5 Types Of YouTube Videos That Need To Die

There are many great videos uploaded to YouTube each and every day. Which isn’t surprising when you consider that 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. That’s a lot of clips of cute cats and dumb dogs. But clips of cute cats and dumb dogs are welcomed, unlike some other types of videos which are either pointless, annoying, stupid, unnecessary, or all of the above.

These are the genres of videos that no one should watch. They deserve to get zero views and zero comments, because they don’t deserve a place on the most popular video sharing site in existence. What follows are five of the worst examples of amateur video that, should you value your place in society, you should avoid uploading to YouTube at all costs.

Unboxing Hardware

The craze for unboxing videos started somewhere around 2006, just as YouTube was growing into the behemoth it now is. Against all the odds these videos appear to be very popular, with many racking up millions of views. This despite the fact that they’re the most banal genre of video in existence.

Hardware video reviews make sense, as does footage of someone using a new device even if they’re not voicing their opinion about it. But what is the point of videos merely showing an individual unboxing a piece of hardware? So, I now know what’s in the box, and that helps me how exactly?

Reactionary Reactions

Reaction videos are, as you may have guessed by the name, videos of people reacting to stuff. It could be another video on YouTube, a real-world event or piece of news, or even something happening in an individual’s personal life. Regardless, these videos are rarely, if ever, anything but embarrassing.

The video embedded above is the perfect example of this genre and why it needs to die. This girl is upset, and by that I mean crying and ranting, because Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. She’s just a fan with no connection to the former couple, but that doesn’t stop her getting extremely angry at the news. In the interactive, multimedia dictionary of the future, this video (and others like it) should be posted as the definition of ‘Annoying‘.

TV Recording

If you’re ever tempted to record something off the TV and post the resulting video on YouTube… don’t. Honestly, you’d be better off just not bothering than attempting this trick that results in videos that, at best, look like they’ve been shot with a potato, at worst, are unwatchable.

These types of video are invariably uploaded by n00bs who believe that a) this is the only way to record something off the television, and b) that doing so means they aren’t breaking the intellectual property rights of the broadcaster. Both of which are wrong, plain and simple.

Photo Montages

Photo montages have their place in the world, but that place isn’t on YouTube, a site designed to house videos, not a series of still images pieced together under a cheesy soundtrack. These never look good, and are always a source of disappointment if stumbled upon while searching for a real video.

The video embedded above is a striking example of the genre which has all the elements needed to demonstrate why photo montages need to die. We have 11 minutes of photos of Morgan Fairchild, who no one under the age of 40 will even have heard of. All soundtracked with True Devotion by Samantha Fox. Please, make it stop.

Attention Seeking

This is a rather vague genre as it deals with all those videos created by attention seekers. You could argue that you’d have to be an attention seeker to upload a video to YouTube in the first place, but there’s a subtle distinction between wanting to be a YouTube celebrity and using a “Look at me!” gimmick (rather than quality content) to achieve that goal.

The video embedded above demonstrates the problem perfectly. This girl wants to teach the world to speak Japanese, which is really generous of her. But in order to stand out from the crowd she decides to put her rather large assets on display while doing so. Cue millions of views from frustrated men everywhere. None of whom want to learn Japanese.


If you find any of these videos entertaining then that’s great; carry on watching them or even uploading your own examples of each genre. But I suspect I’m not alone in having had enough of these particular types of videos and wishing they would just go away.

As with lots of websites that rely on user-generated content, YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity to get creative with videos and offer something great to the world. None of the videos embedded above, or the genres they belong to, fulfill that promise. You can do better than this, Internet, so go out there and prove it.

Image Credit: Jakob Montrasio

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Comments (49)
  • Moi

    Jumping in here late cause ranting is fun. Heres the hate list:
    * I HATE any video where the knob posts them sideways…grrrr
    *Any tutorial video where there is no narration. It’s plain annoying to watch someone take a half hour to mis-type a few words. I would rather hear broken English.
    *Misleading thumbnails/titles. Don’t be an idiot-jerkNerd. When someone wants to see a UFC match or something, that’s what they expect…not some armature tool flapping his lips with “commentary”
    *Videos with a 10 minute “professional” info followed by 2 minutes of armature fumbling and unprepared presentation.
    *Action videos of cool things like planes and cars that are ruined by inserting a loud (Thrash metal) soundtrack……Yeah it really makes the video so much cooler…not
    *Any blankety blank remix. You may think you are some kind of producer genius but you just ruin something that was cool to begin with. Check the ego and leave it alone.
    *Rant mode: OFF

  • Dan

    Those reaction videos where someone is recording themselves watching TV needs to be mentioned. Thinking that a video made of you watching TV is entertaining is the epitome of narcissism.

  • Neil

    Ummm, I think YOUR post is a total waste of time!! Boring boring, at least there is an element of entertainment or use in them.

  • Josh

    You cirtanly dont pay attention to things often…, Mr.Author.. fist of all, the unboxing videos help us in many ways. if its cheap, what all contents is in the box, how it works, and so on so forth. second, people, who Donot have money, can see “These unboxing videos”, and get exited, like the xbox one, being unboxed. i dont have over $300.00, cause im in jobcore, so i like to see it being unboxed, and how the it boots, then what the home scree looks like, and finally, for the thaughts out of my mind, Not only to become pupular, but to figure out if you want to buy it, or not… like for instance, this guy on youtube whos called soldierknowsbest, does these kind of reviews, and its verry helpful.., with out these videos, people would just be looking at pictures.. ive done a MW3 PC unboxing/installation on my channel josh7120, and its verry helpful to people. got quite few comments.

  • Jason

    Hi there,

    The camera recordings of television programs are just clumsy methods of circumventing the automatic takedown bots on YouTube for protected content. If you upload the actual video it will normally be caught almost immediately and removed.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.