inadvertently set Facebook to auto login on a particular browser — this happens on the family computer all the time, and siblings are famous for playing this prank on one another.

To find it, just go into the same language setting menu as described in the section above.

Simply select the upside down language and try not to laugh when the person comes back and all the text on Facebook is upside down!

Oh, and if what you really want to do is write your posts upside down like I’m sure you’ve seen many people do, all you have to do is use one of the many services across the web 21 More Facebook Tricks & Features You Should Be Using 21 More Facebook Tricks & Features You Should Be Using It's tough to keep up with every feature and setting that Facebook introduces. Here are another 21 features, tips and tricks that could change the way you use Facebook. Read More that will convert your regular text to upside down text. For example, Many Tools has a page that’ll let you do that.

It’s cute at first, but be warned it annoys people very quickly.

4. Download Complete Photo Collections From Your Friends’ Profiles

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook Facebook Now Helps You Make Friends With Strangers Facebook Now Helps You Make Friends With Strangers Facebook's new feature is designed to help you make new friends, providing a simple way of breaking the ice with complete strangers. Useful? Definitely. Creepy? Probably. Read More , you may not have the time to keep up with all of the new family photos they’ve posted – but you are very interested in them and would love to have them stored in your own private photo collection to review later. This isn’t an easy task these days. Most of the Chrome plugins created specifically for this purpose years ago, no longer work. However, there is one that works well called Download Album.

When you have a friend’s Facebook album opened on the page, just click the extension icon and click the Normal button.

This will flash a quick pop-up showing that all of the images are downloading.

Finally, it’ll open a new tab with all of the downloaded images displayed. You can click on each one to see a large image and download them individually, or follow the instructions on the page to save all of the photos.

Be forewarned that this feature is a bit touch-and-go. Ctrl + S may not work, and if you want to download all of the files at once, opening them individually to download can be a real pain. Thankfully there’s another Chrome plugin that can help, called Fatkun Batch Download Image.

When you click on this icon, it’ll show you a pop-up. Click This Tab from the image gallery page above, and it’ll download all of the images from their links, automatically.

As a matter of fact, if you aren’t looking for full-sized resolution images of every photo, you could simply go back to the Facebook page where the album photos are all displayed, and use the Fatkun downloader to download all of those smaller images at once, bypassing the DownAlbum plugin entirely.


Whichever option you choose, it’ll save you hours that you’d otherwise spend clicking on each photo link on Facebook and saving individual photos. Now you can download all of your family’s pictures and save them to your computer in a fraction of the time!

5. Schedule Facebook Status Updates 

Do you like to keep your Facebook profile active Funny Ways to Automate Facebook Posts With IFTTT Funny Ways to Automate Facebook Posts With IFTTT We’ve gathered some of best IFTTT recipes that post to your Facebook account automatically. All of these are practical. Some can even become hysterical Read More , but you’re coming down with a cold and may be offline for a few days?  Maybe you’re taking a trip and won’t be anywhere near a computer for a week. Or maybe you’ll be playing hooky from work and traveling, but you want your colleagues and boss to think you’re stuck at home sick. Accomplish any of these wishes by using a combination of Boomerang and IFTTT to schedule your customized Facebook status updates.

How does it work? It’s easy. First, let’s say you want five emails to go out this week. One for every day of the week.

First, you’ll create an IFTTT applet based on the IFTTT mail trigger. Choose the Send IFTTT an email tagged trigger. Set the tag to something like #myfacebook.

Click Create trigger, and then choose the Facebook action. You can either choose to send a link message or a static status message. Either one will work so long as you include the link in the email body, for the linked post. For the ingredients, make the status message the body of your incoming email.

That’s it. Now you just have to send an email to with a subject line of #myfacebook, and IFTTT will pass along the body of your incoming email as a new post to your Facebook wall.

Of course, you don’t actually want to type each email and send them when you want them to post to Facebook. That’s where Boomerang comes in. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free Boomerang for Gmail account. Once you’ve installed Boomerang, go ahead and start typing up your daily posts. Here you can see I’ve created the email for my Monday Facebook post. Don’t forget to include #myfacebook in the subject!

At the bottom, you can see the boomerang settings. Click on the Boomerang this check box. Then set the date and time that you want that text to get posted to Facebook.

Click Send Later to finish. Then, continue and write up and schedule a post for every other day of the week Funny Ways to Automate Facebook Posts With IFTTT Funny Ways to Automate Facebook Posts With IFTTT We’ve gathered some of best IFTTT recipes that post to your Facebook account automatically. All of these are practical. Some can even become hysterical Read More (multiple posts if you want!)

When you’re done, you can rest assured that all of your posts will show up on the day you want them to, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

6. Hide Your Online Status From Certain People

Look, don’t feel bad about it. When I first joined Facebook I left my online status wide open Facebook Messenger Privacy: Everything You Need to Know Facebook Messenger Privacy: Everything You Need to Know Are you concerned about Facebook Messenger privacy? Should you be? We take a look at the app permissions and the case for protecting your messages with another app. Read More . After a couple of weeks of getting inundated with nonstop chat requests, I simply turned off my online status completely. Problem solved. Except, there really were certain people I wouldn’t mind hearing from – is it really fair for a few chatterbox buddies to ruin your chances for communicating with everyone? Well, there is a way for you to selectively block your online status, and block getting messages from certain people.

First, in your Facebook account, go to Settings and Blocking.

Finally, in the Block Messages section, just type in the person’s name in the text field.

All of the names you list here will not see your online status, and won’t be able to message you or send you app requests.

Honestly, everyone who has ever sent me even a single app request on Facebook usually ends up on this list, instantly.

So, how do you use Facebook? Are there any hacks or add-ons not offered here that you especially like to use? Share them in the comments section below!

Image Credit: stockyimages/Depositphotos

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