6 Awesome FPS Games For Your Browser

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fps gamesMost people spend ninety percent of their time on a computer in the web browser. Office and productivity suites might tempt you enough for the occasional trip to the desktop, but even there a shift to the browser is evident with tools like Google Docs.

With the capabilities of modern browsers growing ever more, there’s a convergence of web and traditional application technologies. But however evident, I never expected games to make the leap as eloquently as they did.

Sure, games have been present in web browsers in times past, but there’s a big difference between Flash games (no matter how addictive) and a good first person shooter. Installing Chrome or Firefox still isn’t enough to make your old laptop into PlayStation 3, but evolving browser standards and cross-platform engines like Unity are slowly but steadily leveling the playing field.

Now, there’s a rich choice of equally rich multiplayer FPS games that you can play straight from your web browser. We tried to collect those FPS games that were most brimming with awesomeness, below (in no particular order).

First things first…

The below FPS games all require the Unity Web Player to be installed on your computer. If you already had the it installed, update to latest version to keep potential issues at bay.

Some of these games can be graphically intensive and might not play decently on an old computer. Playing in full screen mode notably improves performance of the Unity Web Player. It’s also considerably more fun.

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NPlay’s BeGone is a classic online first person shooter reminiscent of games like Counter Strike. There are six available maps, each of which can be played with up to 16 players (although a lower limit can be set). Two game modes are available: elimination, which is essentially a team death-match game, and sabotage.

fps games

Two game modes might not sound like a lot, but the game has great replay value. In-game achievements, like doing the most damage, or killing foes with multiple weapons, get you money at the end of each round which you can use to upgrade your arsenal. At the start of every game your budget resets to zero, so skill is your only advantage in this great looking game.

Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat is an A-grade multiplayer shooter. Great design and game mechanics join together in  a fast-paced mayhem. Did I mention this FPS game is hilarious as well? You can acquire skins to look like trollface or mockingly dance Gangnam Style over the lifeless bodies of your bested foes. In terms of gameplay, Offensive Combat is right on.

free fps games

The catch? The game heavily promotes in-game currency purchases. Playing the game extensively gets you a lot of gold coins, but the blue coins can only be purchased with real money. You can buy a lot of things with gold coins, but you can only ‘rent’ weapons with them for a few days. To purchase a weapon requires blue coins, and only purchased weapons are viable for weapon upgrades.

In other words, you can (hugely!) enjoy the game without ever paying a dime. The game is of top notch quality. However, to play competitively, you’ll need to spend a few bucks.

CS Portable

You can imagine my skepticism when I, a hardened Counter Strike fan, encountered Critical Strike Portable (abbreviated CS Portable). After going through a very Counter Strike-like menu and selecting a map that looked vaguely familiar, I was positively surprised by Critical Strike Portable.

free fps games

This Counter Strike homage is light weight and stays largely true to the familiar game mechanics. In fact, with its fast-paced gameplay, it’s just as riveting as it is addicting. Old fan favorites have been replicated as maps in CS Portable and a wide variety of game modes, including bomb defusal, team death-match and zombie mode. If that wasn’t enough, you can also get CS Portable on iOS and Android devices!

Contract Wars

Contract Wars is a Russian game and relatively new to the global market. Regardless, Contract Wars is AAA quality material, on par with most blockbuster games. A huge arsenal will keep you busy while you play on twelve maps in five different game modes. The game features RPG elements, with contract missions (hence the name), leveling and skill unlocks. A lot of items can be acquired through in-app purchases, but contracts are a fun opportunity to earn the same currency.

free fps games

If the gameplay is great, the graphics are simply amazing. I mean, just look at the screenshot above. If that doesn’t drop your jaw already, try your luck with the HD video below. If you’re still unsure after that, I’ll leave you alone. Just know that if your computer can handle the strain, this game will be able to give you a helluva ride, without ever leaving the browser.


UberStrike is a modern, fast-paced shooter that’s available on a variety of platforms. Apart from playing on the UberStrike website, you can get your dose of FPS action on Facebook. Also available are iOS and Android apps. A Mac OS X or Windows client can be downloaded from the website as well.

best fps games

We wrote up a full Uberstrike review last year. The game is still the same entertaining mix of fast-paced shoot-outs and creative weaponry. An extensive leveling system keeps you occupied while you play. The in-game store, which hosts a sizable arsenal of both weapons and skins, can be enjoyed using purchased credits, or credits you earn while playing.

Wolfenstein 3D

With a new Wolfenstein title in the pipelines, Bethesda has released the original Wolfenstein 3D game online 20 years after the fact, and you can play it from your browser! This game was one of the pioneers of the first person shooter genre and helped pave the road for all those games mentioned above!

fps games

The FPS game, in which you have to work your way through a number of floors to escape a Nazi compound, is played exclusively with the keyboard. It’s a strange experience, especially considering how far we’ve come, but Wolfenstein 3D has retained much of its original charm throughout the years.

In a list like this, it’s almost impossible to include every game worthy of interest. There’s a rich selection of in-browser FPS games available already.

Which of these FPS games do you play? Any other suggestions for your fellow readers? Drop a line in the comments section below the article!

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