5 Travel Sites to Bookmark Before Your Next Trip

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Are you hoping to get away this year? Here are a few sites that might help.

Traveling isn’t just fun: it can be a way of life. Whether you’re just heading somewhere nice for a week or hoping to wander a continent for 6 months, every trip is better with the right information. Today Cool Websites and Apps is pointing out five tools that can make any trip better. From travel databases to AI assistants to tools for finding nearby events, there’s something in this list you’ll find useful. Let’s dive in.

Wikivoyage: User-Edited Travel Guide Run by Wikimedia

I’m not sure how we’ve managed it. After a decade of publishing thousands of articles, many of which are about travel, we’ve never gotten around to mentioning Wikivoyage.

This travel site is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, who also runs an independent encyclopedia you might be familiar with.

As you might expect, the interface is identical to Wikipedia, and users can edit entries in the same way. But instead of trying to offer an overview of cities and places, Wikivoyage is trying to give travelers a list of resources: some background, yes, but also a list of transportation, accommodation, dining, and recreational options.

I wouldn’t call it a definitive guide in most cases, but it’s a great place to start when you’re planning a trip. Big tourist destinations such as San Francisco and New York City are well documented, but places off the beaten path offer mixed results.

There isn’t any official mobile app for the site, but there are instructions for offline usage, if you’re interested. We’ve gone over a bunch of international travel guide websites, but no list is complete without Wikivoyage so far as I’m concerned. Check it out.

Tripoto AI Travel Assistant: Chat with a Robot About Your Trip

Sometimes you just want to talk with a friend about traveling. If no friends are available, however, try chatting with a robot. Tripoto AI Travel Assistant is in theory a bot you can talk to about your trip. In reality, chatting conversationally is going to be frustrating, but if you just type a destination you will get quick access to a few resources.


You can ask about the weather, hotels, and things to do in nearly every city. I’d love to see more details added to this bot, but it’s a good enough idea that I think it warrants at least a look. I wonder when bots like this will become really, really good though: like ask an obscure question and you’ll get an accurate answer good. That’s going to get interesting.

Etrigg: Find Events Near You, or Anywhere

We’ve talked about how to find things to do in any city in the past, and Etrigg is a site we’ve recently discovered that deserves to be on that list. This simple site requests your current location, then scrapes Facebook and other events sites to create a list of upcoming open events near you.


This is potentially useful during a trip, if you want to find out about meetups or parties, but can also be a fun way to find out about events at home. Check it out.

Translatr: Translate Any Phrase to Multiple Languages, All at Once

If you’re planning a long trip through multiple cultures, there might be certain phrases you need to know in a variety of languages. Translatr lets you bulk translate one phrase into multiple languages of your choosing, then outputs the result in a list. Like this:


Sure, you could just use Google Translate, or one of the tools with more accurate translations than Google, but until Translatr if you wanted multiple translations you’d need to run your phrase through any given tool multiple times. Translatr is perfect for bulk translations, something I’m sure more than a few people need. Bookmark it; you’ll thank us later.

In The Crowd: Flash Your Phone to Find Your Friends

Sometimes, while travelling, crowds are inevitable. If you want to break away from your friends in a crowd, In The Crowd can help you find each other back.


This simple website lets you flash your phone in the color of your choosing. Pick a color with a friend beforehand, then flash your phones when you’d like to find each other back. Your screen will flash, potentially giving your friends a reference point with which to find you. It’s simple, but it works.

What Travel Tools Do You Recommend?

We could go on, and we have. There’s our list of Android apps for travelling the world, for example, or sites for budget travelling and backpacking. We could even go over a few travel deals sites.

But we mostly just want to hear from you.

What travel sites do you find deeply useful, and don’t like leaving home without? Let’s compile more resources in the comments below. I’m really looking forward to chatting with you all.

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