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Christmas is over. By now, it has been over for a while. Of course, this means we can all go right back to hating each other, cursing people we don’t like, and generally just being, well, ugly. Right?

Maybe not.

Christmas, as we all know, is often surrounded by the ideas of good will towards men and peace unto others. From the end of November to December 25th, most of us are all about being nice! (When we aren’t consumed by Christmas consumerism, of course.) However, why should this end once December 26th rolls around? Below are five ways to digitally bring some joy into others’ lives through the new year and the days beyond.

Surprise Gift Card Codes


Everyone likes gift cards, but it would be a little weird for you to spontaneously walk up to someone if it wasn’t a holiday and give them one. I mean, let’s be honest — people get suspicious. That’s where gift card codes come in (if you’re up for that).

Sending the occasional code for a Starbucks cup of coffee or even an iTunes code is always nice. Furthermore, what’s the problem with dishing out $5 to randomly spend on someone? Brighten someones day by having a redeemable code sent to someone’s email address. Inspirations to consider:

  • If someone posts on Facebook that they are having a bad day
  • Alternatively, if someone posts on Facebook that something good happened — congratulate them
  • You haven’t seen an old friend in a while
  • Making amends with a former enemy
  • You know someone is going through rough times

Facebook Gifts

Let’s take a poll. How many of you have sent a gift via Facebook A Festive Guide To Facebook Gifts [Weekly Facebook Tips] A Festive Guide To Facebook Gifts [Weekly Facebook Tips] So, the holiday season is well and truly upon us and you're probably wondering what sorts of presents to get the various people in your life and how to get them delivered in time. While... Read More ? Furthermore, how many of you even knew that you can send gifts via Facebook. Probably not many of you. Actually, I’m willing to bet that no one reading this has. Yeah. It’s sad.

In the same vein as surprise gift card codes, Facebook allows users to send a variety of gifts to their friends. Furthermore, based on pages they have liked and things they have posted, it will provide you suggestions as to what you can send! Just click the Give Gift link hovering over your friend’s Cover Photo, and you’ll be set.


Simple Messages, Retweets, & Likes

People like to be thought about. That said, a simple message saying “Hey, just thinking of you. Hope you are doing well,” can make someone’s day a million times better. Furthermore, do not underestimate the power of a Retweet or a Facebook like. Seriously, there are people (oddly enough, including myself) that will rave over the fact that someone I haven’t talked to in a while has like one of my status updates.

In fact, a simple retweet or like even on a past post could be nice. Granted, don’t go too far back into a person’s history. That might look slightly creepy if that happened. Just saying.

Video Messages & E-Cards


Those silly JibJab videos are nearly everywhere around the holiday season. People will take photos of their friends and plug them in, but eh – this seems to only happen annually. Why not be goofy the rest of the year, too?

Sending personalized video messages – whether it be of you in front of a camera saying hello or even another video like JibJab – is always nice and pleasant to view. Spread the cheer by sending videos to friends and family letting them know you miss them after the holidays, and while you’re at it, the Internet has a ton of ways to send e-cards letting people know you are thinking about them.

Check Out The Right Reading Material

A huge part of spreading cheer is keeping a good attitude, and unfortunately, the Internet can be a cynical, depressing place for most people. In addition to MakeUseOf (gotta stay loyal), we provide you some positive sites to visit that will keep you in good spirits:

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    January 7, 2014 at 2:45 am

    What about Steam gifts?