5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad

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It is easy to see why there are several dozen web browsers for the iPad—because browsing the net on this device feels like you’re browsing a magazine or newspaper. Unlike  its smaller brother and sister, the iPhone and the iPod touch, the iPad‘s larger screen, along with the lightness of the device itself, make it perfect for reading content and consuming media on the net.

We covered a few free web browers back in January, but since then other savvy developers have created several additional browsers you might you want to include in the browser folder of your iPad. Let’s check them out. (Note: each link will take you to the iTunes App Store.)

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One of the most unique web browsers in this current review collection is Weblicious. This browser will appeal to users who like to take advantage of the iPad‘s visual orientation. Instead of bookmarking web pages in the typical title list view, Weblicious allows you to bookmark websites as smaller windows—sort of like the preview display feature in Safari 5, but with more customizations.
webdilcious   5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad
When you click the tab of a saved site, it of course opens up in a full screen. Weblicious includes over a dozen backgrounds, one or more that will surely appeal to any user.

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Fraktol Web Browser

If you find the tab feature in the iPad version of Safari a little annoying (where you must leave your current page in order to switch to another tab on a separate screen), Fraktol‘s preview display of up to 9 pages at the top of browser will be a welcome change.

ipadwebbrowser 3   5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad
You can scroll through previews or access them from the traditional bookmark drop-down window. There’s also a little button that hides your open tabs. Fraktol also remembers your open tabs after you close and re-open the browser.

Two Web

Dual web browser apps have been around for a while, but if you don’t want to pay out a few dollars for one, you can download Two Web for free. The only drawback is that this browser doesn’t remember the last pages you were on after you close the app. But it does allow you to simply browse web pages side-by-side.

ipadwebbrowser 2   5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad


I never launch StumbleUpon unless I‘m prepared to spend an hour or more browsing the web. If you’ve never heard of or use StumbleUpon, it’s essentially a service that delivers random websites and pages based on your personal topical preferences and recommendations of other stumblers. It’s a great way to discover new and interesting content without using Google or some other search engine.
ipadwebbrowser 4   5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad
You can mark as favorite any page you stumble upon and come back to it for later viewing. To me, StumbleUpon makes web browsing fun, and it’s especially appealing on the iPad.

360 Web Browser

If you‘re finding iPad Safari too lightweight for your web browsing needs, 360 Web Browser contains some rich advance features you’ll want to test out in this lite version of 360 Web.
ipadwebbrowser 5   5 Useful Web Browsers For The iPad
This web browser for the iPad contains Firefox Sync which allows you to sync your tabs, bookmarks, and history from Firefox between your iPad and other mobile devices. This browser includes multi-touch gestures for navigation pages, full screen viewing, pre-loaded plug-ins for services like Evernote and Track This, and pop-up round menu bar for switching between more than its 20+ features.

While many features of 360 Web are not enabled in the Lite version, I recommend downloading and taking it for a spin to see if it or the full version will be useful to you.

There are other free web browsers (Tabulous, TwitpadOne, for example) I would have liked to add this to the list, but in my test runs they didn’t perform well, though their concepts are good.

If you have come across web browsers you like, please let us know about them. If you’re looking for other free iPad apps, check out these MUO articles, here and here.

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Do any of these browsers play video on webpages, such as Flash, etc.?


No, Chris I don’t think of these do. But there’s a paid app called iSwifter that does. You don’t get an 100% clean Flash download with it, but it works in a pinch.


@bakari45:disqus So will iSwifter play videos on web sites? Some blogs that I read put their own videos in the posts and I’d like to be able to watch those from a taplet like the iPad. Thanks!


Chris, iSwifter will play videos on sites like Vimeo, TED, TechCrunch. It will play Flash video in other words. But, and this is a big but, I find it very difficult and slow to navigate sites on iSwifter, so it’s not something I use to watch videos on a regular basis. In the app, the websites don’t scroll very easy, so it takes a minute or two just to get to some videos and start playing them. I don’t highly recommend the app, but like I said it’s useful when you really want to or need to watch a Flash video on your iPad.

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