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top holiday giftsBuying holiday gifts can be quite a task. Getting gifts for women is sometimes even harder. Gifts for geeky women? Don’t get me started. Before you jump on me for saying so, let me clarify: I’m a tech-loving woman myself, and being one, people often think that all they can get me are gadgets. Well, gadgets are expensive, and you might not want to spend hundreds of dollars right now.

But gadgets, as cool as they are, are by no means the only tech-related gift you can get for the woman in your life. In fact, there are many original things out there that while they’re not technology in the full sense of the word, are very likely to appeal to anyone who’s interested in it (not just women!).

Not all of these ideas for the top holiday gifts are right for everyone, of course, but I’m sure that at least one gift from this list will help you make whoever she is happy this holiday season. And to our women readers, feel free to share this list with that person who’ll be desperately looking for something cool pretty soon. What do you have to lose?


Everyone loves chocolate. And on the off chance they just like it (and not love it), they’re going to love creating it.

top holiday gifts

Chocomize’s idea is to let you customize your chocolate exactly the way you (or someone else) love it. The chocolate base is excellent (I’ve tried it several times) and there are almost endless options for add-ons. You can choose between milk, white and dark chocolate (which is actually vegan!) and then start adding up to five different ingredients to your chocolate.


If you think merely getting the chocolate is not enough, you can always get a gift certificate and let her create it herself!

hot holiday gifts

Chocomize only ships to the US and Canada (which is understandable, chocolate is hard to ship). The base costs ~$4 per bar, and ingredients range from $0.40 to $1.95 each.

Magnet Toys

If chocolate is not her thing, how about a cool toy that will keep her busy for hours on end? Rare-earth magnet toys are gaining popularity, and for good reason. They can make a great gift she will remember and still use even years ahead. Here are several options.

hot holiday gifts

Buckyballs: These come in many different colors, shapes and sizes, and you can also get pretty nice gift packs. The basic Buckyballs cost $34.95 (more for different colors) and Buckycubes go for $24.95. They ship worldwide.

ZenMagnets: While their website is not as slick, ZenMagnets are knows for quality products and a brave attitude. A basic pack goes for $32.98, and for $38.24 you’ll get the same thing in a nice package. Ships worldwide.

NanoDots: The most expensive option, but is worth the investment if you’re looking for the absolute best. These come in 4 different colors in prices ranging from $39.99 to $49.99. Ships Worldwide.


Another good option is always apparel. In this case, T-shirts. There are many good places to get geeky and tech-oriented T-shirts. Here are some of the best ones:

ThinkGeek: ThinkGeek offers TONS of geeky, funny and cute t-shirts (and lots of other things if you feel like browsing). All the way from xkcd shirts to superhero shirts and even geeky maternity wear, there’s lots to choose from here. Shirts average at around $20.

hot holiday gifts

Shirt Woot!: Shirt Woot offers one new t-shirt for $10 almost every day, and a limited number of other designs for $15. These are not as geeky as the ones on ThinkGeek, but there are truly awesome finds to be had. Ships to many countries.

MakeUseOf shirts: If you’re shopping for someone who just happens to also be a MakeUseOf fan, why not gift her one our t-shirts? I personally own two of them, and they make me feel like a true geek when I wear them. Shirts are $16.95 each, and you’re not limited to just the women’s, they all look good! Ships worldwide.

holiday gifts for girls

Laptop Bag/Case From Etsy

There are plenty of beautiful things to be found on Etsy, but one of the things I would love most to get, is one of the Womansgirl laptop bags and cases. Here you’ll find a wide selection of truly beautiful bags and cases that will make any laptop owner happy.

holiday gifts for girls

If you find something you absolutely love but it’s not available in the size you need it, don’t hesitate to contact the seller. She might be able to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Prices vary widely, shipping is worldwide and shipping costs are fair.

Phone/Tablet/eReader Cases

Getting the actual gadget as a gift is not always possible. But why not help her make her already existing gadget beautiful, cool or funny? Here are two great place where you can find original and beautiful cases for almost any device.

Headcase: You won’t find a wide variety here, but you will find a really awesome Etch-A-Sketch case for the iPhone or iPad, and the TurnTablet. There’s not need to explain what an Etch-A-Sketch is. If you think turning her iPad into one will make her dreams come true, you’ve come to the right place. iPhone cases cost $25 and iPad cases go for $39. Ships worldwide.

holiday gifts for girls

SkinIt: Not everyone owns an iPhone or iPad, and some people might not like Etch-A-Sketch. For a far wider variety of devices and themes, check out SkinIt. Start by choosing your device (which can be almost anything, including mp3 players), then choose your theme and your case. You can even create a custom one if you wish. There’s also a wide variety of cases for various needs. Prices vary according to devices. Ships worldwide.

top holiday gifts


Hopefully, finding the right thing for a tech-loving woman just got a lot more fun! If none of these items appeal to you, use them as inspiration to find the perfect gift.

Have more suggestions? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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