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how to throw a punchMovies and the WWF channel aside, a real world situation calls for doing what works. Learning how to throw a knockout punch is not about machismo (though it seems that way), it’s about having the street smarts to defend yourself.

There are as many ways to throw a punch as there are ways to run away from a fight. But the latter is not an option when you come up against an attacker or a bully. To survive or just to gain respect, you have to know how to land a few haymakers.

These five YouTube videos that show you how to throw a knockout punch are less about teaching you how to fight. That takes skill, patience, and pain. It’s just an insight, that there are ways to finish a fight and give someone a bloody nose. You can take that hint when you go in for structured self-defense coaching.

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have done their bit. Now it’s up to you to get serious about self-defense tactics.

Self Defense Tutorial

how to throw a punch

This YouTube channel has just nine uploads. But the self defense demos are simple enough and well constructed against a dummy. You can maybe start off with the video on How To Throw A Punch and then go on to How To Knock Someone Out In One Punch.

The videos come from the principal website that teaches basic self defense techniques. It’s a simple enough starting point but do remember what Bruce Lee once famously said – “˜Boards don’t fight back’.


how to knock someone out with a punch

I would start off with the How to Fight: Top 5 Ways To Avoid A Street Fight video. But you and I know that soon we might have to square off. That’s where the How To Punch Tutorial comes in. Follow it up with the channel’s highest viewed video on Street Fight Defense Tips. The channel also has a few videos on conditioning your body. So that would be a good idea before you go deeper into the instructional on street, school, and fist fight advice.

The YouTube channel on self defense and street fight skills has been put together by Shane. As his profile says, he is an experienced “˜street fighter’ and an amateur Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai) competitor.


how to knock someone out with a punch

Shihan Michael Pace brings you 100+ videos with step by step slow motion instructions on self defense. From how should a woman defend herself against a bedroom rape attempt to striking techniques that teach you how to hit with power and precision, the videos are easy enough to follow for ideas.

A few videos on how the Special Forces go about their hand to hand combat makes for interesting viewing. For scoring knockouts, checkout the video on Knockout Power.

Street Fight Secrets

how to knock someone out with a punch

I came across the channel’s selection of videos thanks to its tip on How to Knock Someone out with One Punch. Richard Grannon has nearly 240 uploads to his credit. As the site says, the instructions are not only about combative techniques but also about the thought process behind it. So you have videos on how to deal with verbal threats and few clips on how to get over violent attacks.

Master Wong Martial Arts TV

how to throw a punch

If you think that kicking groins and headbutts is dirty fighting and want to get into serious martial arts, check out this channel. Master Wong’s channel with free martial arts video training has around 250 videos. The video/TV channel is backed by a fully fledged website, chat show, and other forms of media. The martial arts instructions cover fighting skills on Wing Chun, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, self defense, and more. Don’t treat this channel as a quick lesson on how to knockout someone by learning how to throw a single punch, but more as a learning resource on martial art forms and what they can do for self defense.

I am not a fighter. But I am an interested observer like you who wants to know how to defend himself in an emergency. YouTube is a great resource that shows you exactly how it’s done. But to really master the self defense techniques, you have to go to an expert. But do remember what Sun Tzu’s Art of War tells us – the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Even then, tell us about your favorite YouTube video or any other video that shows how to land a great left-right combo.

Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons

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