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I have had just about enough of MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and the rest of them. I guess it is just me growing up and settling into my ways. I am 30 years old and I blog and tweet all the time.

But I do recognize that a huge part of the younger population are into Myspace and that is why I will be running down 6 really cool Widgets for your MySpace page.

Aibek covered a huge amount of additions, widgets and more for your MySpace page back in 2006 here 60 Tools and Websites for Myspace Users 60 Tools and Websites for Myspace Users Read More .

The first widget I will cover is a game called Age of War. Learn the Art of war. Buy turrets, fight and evolve. This is an epic game and will bring people back to your page over and over again! I found this widget here at WidgetBox

cool widgets for myspace

To install the widget on MySpace your best bet is to grab the embed code and insert it where you want it like so:


cool widgets for myspace

The next widget is called My Flash Fetish and is a MySpace comment widget as you can see below:

cool widgets for myspace

There are lots of customizations to color and styling so you can make it fit your page. Click the get code button below the widget and choose “other” then copy the embed code and you are on your way to pasting it into your page.

Want more cool widgets for Myspace? Next, we have another MyFlashFetish widget that allows you to show how long you have been sober from drugs, alcohol or what have you. Visit this site and follow the directions and grab the embed code when you are done to post it on your MySpace page.

myspace widgets

Alright now how about a count down widget to show how much time is left until your birthday? Check out this widget from Magic Widgets.

myspace widgets

Fill in the data on top, change the colors and the background image. Your preview will appear above it. The message can also be dragged around to place it where you would like in the widget on this screen. Then you click get HTML code to get and insert your embed code.

I particularly thought this one was very cute and appropriately titled Stick Figure Family. You can set up yours from FreeFlashToys.

myspace widgets

After editing mine looked like this:

the most wanted widgets for myspace

Here is a good prank for your page. It is called Tic Tac Prank and in the author’s own words:

Haha… we love scaring people with good ‘ol pranks. That’s why we made TIC TAC SCARE. It’s one of the best ways to make your friends piss themselves, by playing a “harmless” game of tic tac toe. So put it on your profile and wait to hear your friends’ reactions. People even record the reactions on YouTube! Check it out.

Here is the URL to grab the code and below that is a YouTube video of a mom pranking her children with it! Bad mom!

So all in all, there are an infinite amount of widgets out there for whatever social network you use no matter if it is MySpace, a blog, or anywhere they will let you enter code!

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