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practical joke ideasSearching for a good practical joke site is a little like telling Google to search for a page full of spam. Most of the results are awful sites with the same practical jokes in all of them, repeating the same gags over and over in an attempt to get you to buy the latest prank joke product. The rest of the results are the stores for said products. It’s a little lacking in quality ideas.

In an attempt to uncover some decent practical joke ideas, these results have been throughly sifted for you. What’s left are some decent practical joke sites and a number of great articles with some clever practical joke ideas.

1. Museum of Hoaxes

Featuring a wide variety of scams, hoaxes and April fool’s day jokes, the Museum of Hoaxes has listed some of the classier and grand-scale practical jokes ever pulled off. It’s certainly a good place to drum up ideas for your own mischief.

practical joke ideas

2. Funny Practical Joke

Funny Practical Jokes has a range of different practical jokes, plus a handful of useful prank items you can buy. There’s plenty of great ideas, ranging from hiding onion in sweet foods to placing fake ads for bargains using your friend’s phone number. Should give you a few joke ideas.


practical jokes

3. Prankspace

Prankspace is full of practical joke ideas, covering pranks from highschool, car pranks, college pranks and office pranks. Some of these would be quick and easy to do, others more difficult. Either way, there are plenty of ideas here, so it’s great for inspiration.

practical jokes

4. LolPranks

LolPranks is a very picture-heavy blog of practical jokes, with many jokes being the sorts of things you’d do to friends or teachers in school. At the very worst, it will give you a good reason not to drink at college parties.

practical jokes

5. April Fool Zone

April Fool Zone is a little lighter on ideas than some of the rest, but it still features a few classics and will certainly help you to come up with practical jokes you can easily pull off. There’s a whole section on computer pranks as well as a section on office pranks. It has a few of my favourites, like the desktop screenshot as wallpaper and the ultra-slow mouse. Things that are easy to do and will annoy workmates for a while.

practical joke ideas

Practical Joke Articles

While these aren’t sites wholly dedicated to the cause of practical jokes, they are fun-filled articles with great prank ideas. Some fabulous ideas in this collection.

More MakeUseOf Articles on Jokes and Pranks

Here’s some more reading on jokes that you’ll love:

Share Your Best Practical Jokes

Here’s one of my favourite gags, the invisible rope.

Hopefully your quest for practical joke ideas has now armed you with ideas for some great laughs for you and your friends. If you have tried any great practical jokes or found anything new in one of these sites, let us know in the comments!

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