5 Tools to Track How Much Time You Waste While Online

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Your Firefox hasn’t been re-started in hours. It’s running continuously, you’re surfing around websites, and of course you’ve wasted lots of time. You could have instead spent that time doing something good and productive, rather than just flying around worthless sites.

Here are four neat Firefox extensions and 1 desktop app that help you track the time you spend online. They even give you reports so you can watch out and make efficient use of your time by cutting down on wandering around sites that are of no use.


leechblock LeechBlock can be set to block websites from loading in Firefox.

You can create up to six ‘block sets’ – each set can contain a number of sites that should be blocked only during a specific time interval.

For example, you can create a block set and put all the social networking sites in it – and block all those sites together for a set period of time (instance, 9AM-4PM). Then you can create another block set – containing another bunch of time-consuming sites and block them all together for a specified time period. That’s how block sets work. Wildcards can be used to block specific subdomains/parts of a bigger site.

Download LeechBlock

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Time Tracker

Simple yet effective tool that tracks the amount of time you’ve been browsing around. The display on the status bar indicates the amount of time you’ve been surfing around inside Firefox.

Time Tracker Firefox Extension

As you can see in the options above, you can set the status bar display of TimeTracker to show only the time you’ve spent today/last reset/since installing Time Tracker. In the time-out option, you can specify when the addon should pause counting the time. You can use the filter list to add websites that will not be time-tracked.

If you want to continue tracking the time even when the new windows are opened then leave the last checkbox unchecked.

Download TimeTracker



Same as the first extension, but it has more powerful options and provides graphs that display the various activities versus the time you’ve spent on them.

Once installed, you’ll see a toolbar that has around four options. You’ll also be taken to a registration page. You could register if you want the reports to be saved for the long term. Else, you can skip it and continue using 8aweek.

It provides interesting charts like the one below that lists the amount of time I’ve spent on each site:


You can set it to limit the time you spend on useless sites. For example, you could set it to make Facebook available to you for no more than 10 minutes per day. Additionally, you can also save the reports for later viewing.

Download [NO LONGER WORKS] 8aweek


MeeTimer is a plain and light activity tracker. It keeps track of the visited websites in any given day, records total time, and groups them into purpose-based categories (e.g. Myspace/Facebook = procrastination, Gmail = communication, etc.). At the end of the day you get a clear picture of your daily activity.

Stop Procrastinating with MeeTimer

Download MeeTimer


Unlike the above, RescueTime is a desktop program. Same goal here, understand how and where you spend your time while browsing web or working on PC. Find out what programs and websites take most of your time (Digg, Wikipedia, Word, Google, Dreamweaver “¦). Cool thing about this app is that it’s completely automated and requires almost no effort on your behalf. The only thing you have to do is assign different programs and sites to certain tags.

Rescue Time

Get Rescuetime here

Do you know of any other good tools for managing your time on the internet? Let us know in the comments!

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