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youtube vlogsI know that in the mid-to-late 2000’s, vlogs How To Make Unforgettable YouTube Videos How To Make Unforgettable YouTube Videos Read More ruled the Internet with the purest form of free speech in the world. However, even though we’re in a totally different decade, I’m pretty confident that vlogging will flourish, evolve, and improve over the next few years. Granted, it’s typically just someone talking in front of a camera, and I’m not sure how you can build on that. Maybe holograms. The answer is always holograms.

I’ve compiled a go-to list of vloggers that you should be watching right now. So load up YouTube, because we’re about to put a few more channels on your playlist.


youtube vlogs

This may actually be my personal favorite vlog series, and it may be because of the family aspect of it all. Starting with their Brotherhood 2.0 project in which they decided to stop all text-based communication (emails, texting, all that jazz) and post conversational videos for each other every weekday for one year. With that being said, I have a brother that I only get to see about three times a week these days, and it’s a heart-breaker.

Granted, Brotherhood 2.0 ended a while back. However, they now seek to educate the world with their vlogs in collaboration with the website Nerdfighters, but you should still check them out. As a note, John writes books, and Hank plays music.

Shay Butler

vlogs on youtube

I love Shay, and it’s not all because of his over-the-top energy, his crazy sense of humor, or his beard. To be honest, it’s his family. This guy incorporates his family in nearly every single video that he has going on, and I love it.

Granted, Shay does quite a few comedy bits in addition to his vlogging, and after a history of about 20 jobs, it seems like this is without a doubt his true calling. Be sure to check out his other channels too, for he has even more humor coming from his day-to-day life.


vlogs on youtube

Ryan Higa – the second most subscribed YouTuber of all time – started out making videos of himself lip-syncing with his friends to popular songs. 5 Resources Used To Find Free MP3 Albums For Sound Sunday 5 Resources Used To Find Free MP3 Albums For Sound Sunday This is a special edition of Sound Sunday, in that it's not published on a Sunday and it doesn't contain any free albums. However, if you have ever wondered how I have been able to... Read More Granted, things got big for him over time, and he now has two incredibly successful YouTube channels full of self-composed music, comedy, and vlogging bits that are definitely worth watching.

As a note, some of Nigahiga’s original videos had to be taken down due to copyright issues during his earlier work on YouTube. With that being said, this is why his new musical videos incorporate self-produced tunes.

Rhett and Link

vlogs on youtube

Although Rhett and Link are primarily “Internetainers”, I can include them on here because yes – they vlog. However, I believe the best videos they produce are their entertaining skits that are honestly made in good, clean fun. For the record, I didn’t say they wouldn’t be awkward or make you blush.

Just as a reminder, Rhett and Link are most recently famous for their local commercials that they have produced for small businesses nationwide (and they are also partially responsible for you knowing who Chuck Testa is). However, where they really shine is their music, so jump in there and give it a listen.

Ray William Johnson

youtube vlogs

I wasn’t going to originally add Ray William Johnson to this list, but I figured I might as well since the lot of you would leave me comments such as, “Why is Ray William Johnson not on here?!” Basically, RWJ (the most subscribed YouTuber of all time) takes an approach to YouTube that is quite similar to the old show of America’s Funniest Videos and even more comparatively, Tosh.0.

Despite his vlogging nature that involves reviewing viral videos, you’ll find RWJ on various comic bits besides just video commentary. As a matter of fact, YouTube action star Freddie Wong actually put together a video with him not too long ago all about massacring trolls 5 Most Effective Ways To Deal With Arrogant Internet Trolls 5 Most Effective Ways To Deal With Arrogant Internet Trolls The Internet is without doubt a great invention. Unfortunately, no one so far has been able to develop and anti-troll device that will help to make it a more civilized place. You might have come... Read More .


For all you commenters 3 Types Of Reddit Commenters That Drive Me Nuts 3 Types Of Reddit Commenters That Drive Me Nuts Based on some of my past articles, you may already know that I hail from the online community of Reddit (and so do a couple of my fellow writers). However, as with any online community,... Read More , I’m quite aware that these aren’t all the vloggers that could very well be on this list. There are quite a few out there, and each of them are talented in their own right. As a matter of fact, I wish that I could join them, but I’m not quite there, yet.

With that being said, what are some of your other favorite vloggers out there? What are you thoughts on the ones mentioned here?

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  1. Jerrryyrw
    November 24, 2011 at 5:30 am

    Nice stuff Josh -- thanks for turning us on to these finds of yours.

    Also: thanks to commenter ytv for making his list (I can vouch for Khan Academy -- it's an enormous wealth of info).

    Here are a couple from my bookmarks that may interest someone:
    "TheOnion's Channel" -
    "Rocketboom" - (daily internet culture)

    • J. Lockhart
      November 29, 2011 at 9:27 pm

      Thanks, Jerrryyrw! (Can I call you Jerrryy?). I like it when we have articles that start with something simple, and then we can all share a little something to build on it. It benefits everyone – including myself.

  2. Peter Chupp
    November 23, 2011 at 2:25 pm


    • J. Lockhart
      November 29, 2011 at 9:26 pm

      ytv... Thank you so much. Goodness. That first set of film/visual effects are the ones I need to look into.