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web designerIf you are a web designer, chances are there is always something interesting to be found. Whether you are looking for some creative inspiration, trying to stay up on the current trends, or are seeking the latest buttons, textures, or graphics, you can find them. If you simply want to sharpen your skills – or learn new ones – you can do that as well.

Fortunately, there is no lack of resources in this regard. Actually, you could probably make the case that there is too much information in this space, causing you to miss the best tips, tricks, and how-to’s at times.

In this article, I am going to cover some of the better web design blogs to follow. Whether you are into web design and development or not, there is a little something useful for everyone on this list.

Smashing Magazine

web design blogs to follow

First up on the list is Smashing Magazine. They cover everything about graphics, inspiration, coding, and design. As an insanely popular blog, they have an endless supply of resources about WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, and design elements like wallpapers, icons, and photos. If you only check out one website on this list, make it this one.


Webdesigner Depot

web design blogs to follow

Webdesigner Depot is a well-designed blog that takes more of real-life into account through their blog posts. Some of their most popular posts are about things like airline logos, comics, snowboards, and architecture. It’s certainly a good place to go for design ideas, but they do also cover vector icons and things of that nature.

Web Design Ledger

webdesign blogs

WDL is another blog that incorporates all the aspects of web design. They cover lists of things like logos and popular templates, as well as coding with HTML5 and textures. Like a lot of the blogs on this list, they are part of the Smashing Network, which explains why they have such good content and therefore a large readership.

Think Vitamin

web design blogs

Think Vitamin is one of my personal favorites. They focus more on the coding aspect of web design than the artsy part of it. They have some great articles and video tutorials on HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, etc. You can learn a lot about marketing and business from this site, but mainly about the design and development process as a whole.

Six Revisions

6 Best Web Design Blogs To Follow 5 designblog 6revisions

Six Revisions contains “useful information for web developers and designers”. This blog details everything from web design tools and tips to project management and web standards. I love how comprehensive they are with their guides and choice of topics. They will tell you what you are doing wrong in their posts, as well as help you do it right.


web designer

Onextrapixel rounds up this list. Their topics include inspiration, design, development, tutorials, freebies, CSS, WordPress, articles, and resources. They put out large lists of how to do things in their posts and as you can see, they cover a wide range of topics.


As I stated above, there is a lot of great information out there for web designers, developers, and anyone looking to get creative. The blogs listed here – while being some of the most-read and top subscribed-to on the Web – made my list because of the useful information they provide.

My list might look completely different from yours, but when I log onto my Google Reader account each day, these are the blogs whose stories I click on most often. If you’re looking for more blogs of this nature, by all means search for them (See: Smashing Network). As I said, there’s something for everybody.

What do you think of the list? Did I forget your favorite design blog? Leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below. If you found this article useful, share it with your friends/followers!

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