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ios featuresRecently I wrote about several quirks or underdeveloped features 7 Quirky Mountain Lion Features That Apple Should Fix 7 Quirky Mountain Lion Features That Apple Should Fix I'm not an Apple fanboy, and typically I don't complain about Apple hardware or software, because usually Apple's products meet and exceed my expectations. However, I do sometimes shake my head in wonder about some... Read More in Apple’s latest Mountain Lion, and in this article I want to turn the focus onto the iOS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Lots of features work very well in both OS X and iOS, but both systems are not perfect, and for those of us who rely on Apple products in our daily workflow invariably look for workarounds to underdeveloped or missing features.

Despite its plethora of features, iOS 6 could use a clipboard manager, quick access to the brightness control, permanent photo albums, a password keychain, and perhaps even a Finder.

Clipboard Manager

iOS has always contained a copy and paste feature, but it still does not have a universal clipboard manager. Each time you copy something new in your iOS device, the previous clip gets deleted. So you can’t go back and locate previous copied items. Seriously, I’m not sure why Apple has not included a clipboard manager in the iOS by now.

ios features

Fix: There are a few third-party apps, Clipboard Manager ($0.99) and Pastebot ($3.99), for example, that will collect copied items as they are copied. Apple still doesn’t allow apps like these to run in the background, so you have to launch the apps in order to capture your current clippings.

Brightness Control

On the iPad, you can double-click the Home button and use the control brightness feature on the left side to increase and decrease the brightness of the screen. But on the iPhone, you still have to open the Settings app to get at the brightness control. Apple hasn’t made a faster way to get at that feature.


ios fixes

Fix: I launched an app called Launch Center Pro ($2.99), which contains a toggle app inside of it to quickly minimize the brightness of the screen; this can be accomplished in a single tap.

Permanent Photo Albums

Apple has improved the default Photos management app in iOS, especially with the addition of Photo Stream. But for some odd reason, when you add photos in your Camera Roll (Edit > Choose Photos > Add To > New or Existing Album) to a new or existing album, those photos will in fact be removed from the album they were added to when you delete them from your Camera Roll.

ios fixes

Fix: Albums: Photo, Video Manager ($1.99) allows you to import photos from your Camera Roll and create both regular and smart albums.

ios fixes

No Password Keychain

Mac OS X has always contained a default password keychain in which you can retrieve your usernames and passwords for websites you visit. But this has never been the case for iOS. Sure you can go into Settings > Safari > AutoFill and enable iOS to fill in passwords and names for sites you visit, but that could be a security risk if your mobile device gets into the wrong hands.

Fix: I use 1Password which stores and syncs all my usernames and passwords between my Macs and iOS devices. 1Password ($9.99) is not cheap, so you might want to search for alternatives.

features in ios 6

No Universal Finder

The Finder has been integral to the Mac operating system almost since day one. It’s where you can locate all your files. This is not so for iOS. More and more people are beginning to use their iOS devices as their primary computing machine, and it would be great if they could access all their files from one central location, especially now that Apple has launched iCloud.

Fix: Power users know the fix this – Dropbox, or some other similar cloud system and app. Whatever you add to your Dropbox account you can access it on your iOS mobile supporting devices with the Dropbox app installed. I would like to see the same thing for iCloud.

ios features

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The above are my most wanted upgrades, for now, to the iOS. Let us know what features you think need improving, and what apps or other solutions you use for workarounds.

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