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These days, anyone with a kitchen table, a fast Internet connection, and a dream, can start up their own online empire. But the devil is always in the small details, which can be surprisingly difficult to navigate. What should we call the business? What will the business do?  What about the design? Finding customers? The psychopathic customers?

Today on Cool Websites and Apps, we are going to look at 5 web apps that will cover those areas, and set your mind at ease. Don’t say we never do anything for you.

Hipster Business Name — Figure Out The Name Of Your New Business

First, you have to come up with the pretentious sounding business name that no-one will get. This is where Hipster Business Name comes into play. “What the hell does Straw and Oatmeal do?” people will ask. So they will come visit your site to find out. Or perhaps you prefer Wrist & Bucket? Clover & Flame maybe? Sounds like a fashion design label.

Another one to try out, if Hipster is not doing it for you, is Naminum. You can either enter keywords, or get a random list which you can filter to what you’re looking for. Although these suggestions sound like something that someone would say while paralytically drunk and throwing up everywhere. “MOARII!!!”

iPhone App Generator — Think Up A New Idea For An App

Are you sitting in front of the computer with your expensive iOS Developer account, but unable to think of an idea for an app? Then thank God we found iPhone App Generator for you. Press the “Another!” button and it comes up with app ideas. I can totally see the “Gmail for Squirrels” concept. Subtitle – “it’s totally NUTS!”

Don’t like squirrels? Hit the “Another!” button for another idea. Amazon for getting a good deal on ginger people? Soundcloud for remixing burp sounds?

Sketch To App Store — Generate iOS App Store Images

Once you’ve got your Squirrel Gmail service set up, you’re then going to need iPhone images for your app. So you should turn to Sketch to App Store. Test its claim to generate 45 high quality images “in minutes”.  Just add your screenshots and the text, and you’re all ready to pop. Oh and it also gives you Android Nexus images in case you also have an Android version ready to go to Google Play.

Happy Cyborg — Find & Connect With Possible Customers

This is the one I am most pumped about. Happy Cyborg is a cool service which “uploads your personality to Twitter” and finds people who are talking about the same things as you. You give it the text patterns and your associated replies. It then looks for the right people on Twitter and begins conversations based on your replies. You can then step in and continue the discussion.

The site explains more how it works:

To find people who share your interests, you feed the cyborg a set of phrases and numerical scores to indicate your preferences. The cyborg searches Twitter for people who use the phrases you scored positively and who avoid the phrases you scored negatively. It first searches for tweets that match your interests. When it finds such a tweet, the cyborg reads the profile description of the person, and if both the tweet and the description match your interests, it automatically follows that person.

Now how is this perfect for business? Well it helps you to connect with people who might end up being your customers. Once you have Squirrel Gmail set up, you can then have your cyborg scour Twitter for mentions of squirrels and their email conversations. Happy Cyborg connects with them, starts a “squeak, squeak, squeak” conversation, and then it’s over to you Amigo. Seal that deal. Look upon Happy Cyborg as your salesman going out there into cyberspace and looking for sales leads.

Burner — Protect Your Real Mobile Number

And finally, on your freelance online empire travels, you are going to run into some customers who are….how can we put this charitably….will be a bit nuts (maybe they use Squirrel Gmail?). So in order to protect your personal mobile number, you can use Burner to create unlimited temporary numbers, which now support MMS. If someone is harassing you non-stop about Squirrel Gmail not working fast enough, just drop the number and use another.

Or use the number for dating, and drop the number when the blind date goes horribly wrong. Countless possibilities.

Let us know in the comments if this post inspired you to start up your own online business or if we have just made you bankrupt with the Amazon for ginger people idea. What online tools do you use when starting up your own new business?

  1. Dann Albright
    November 25, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    Oh man. Hipster Business Name is fantastic. Cactus & Hen. Spigot & Cake. Zeppelin & Joy.

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