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christmas wallpaperIt’s that time of the year again. There’s snow on the ground, you’ve got your holiday shopping The Top 10 Free Shopping Applications For iOS Devices The Top 10 Free Shopping Applications For iOS Devices Read More done (right?), and everybody’s in a festive mood 10 Free Christmas iPhone/iPad Apps to Get You in a Festive Mood 10 Free Christmas iPhone/iPad Apps to Get You in a Festive Mood Read More . Personally, I’m looking forward to kicking back with the family and watching Christmas Vacation, as well as catching some holiday bowl games Top 5 Resources To Keep Track Of All This Season's College Bowl Games Top 5 Resources To Keep Track Of All This Season's College Bowl Games Read More .

One of the things you might have done to prepare for Christmas was decorate your house. You’ve got your fancy lights on display outside, your tree decorated in the living room, and stockings hung neatly over your fireplace. What else is left to do? How about decorating your desktop?

In this article, I’ll show you a few of the best resources for finding Christmas wallpaper for your desktop.

1. WallpaperStock

christmas wallpaper

WallpaperStock is a great resource for all types of desktop wallpaper, let alone just Christmas, so this is a good place for us to start.


On this site, you’ll find several pages of high-quality wallpapers. Clicking on a thumbnail of one will take you to that wallpaper’s page, where you can view the image in normal resolutions, wide resolutions, and in HD. That’s right, you can download high-definition Christmas wallpapers.

2. Hongkiat

christmas holiday wallpaper

The second resource I would like to share isn’t a wallpaper site at all. Hongkiat is a web design blog that you can learn a lot from, but their Christmas wallpaper page is pure genius.

You’ll find several resources of high-quality desktop wallpapers here, as well as a lot of great screenshots of some. If you see any you like just click on the image to be taken to the page to download it.

I think you’ll like the selection of Christmas wallpapers here, especially if you’re into design at all.

3. HD Wallpapers

Let’s get back to wallpaper sites! HD Wallpapers, like WallpaperStock, has a nice collection of HD Christmas wallpapers. Although it doesn’t have nearly as many, you can still find a good selection here.

Just click the Click to Download button below the image you want and you can download it to your harddrive.

4. Free Christmas Wallpapers

christmas holiday wallpaper

Free Christmas Wallpapers is another great resource for some wintery desktop imagery. As the title implies, this site exists for Christmas themed wallpapers only, and you can find a good selection here. Everything from Christmas gifts to ornaments, trees, paintings, and lights has its own category here.

Just click on an image to see its available resolutions and click on the one you want to see it full-size and ready for download.

5. Christmas Carnivals / The Holiday Spot

christmas computer wallpaper

For those looking for more traditional, cartoony, or even corny wallpapers I’ve got a couple of lesser-quality wallpaper sites for you. Christmas Carnivals and The Holiday Spot have a nice selection, especially if you weren’t having any luck with the sites I mentioned previously.

christmas holiday wallpaper

Whether you’re looking for your standard “Merry Christmas” wallpaper or one depicting an old-style image of Santa, you’ll find it here.


With the sites I’ve listed above, you should have enough Christmas wallpapers to last you until next holiday season.

As you may have gathered from a couple of the sites I’ve covered, a good place to look for Christmas-themed wallpapers are sites that are known for wallpapers in general. If you have a favorite site for desktop wallpaper, try searching for the term “Christmas”.

What will you be decking out your computer with this holiday season?

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