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personal movie listHow many movies have you watched in your lifetime? How many more do you plan to watch in the time that’s yet to come? If you are a dyed-in-wool movie addict, you will have a list of movies that you want to watch put down somewhere. Most probably, it will be in your brain or scrawled on paper.

The true blue fan will shirk both and instead opt for the many online movie cataloging applications 5 Ways to Catalog Your Movies Online 5 Ways to Catalog Your Movies Online Read More that have come into the picture (pun intended). But cataloging movies is a humdrum way of looking at it. Building custom lists of movies (for example, a list of movies I haven’t seen) is an exercise of fun and discovery. The best part of it is that it helps you dig up movies you never even heard of.

So, here are five applications that help you make your personal movie lists and discover new ones in the process.

IMDb – My Movies

personal movie list

What better place to create your personal movie list than with one of the web’s topnotch movie sites. Sign up or log in with your Facebook account. Strangely, it didn’t let me sign up with my Gmail account. It is also a bit confusing because a free trial of IMDb Pro tries to sidetrack you with its paid offer.

But once you are in, you can use the site’s huge database to create your personal movie list, sort them into categories, tag them with your own notes, and also use the advanced search feature to go through your extensive lists. You can search the site as you normally do. On each movie’s page, you will notice an icon that says “Add to MyMovies.” If you click it, the movie will be placed in your “Pending” bin. This is the simplest way to start with your list. A new feature lets you share the list publicly.


private movie lists


If making your own list of movies sounds like plodding stuff, Flickchart brings the fun back. Mahendra did a complete review Create Your Own Top Movies of All Time List with Flickchart (FREE Invites!) Create Your Own Top Movies of All Time List with Flickchart (FREE Invites!) Read More when it went beta. Flickchart helps you make a list by showing you posters of two movies at a time. You can click on either or both if you haven’t seen them. You can set it to show you movies by genre, by date, by title, by cast, and by studio. Your user profile lists and ranks the movies you haven’t seen yet. You can also quickly build up other custom lists by using the dropdown filters.


private movie list

This website doesn’t let you create custom movie lists as yet, but it hosts a lot of lists of its own. You can browse these lists and pick up movies to watch. The different top lists are – IMDb, Critics (For example: The Best 1000 Movies Ever Made), Prizes (For example: BAFTA Best Film), Websites (For example: 250 Quintessential Noir Films), Institute (For example: 100 Best British Films), and Miscellaneous lists.

The site uses your favorites to feed you recommendations of movies you should see.  You can add movies to your watch list or even dislike a movie. As you go through the movies and finish watching them, you can tick them off the lists (see directory mention).


movie list

Flixster is a social network for movie fans. As a community member, you can share your tastes in movies with others and discover new movies while exchanging notes on the ones you have seen. Despite its share of criticism, the site is on the popularity charts of movie websites.

A user’s profile page has the My Movies tool where one can create custom lists and add movies with a search (by movie or actor). You can create as many personal movie lists as you want and share them or lock them as private. Related Lists is a shortcut to discover what others have favorite and movies you might have missed.


personal movie list

Maybe there are some movies you plan to watch during an upcoming vacation? Or there’s a list you want to create for your kid? MListr not only aspires to be the database for your personal choice of movies, but it also wants to use your tastes and recommend a few choice ones to you using its recommendation engine. MListr also has a few contests going where members are awarded for their lists. You can search for a movie and quickly add it to any of the default lists or the custom one. Some of the titles and their user reviews that come up in the search may have spoilers. The site could do with a better design and more user participation, but it makes creating movie lists a quick search and save job.

My own custom movie lists have served one important purpose. Many times these lists have saved me from buying a movie I have already watched. Thanks to the recommendations, they have also saved me from watching a bad one.

Check out 8 Online Guides To The Best And Worst Movies Of All Time 8 Online Guides To The Best And Worst Movies Of All Time 8 Online Guides To The Best And Worst Movies Of All Time Read More by Mahendra and let us know what your personal movie lists have done to your movie viewing experience.

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