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Today we are going to look at sites & tools you can use with URLs. There’s lots of things you can do with URLs (apart from clicking on them, obviously). You can shorten them, expand them, send them to other devices, open multiple URLs at once, have a one-click self-destructing URL (no explosion, sorry), and much more.

Let’s take a look at some of these free tools and pretty soon you’ll be doing more than clicking those links.

A URL Shortener –

If you’re looking for a tool to shorten all of those long URLs, then most sites tend to default to But a really good one is Google’s service, Especially if you are a Chrome user, because they have a very easy and simple browser extension.

A URL Expander – Where Does This Link Go?

Short URLs are a quick and easy way to send links to people, especially you only have 140 characters to work with.  But short URLs have a flip side — they can be used to hide spam. Simply because you don’t know what is hiding behind that gobbledygook URL until you have clicked it.

Where Does This Link Go? is a very simple site with no fancy frills and bells. It just does one thing and does it well. Decoding short URLs. The speed of the URL check is impressive and the ad-free interface is easy on the eyes.

Sending URLs To Other Devices – iPadURL

Despite the name, you don’t need an iPad to use this free service. You can either use the Chrome extension or the bookmarklet to shorten links to a 4 digit URL you can then type in the browser of your other device.

Be aware though that once the link has been clicked, or after 30 minutes (whichever one comes first), then the link becomes invalid. So it’s a one-time use thing only.

A similar tool is DeadC.

Open Multiple URLs With One Click – Hiper URL

If you need to send someone more than one link (up to 5), then consider bundling them all as one link. Hiper URL helps out with this.

Just fill out the fields with the links then click “generate link“. The newly generated link will then appear underneath. When someone clicks on it, they will see this :

Find & Remove Dead URLs On Your Website – Broken Link Checker

Every day, URLs work and others don’t work. They don’t work for a variety of reasons – the site is down, the page has been deleted, there’s a DDOS attack on the site…whatever the reason, it can be annoying if you have a website / blog and your visitors encounter 404 error pages.

So one option is to use Broken Link Checker. Put in the URL and wait for it to find the broken URLs. If you have a WordPress site, you may be interested in a plugin Aaron recently profiled Automatically Find Any Broken Links On Your WordPress Site Automatically Find Any Broken Links On Your WordPress Site Read More .

As you can see, there are many different tools and services designed to help you get the most out of your links. Which one do you like and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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