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If you are fortunate enough to have Netflix in your country (or a VPN to make them think you are in another country), then you will appreciate how great the media streaming service is – Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black…and then there’s all the movies on offer. Godzilla!!

But despite an amazing service that shows Godzilla movies, the Netflix interface could use a little improvement. That’s why after writing the Netflix manual for MakeUseOf, I headed out in search of Chrome extensions to make my Netflix account look prettier. And no, it doesn’t involve a bit of lipstick and some rouge.

Better Flix

This one does two things. First, you can disable the sliders so you can see everything in one list. Secondly, and the main function, is to provide you with a “hide” button so you can remove titles from the page.

You can still find them using the search engine, but if you are tired seeing the same stuff, you can now make them disappear.


Flix Plus

This is actually quite a good extension which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. It adds some useful functionality to your Netflix page. In fact the Chrome download page claims that you get 22 tweaks.

To begin with, when you move your mouse / trackpad over a title’s cover, the hovercard comes out as usual. But now you also have the Internet Movie Database rating, as well as the Rotten Tomatoes rating. This is useful if you are undecided about a movie. Seeing the score from reviews might help you decide.

Then when you click on the title of the hovercard (in this case “Mission: Impossible”), you will be taken to the episode lists for that TV programme. At the top of the page are links to various sites which will provide more information about that show.

Other interesting and useful perks include watching a random episode, hiding that God-awful Facebook recommendations feature, hiding other sections you don’t want to see, removing the scrolling and having a list instead, a darker Netflix theme, and something I personally like – removal of the spoilers for each TV episode. Will the next episode be a crappy one? You won’t know until it has started!

Unfortunately, this extension only works for the US version of Netflix.

Netflix Enhancer

This one is listed as “old” and the developer is making a new one but it will be $3 a year. This current one will remain free but will not be actively supported. But it still works as advertised.

This one has the usual IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes review scores, and you can also drop/close sections you don’t want. But there are two features which make this one stand out from the rest. The first is being able to watch the trailer for the movie you’re thinking of watching (if there is a trailer of course). It seems all trailers come from YouTube, and if there is a trailer available, you will see a small camera icon on the title’s page.

The best feature in this extension (and one I prayed someone had invented), is the pop-out player. I was always so annoyed that I couldn’t watch Netflix while working. Now I can, and what’s more, it always stays on top of all other windows.

Netflix Showdown

This one is for the procrastinators who spend hours searching Netflix for something to watch. Now you have a reason to be quick. A timer is counting down, and unless you choose something, it will pick for you.

After installing the extension and going to the Netflix site, you will see a clock counting down. You can choose between 1, 3, and 5 minutes (the default is one minute). Choose which time period you want, then you will get the clock. If you find something yourself, then great. If not, you get a choice made for you and you have to choose one.

Obviously, if you don’t like the choices, go back to the main Netflix page and try again. But try not to, because it kind of defeats the purpose of this extension!

Netflix Sort Queue by Rating

This one does one thing only. You can sort your list according to rating, with the 5 stars ones at the top, then 4 stars, 3, and so on. Again, this is a good way to decide what to watch (unless you really like bad movies and TV shows).

Just go to “My List“, and you will see a new button – “Sort By Rating”.

Simply press the “Sort By Rating” button, then the “Update List” button. You will then see all the titles rearranged according to rating.

What Other Netflix Extensions Should We Try?

Do you know of any other Chrome extensions for Netflix that improve the interface? If so, please do let us know about it in the comments below.

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