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Your favorite company has dropped the ball, and that $80 subscription you paid for didn’t exactly match its description. Worst of all, the website’s “Contact Us” link is a complete and total lie. All it leads to is a page full of canned answers that can be chosen from a list.

Yeah. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes, you have to do things another way. Sometimes, you have to take your problems to the world of corporate social networking Not Just For Slackers: 5+ Ways Social Networks Can Help You At Work Not Just For Slackers: 5+ Ways Social Networks Can Help You At Work For many of us, social networks are just a passing trend. We spent much of our lives without them, and we don't see them as necessary in any way. In fact, many of us tend... Read More . By using various services such as Twitter and Facebook, you just might be able to get customer service Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Customer Service Experience? Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Customer Service Experience? Have you ever called customer service, only to end the call frustrated, disappointed and without resolution? Or perhaps there was a resolution, but it was unfavorable and certainly not worth the time you spent on... Read More to look your way. However, you need to do things right. Check out our tips below.

Think Before You Post

I felt like this needed to be said at the forefront of the article for this very reason: sometimes we act irrational. When you send out a curse-ridden rant targeted at a company via Twitter 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Twitter has now been with us for seven years and counting. This was seven years to the day since Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet in 2006, at a time when the micro-blogging social... Read More , Facebook, or even complaint sites catering to dissatisfied consumers 5 Complaint Sites For Pissed Off Consumers 5 Complaint Sites For Pissed Off Consumers Read More , someone has to answer for it.Occasionally, the one answering isn’t even responsible for the problem.

Consider the cautionary tale by Lindsay Robertson in which Home Depot screwed up her AC delivery. Although the shipping arrangements were made online, her anger-fueled Tweet resulted in the already-exhausted local store managers arriving at her door at 11 p.m. to carry the hulking object inside her apartment. Were these individuals at fault? No. However, they got the short end of the stick.


Publicly Call Them Out

Alright. You’ve thought about it. The company’s local managers were jerks to you. So were the cashiers and associates. In short, this company just sucks. If you have beef, sometimes the best decision is to complain via a Tweet or Facebook post. By the way, this won’t necessarily make you appear whiney or petty – this is just the new way of doing things.

In fact, if the company Tweets or comments with a solution to the problem, it may help someone with the same issue! Besides, most companies would prefer to not have bad blood out and about like this, so they will do whatever they can to fix the issue. Unless, you know, they really, really suck. In that case, you probably should find someone else to do business with.

Keep It Open-Ended

Keeping your inquiry open-ended is a good option for an issue that isn’t too major. Obviously, there could be something wrong, but perhaps you know that a simple Tweet or Facebook post isn’t the best way to convey your message. You could always send out a short note that says something like, “Hey guys. Could you tell me the best way to contact you about a problem I’m having with your product?”

It’s simple, non-threatening, and honest. Typically, you’ll receive a proper email address to use or maybe even a prompt to explain your situation. As a plus, this kind of simplicity can help prevent things from getting heated on either end. Usually, acting professionally is the best way to go.

Summarize The Situation

So you may have already requested for a better contact route. You were nice about it, but the company didn’t even respond. Yep – you were ignored. Now is the time for things to get a bit more drastic. Although this could be viewed as a little petty, you should post – in detail – every single part of the problem that you are having. Be calm, though. There’s no need to act childish.

If the company doesn’t respond right away, others likely will. The Internet is a powerful force, my friend. Sometimes you can use it to your advantage. Whether it’s someone who doesn’t have as much self-control as you commenting on the post or an image being shared on Reddit, there’s definitely a chance that this will get the attention of customer service.

Build A Posse

We’ve discussed all the steps you could take, but what if none of them work? Well, like I said earlier, the Internet is a powerful force. If you can’t get the attention of customer service, get the attention of the Internet. Instead of waiting for someone else to post your problem on Reddit, post it yourself. Do you participate in forums related to the company’s products? Post there, too.

In other words, build as much attention around your case as possible. Do whatever you can to draw eyes to the issue, and put yourself in a position where the company can’t ignore you.


Sometimes companies have bad days, so keep that in mind before you absolutely unleash. However, other times, they just aren’t good companies. It happens!

Have you ever contacted customer service via a social network? Did it work out for you?

Image Credits: @boetter, James Cridland, Moyan_Brenn, Incase, Moyan_Brenn

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