4 Unique And Innovative Uses For Pinterest

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pinterestlogo1   4 Unique And Innovative Uses For PinterestSocial networking siteĀ PinterestĀ can be pretty addictive, with good reason, but it can also be an incredibly useful site. While we know it’s easy to waste many an hour on Pinterest, being less than productive, there are a also lot of great ways you can learn how to use Pinterest to get more organized, or to get noticed. You can use it to market your online shop, to collaborate on projects as teams, all able to contribute to one board, and more.

We’ve come up with four creative uses for Pinterest that allow you to take full advantage of Pinterest’s visual layout – so whether it’s about getting noticed, or about using Pinterest as a way to stay organized, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you.

Plan a trip

If you’re planning to go on a trip, why not create a board to map out where you’re going to stay, the sights you want to see, shows you want to go to, your flight options and more. You can create a beautiful, visual plan of where to stay, what to see, and how to get there. Once you’re actually there, you can still take advantage of the board and keep track of all the places you’re planning on going, by using Pinterest’s mobile app.

Pinterest trip planner   4 Unique And Innovative Uses For Pinterest

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Make the board private and there’s no limit to the items you can add to the board so that you don’t forget anything. Use Pinterest to create your list of things you’re taking with you on your trip – clothes, gadgets, passport – the visual list is a great way to check off all the things you want to be sure not to leave at home. It’s also useful when you’re packing up to go home, and that way you make sure you don’t forget anything at the hotel.

Create a Visual List

Pinterest is great for creating visual lists so you can harness that idea and get incredibly creative with the kinds of lists you create. Pinterest can become a virtual and visual list of great recipes, a bucket list of places you want to go or things you want to do, or a visual lookbook of your wardrobe, or fashion items you want to buy, or even a catalog of your belongings – whether your clothes, books, DVDS or more.

pinterest bucketlist   4 Unique And Innovative Uses For Pinterest

If you want to easily add text to an image for use with your bucket list, you could use an online service like PicFontĀ or PicMonkey,Ā aĀ mobile app like Quipio, or even create text-only items using Whims.

When it comes to creating a recipe list, Pinterest makes it easy to create mouthwatering boards with your favorite recipes. If you want to get really organized about it, you can create individual boards for different types of recipes – organize them by types of cuisine, by basic ingredients, or even by how complicated (or easy) they are to prepare. Using the app – you can take your recipes with you everywhere you go.

To create a lookbook, you can either get photos off the web for looks you want to buy, or you can take photos of your wardrobe and save them on Pinterest using the mobile app. The same goes for cataloging your books, DVDs and more – just snap the photo with your phone, and upload to your board using the Pinterest mobile app.

Create a CV

There are quite a few examples of CVs already on Pinterest. While you can use the social networking site to showcase your work, why not take it one step further and get into details about your skills, your education, where you went to university, what special skills you possess, what languages you speak, where your online profiles are, and more. You can create a visually interesting professional profile that, if you’re applying for a creative job, will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

pInterest cv   4 Unique And Innovative Uses For Pinterest

Of course using a visual CV is best as an accompaniment to your standard CV, unless you know for sure that your potential employer will appreciate your innovative approach.

Create a Gift Registry

Pinterest is a great way to keep track of all the cool things you want to buy online so why not take things one step further and create a gift registry for a specialĀ occasionĀ  or even just a wish list that your friends and family can keep track of so that when your birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion is coming up – they know exactly what to get you.

pinterest gift registry   4 Unique And Innovative Uses For Pinterest

And for those of you who are on the gift-giving side of things – even if your friends don’t have a board that is clearly marked as a wish list – taking a look at a friend’s Pinterest boards should be a quick and easy way to know what products they’re lusting after.

If you’re still new to Pinterest and are looking for tips on how to get the most out of the site, be sure to download our handy guide.

Do you have any tips on uses for Pinterest in a creative way? Let us know in the comments.

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Saikat Basu

Presently, I am using it to create a library of cheat sheets on photography :)

Nancy Messieh

Nice idea!


Ashwin Ramesh

Create a CV?! Whoa, that’s something! :)



Will someone please explain to me the lemming-like urge to bare one’s most inner self to the eyes of the world on social networks. Are we THAT lonely, THAT insecure that we need validation from complete strangers? We would not take out an advertisement in the New York Times or Washington Post or any national newspaper announcing all the details of our upcoming trip. Then why do we feel compelled to post those same details on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter? Aren’t we just begging to have our house or apartment burglarized???!!!

Nancy Messieh

As is mentioned in the post, you can easily make any board private – particularly when it comes to planning a trip.


“you can easily make any board private ā€“ particularly when it comes to planning a trip.”
Isn’t the entire purpose of setting up board to brag?

You have not answered my question in the first part of the post – Why do we need to expose ourselves to total strangers on the social networks?


Keith Swartz

Yeah! Good article NICELY writen, Nancy Messieh.

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