5 YouTube Channels For Must-See Movie Reviews

youtube movie review channelsThe majority of us like watching movies. Sure, the genres we love differ, but there’s still little better than losing yourself in a different world packed with a story, a setting, and characters for a couple of hours. The problem is there are so many movies to choose from, with new ones being released each and every week. So what to see?!

This is where movie reviews come in to play. Regardless of whether you’re debating if it’s worth paying your hard-earned cash to see the latest blockbuster in a theater, or deciding between two or more DVDs to curl up and watch from the sofa at home on a Sunday evening. Thankfully there are a host of different reviewers to choose from, many of whom have set up shop on YouTube.

What follows are five YouTube movie review channels that are a must for movie buffs everywhere.

Epic Movie Review

youtube movie review channels

The Epic Movie Review YouTube channel is a fairly new one, with just three reviews posted at the time of writing. However, assuming these guys don’t give up through a lack of interest this channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

We get to see three clearly passionate movie fans giving their opinions on the movie they’ve literally just seen. These guys start recording the instant they leave the movie theater, with a back and forth between the trio as they digest the film while picking out key scenes and talking points.

Watch For: Honest and unbiased reviews delivered in a satisfying scattergun manner.

Blind Film Critic

youtube movie reviews

That isn’t a typo, this movie reviewer is actually blind and has been since birth. His name is Tommy Edison and he operates what has to be the most unique movie review channel on YouTube right now. His videos prove beyond doubt that movies are more than just a visual medium.

We get to hear Edison’s thoughts on the latest movies, which he has watched without actually seeing. This means he raises points no other reviewer even notices, with insights into actors’ performances based on the tone, inflection, and subtlety of their voices.

Watch For: Reviews delivered from a unique perspective most of us will never experience.

Breakin’ It Down

youtube movie reviews

Catherine Reitman is funny, attractive, and intelligent. Oh, and she knows her movies inside-out and back-to-front. Her father is famous producer and director Ivan Reitman, so she grew up around the business, and she’s also an actress in her own right.

All of the above means she’s more than qualified to review movies, which she does on Breakin’ It Down. These aren’t serious, po-faced analyses of films; instead they’re fun, frivolous, and very entertaining opinions on the latest Hollywood fayre.

Watch For: Funny reviews delivered by a hot woman dressed provocatively.

Kermode + Mayo

youtube movie reviews

Simon Mayo is a DJ on British radio, while Mark Kermode is a movie reviewer that makes regular appearances on his show. This YouTube channel features videos of the two discussing movies in the studio. It sounds dull but is actually thoroughly entertaining.

Kermode is one hell of a movie reviewer. You won’t particularly like the guy and you may even disagree with everything he says. But you’ll be hanging on his every word as he delivers cutting reviews of the latest flicks. Suffice to say he isn’t easily impressed.

Watch For: Intelligent reviews from the ‘Yahtzee‘ of the movie review world.

What The Flick?!

youtube movie review channels

I’ve saved what I consider the best until last. What The Flick?! is part of The Young Turks network, but politics rarely plays a part in the movie reviews posted to this YouTube channel. Thankfully. Which is, incidentally, the first place I turn to when weighing up a new release.

What The Flick?! draws together reviewers from across the Web and gets them talking about the movies they’ve all recently seen. They each have an opinion and hold on to it tightly in order to retain their reputations. It means disagreements are in plentiful supply.

Watch For: A panel of professionals offering expert opinions on movies.


Some of these YouTube movie review channels are populated by reviews from amateurs, while some are from professionals. But one of the great things the Internet has done is blurred the lines between these two approaches. What you often find is that passionate people who do this for fun rather than as a career are more entertaining to watch. And with reviewers of all forms of media it’s about finding the ones you trust and which share your personal likes and dislikes.

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below which of these channels you enjoy and which you didn’t enjoy. Or share your personal favorite sources for movie reviews, whether they be YouTube channels, websites, or apps. Not only will you be adding to the collective pool of wisdom on the Web you’ll also be gaining points to use for rewards and giveaways here on MakeUseOf.

Saikat previously recommended 10 YouTube Channels packed full of movie reviews.

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