50 Free Tools to Make Your iPod Better and …

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In the previously posted 20 Tools to Make your iPod Better, Kaly mentioned that with time we’ll make it better, and we did it. So, here you go: 50 free Tools to Make your iPod better and almost 30 problem-specific tips to fix it.


(1) Floola (Win, Mac, Linux) – portable iPod manager. Features: (1) move audio and video to/from iPod, (2) manage and import/export playlists, (3) last.fm support, (4) multi-lingual, (5) lyrics and podcasts support, (6) search files, (7) iPod troubleshooting, (8) manage notes, (9) sync files between PC and iPod

(2) YamiPod (Win, Mac, Linux) – yet another portable iPod manager. Features: (1) playlists import/export (PLS,M3U), (2) PC to iPod autosync, (3) built-in music player, (4) last.fm support, (5) search, (6) song list export and more

(3) Sharepod (Win) – Features: (1) move files to/from iPod, (2) built-in music player, (3) search, (4) create winamp-style playlists, (5) network file sharing (office, college, etc.), (6) built-in music player and more

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(4) Ephpod (Win) – not as flexible as the ones above but has couple of cool features: ultra-fast song transfer, powerful playlist creation features, one click sync, winamp support, bunch of extras (news, weather, movie listings, etc.)

(5) Rockbox – open source replacement firmware for mp3 players. Features: (1) dynamic playlist creation, (2) multiple themes, (3) gapless playback, (4) in-built clock, (5) tagging, (6) plugins and more

(6) Amarok (Linux) – iTunes alternative. Features: (1) manage, create playlists , (2) podcasts support, (3) last.fm support more

(7) Rhythmbox (Linux) – integrated music management application (inspired by iTunes)


(8) iPodifier (Win) – automatically monitors selected folders, converts videos to an iPod format, adds them to iTunes, and syncs them with your iPod.

(9) Jodix (Win) – converts all popular video formats (DVD/VCD and AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB) to an iPod format. Lets you process several files at once.

(10) BoilSoft (Win) – converts AVI, DivX, MPEG, VOB, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4 and more, to iPod/PSP formats

(11) KeepV (Win) – lets you download and convert Flash/FLV files (YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.) to an iPod compatible format

(12) iTube (Win) – lets you download, convert and transfer any YouTube video onto your iPod video (or iTunes) right from your desktop.

(13) Koyote (Win) – download your favorite videos from Youtube and convert it to Ipod video format. Can also be used to convert other video formats, i.e. DivX, XVid, MP4, DVD, VOB, AVI, WMV, ASF

(14) iPod Video Converter (Win, Mac) – a desktop widget from Yahoo Widgets. Drag your video file on top of it and it’ll convert it into an iPod format

(15) Handbrake (Win, Mac, Linux) – lets you rip your DVDs to iPod, PSP and Zune

(16) CDex (Win) – a portable app that allows you to ripp cds directly to your iPod

(17) iSquint (Mac) – convert several popular video formats (MOV, MP4, AVI, DV, MPG, VOB, 3GP, ASF, WMV, FLV, M4V, etc.) to an iPod format

(18) [NO LONGER WORKS] Vixy – web-based video downloader and converter for iPod

(19) TVHarmony (Win) – perfect TiVo companion that lets you monitor TiVo for your favorite programs, download and convert them to iPod/PSP/Palm/XBox… formats. Ability to download stuff from popular video sites included.

(20) Videora (Win) – convert regular PC video files (AVI, MPEG, etc) into iPod compatible format


(21) iPodWizard (Win) – lets you change the graphics, font and strings on all iPod models with screen

(22) PodPlayer (Win) – lets you play music directly from your iPod. View songs in iTunes-like manner (by artist, genre, album, playlist, etc), extract songs, find duplicates, and more.

(23) CantoPod (Win, Mac) – get song lyrics on your iPod (with over 200.000 lyrics to choose from)

(24) vPod (Win)- transfer music from Windows to iPod. Scans your music library and shows what’s not on your iPod.

(25) iPodDisk (Mac) – another tool for copying music from your iPod.

(26) 100 Portable Apps to put on your iPod (Win, Mac) – all-purpose, no-install-required software (office tools, antivirus, email, games, etc.)

(27) Axport (Win) – handy iTunes addon that enables you to copy files off your iPod with one click

(28) iDirectionz (Win) – store driving directions on your iPod

(29) gPodder (Linux) – podcast receiver, catcher and sync (with iPod) tool

(30) GoogleGet (Win) – weather+news combo tool

(31) piPod – guide to the best pizzerias in the five boroughs of NYC

(32) Senuti (Mac) – syncs files off your iPod and sends them directly to your iTunes library. It can also play songs directly off iPod

(33) Weather for Me (Win) – downloads weather forecasts from Myforecast.com and puts them on your iPod

(34) Encyclopodia (Win, Mac, Linux) – this incredible tool brings wikipedia to your iPod

(35) iPodLinux – port Linux into your iPod, with lots of addons

(36) [NO LONGER WORKS] Filter (Win, Mac) – lets you create dynamic playlists (automatically fill and refreshes your iPod)

(37) eBook-creator – web-based tool that creates iPod compatible ebooks from regular text files

(38) iPod-notes – silimilar to eBook creator but also lets you create iPod eBooks from a webpage

(39) iPodlinks – variety of icons and wallpapers

(40) iPodGym – turn iPod into your gym advisor, over 80 exercise videos along with work-out guidelines

(41) iPodArcade – web source for iPod games, i.e. trivia, adventure, madlibs and jokes

(42) GoodEats (Win) – loads all of the recipes from Good Eats into your iPod

(43) GTKpod (Win, Mac, Linux) – provides Graphical User Interface for iPod using GTK2

(44) ShuffleDB (Win, Mac, Linux) – simple and easy-to-use iTunes alternative for iPod Shuffle (database builder)
(45) iPodulatorPRO (Win, Mac) – RSS reader(?), games and powerful notes management feature
(46) iBoy (Win, Mac, Linux) – Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for the iPod

(47) iGain (Win) – handy iTunes addon that lets you adjusts the tracks’ volume (so that the series of tracks appear to play at a consistent volume) and sync adjustments with tracks on iPod

(48) Mogopop (Win, Mac) – web community where you can create and share multimedia content for iPod. Lets you quickly download user-submitted videos (museum tours, comedy videos…), music from independent artists and games

(49) myPodder(Win, Mac, Linux) – automatically downloads podcasts and syncs them to your iPod

(50) Tools to strip DRM – (1) DRMdumpster (Mac) – requires CD-RW, (2) myFairTunes (Win) – works with older version of iTunes ( and below) and (3) Tunebite (Win) – only non-free tool listed here

(51) Selected Podcasts Sources: WellToldTales (fiction, horror) | PodioBooks (audio books)


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PART3: Cool iPod Tips, Writeups and Massive Software Download Resources

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