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angry video game nerdHe’s gonna take you back to the past, to play the . . .” For many a gamer, this song is immediately recognizable as the theme to the Angry Video Game Nerd. After all, “he’s the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard.” Some know him as “the angry Atari Sega nerd.” Maybe to you he’s the “Angry Nintendo Nerd.”

I managed to squeeze most of his theme song into this opening paragraph, and for that, I congratulate myself. Of course, some of the lyrics are not exactly safe for work.

The Angry Video Game Nerd has made close to 110 episodes, and I have seen and enjoyed every single one of them. Each one of them offers The Nerd’s incredible sense of humor as he reviews some of the worst video games in the history of the world. If you have not watched his videos before, this list of my six favorite episodes is a perfect place to start. This is the best of the best from the Angry Video Game Nerd series, but honestly, they are all good.

6. Deadly Towers

angry video game nerd

This episode is awesome because all the vulgar phrases and tidbits The Nerd says about the game come from the fans of the show. While The Nerd does the playing, his rage is not his own. Instead, it is that of over 6,000 of his fans. He makes their lines flow smoothly as if it was his own thoughts. It’s great to see a famous personality work with his fans, and The Nerd nails it in this episode.

5. Ghosts N’ Goblins

this angry video game nerd


This episode is proof that after all these years, The Nerd still has it. The most recent episode after years of honing his craft, and it’s still as funny as ever. Ghosts N’ Goblins breaks the mold from the stuff The Angry Video Game Nerd tends to review because technically speaking, it’s not a bad game. Still I can say, as someone who has had the misfortune of playing it, that it is just too hard. Not a good, rewarding hard, but a broken hard that makes you hate video games. The ending of this video is, in my opinion, the best in the history of The Nerd.

4. Halloween

this angry video game nerd

Not only do we get to see some terrible Halloween games featuring the serial killer known as Michael Myers, but we get something that feels like a full horror movie. James (The Nerd) and Michael Myers go at it hard, and the humor and production in the episode are top-notch. It’s just awesome, and you really need to see it.

3. Battletoads

this angry video game nerd

Remember that theme song I so adeptly quoted in the introduction paragraph? Well this episode features a much more in-depth appearance from the creator of that musical masterpiece; one Kyle Justin. Kyle and The Nerd play some co-op Battletoads, which anyone who’s played it before can tell you, is not cooperative at all. This episode is awesome, and it’s great to see more of the man who made the music.

2. Nintendo World Championships

video game nerd

This episode is really, really good, and it features another one of my favorite personalities in the retro video game world known as Pat the NES Punk. The Nerd and Pat battle it out over not one, but two copies of the NES World Championships, which I’ve noted in the past as one of the most expensive and sought after NES games. The story of the episode is awesome, and Pat’s blatant over-acting brings it to another level.

1. R.O.B the Robot

angry video game nerd

What can I say about this episode. It’s an incredible way to honor the incredibly terrible, yet important, device known as R.O.B the Robot. Sure, the little guy may be a major reason that the NES was able to be carried in retail stores, and yes, he may have saved video games, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was a piece of trash. The Nerd rips R.O.B a new one in one of his more well produced and special effect filled episodes. It’s just downright awesome.


There are so many episodes of this show that I love. Picking six was one of the hardest choices I’ve ever made, but alas, here they are. I am totally going to cop-out and throw some honorable mentions because well, I’m a wuss. So here’s some more episodes I highly recommend:

Okay, so that’s it, I’m really done now. I promise. You should just watch all the episodes. All of them.

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