From Us To You: 6 Beautiful, Original Wallpapers By MakeUseOf Authors

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leadEvery now and then, I write a wallpaper column. I usually pick a theme and go scour the Web in search of talented artists who have created beautiful wallpapers around that theme. And one of those times, a thought suddenly stuck me. We have some very talented photographers right here on MakeUseOf. Why not share their work with our audience?

And with that, this post was born – a carefully curated collection of wallpapers by MakeUseOf authors, each with its own little story and a bit of background. Most of these images are in the same resolution they came off the camera – i.e, not pre-cropped for desktops. That’s because I wanted to give you a chance to either crop or center them, whatever fits your desktop.

The copyrights for each of these images is by its original creator. You may not use them for profit, sell them, print them, etc. In other words, they are just wallpapers. From us, to you.

Nancy Messieh: Between Cairo & Alexandria


Nancy says: This image was taken in the parking lot of a monastery between Cairo and Alexandria. It’s a place I loved going to in Egypt to get away from the city, since it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. And old cars like that Peugeot are pretty common in Egypt. The combination of the old car, the half finished parking lot and the desert in the background is one of those constants in Egypt – where everything looks almost timeless.

You can get the wallpaper here.

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Dave Parrack: A Seaside Scene


Dave says: This photo was taken at the end of a day on the south coast of England that my parents and I enjoyed in the spring of 2009. We headed for Littlehampton and ate fish and chips sat at the entrance to the estuary before heading along to Worthing. This is looking along the beach at Worthing as the sun disappears behind some menacing clouds. You can see the breakers lurching from the gravel beach down to the sand and reaching out the water’s edge. There are also two people in the shot, one of whom is clearly getting wet feet. This works as a wallpaper thanks to the sun providing a focal point with lots of dark edges that can be covered with desktop icons.

You can get the full-resolution photo here.

Aaron Couch: Cuteness Galore From the Zoo


Aaron says: [This] is a sloth that was on exhibit at a zoo in Nebraska where I interned in the summer of 2010.

Short and sweet (and quite cute, I must say). You can grab the full-resolution image here.

Yaara Lancet: An Alien Contraption By The Road


Yaara says: This picture was taken on November, 2009 in southern Ontario. I was driving around in the farmlands when I first noticed these huge windmills. They looked like alien contraptions, and the more I saw of them, the more fascinating they seemed. The farmlands in southern Ontario are filled with these windmills, and later I learned that they’re even a point of environmental contention. Despite that, I still remember that first windmill fascination, and I think this picture really represents their out-of-this-world character.

The full-resolution image is here.

Saikat Basu: A Idyllic River Scene From Kerala


Saikat says: Both are shots from my honeymoon trip to Kerala, which is a state in the southernmost part of India.  National Geographic’s Traveler magazine named Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 must-see destinations of a lifetime”. We spent two days floating about in a houseboat along the backwaters of the state while it was drizzling all around. All I can reveal is that it was wonderfully and lazily romantic. :)

The Kerala Backwaters are a labyrinthine network of canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, a system formed by more than 900 km of waterways, and often compared to the American Bayou.  Here in the backwaters – freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea.

The houseboats you see in the pictures were traditionally used as grain barges, to transport the rice harvested in the fertile fields alongside the backwaters. Today, they have been refurbished into floating cottages with all modern amenities and are used for tourism.

You can download the original image here.

Tim Brookes: A Cow From The Scottish Highlands


Tim says: I took [this image] in Scotland in 2007 when I volunteered on a wilderness reserve in the Scottish Highlands. The cattle were incredibly docile and happy for you to get right up in their faces – we even had to move them off the road because they had a tendency to just sit there, in front of any Land Rovers or tractors that wanted to get past. And here is the higher-res version.

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