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firefoxFirefox is an incredibly versatile and flexible tool that offers a lot of possibilities for individual customization.

An integral part of browsing the internet is collecting URLs or favorites, better known as bookmarks within the Mozilla browser family.

The integrated Firefox bookmarks however are rarely used to their full potential.

Here is a selection of tools that will help you get quick and easy access to your most important bookmarks.

Bookmarks Toolbar

bookmarksThe Bookmarks Toolbar provides instant access to a small collection of your most favorite and most visited websites. You can even add folders with bookmarks to this toolbar.

However, with just text, the Bookmarks Toolbar is rather bleak. You can easily spruce it up and save a ton of space by installing the Smart Bookmarks Bar extension, which replaces the text with the site’s favicon. Further settings are up to you.



I love the Bookmarks Toolbar, but I notoriously run out of space and have to pool URLs into folders or move them to the main bookmarks section. If that is not an option for you, maybe Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar extension can help. It does what it says and extends the toolbar to multiple rows.


Bookmarks in Tabs

A pretty cool option seen in Google’s Chrome browser is when thumbnails of your favorite pages appear once the browser is loaded as well as in every new tab. There are extensions for Firefox that provide you with similar features

Fast Dial integrates this feature, which was originally introduced by the Opera browser, into Firefox. You can choose whether you launch a tab with your favorite websites manually using [CTRL] + [T] or make it your homepage by defining “about:blank” as such. Per default it will appear in every blank tab.


Mark has reviewed Fast Dial in detail in his post Access Your Websites Quickly With Firefox’s Fast Dial.

Auto Dial is similar but different. Rather than listing your favorite sites, something that you can influence by manually adding pages in Fast Dial, Auto Dial displays only your most frequently visited pages in a blank tab. Furthermore, it does not display thumbnails, which makes room for many more bookmarks.


Bookmarks Tab has a slightly different approach. It displays all of your bookmarks in the center of  every new tab you open. This may serve both as a reminder of all the links you have collected as well has a HUB from where you can dive into the net.


With these extensions you will always have your favorite bookmarks right at your fingertips. Which bookmark tools do you love to make use of?

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