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youtube most watched videosBefore I sat down to write this piece, my initial inkling was that the most subscribed channels on YouTube would be populated by internet media biggies. Something like a BBC or an eHow. But to my surprise, it’s mostly the individuals who have the gloating rights on the leaderboard (though BBC is at a respectable place).

The second belief that I had to strike off was a highly subscribed channel must have page loads of videos. Two on our list have a collection below 100.  Again there are two orders on YouTube. You can go by the most subscribed channels or you can follow the most viewed ones. Apart from the numbers, it shouldn’t really matter.

So, let’s talk about the most subscribed channels on YouTube with the most watched videos, and see what they are about. They are certainly about individual enterprise and a big idea.


youtube most watched videos

Number of subscribers: 2,837,305
Number of views: 449,959,151
Category: Comedy

Ryan Higa is a Japanese American and the videos are mostly solo efforts and sometimes in collaboration with Sean Fujiyoshi and other friends. The videos are little acts on anything and everything. The About page on his website gives you an idea of the guy behind the videos (He started with videos when he was 14!). The videos veer from the slapstick to popular culture spoofs and movie parodies (Movies in Minutes).


youtube most viewed videos all time

Number of subscribers: 2,233,445
Number of views: 527,480,860
Category: Comedy

If you like to catch up with viral videos, then Ray William Johnson’s video blog could be a worth a dekko. The Number 2 YouTube channel is about twice a week witty look at videos that have gone viral. The shows name is =3 (Equals 3). Ray calls himself a regular guy but he has quite a fan following and in my opinion, his brand of humor is slightly more appealing than that of the first channel we looked at.


youtube most viewed videos all time

Number of subscribers: 2,068,642
Number of views: 413,600,416
Category: Comedy

Shane Dawson & Friends is surprisingly popular for a show that comes on YouTube just once a week. So you have about 140 videos to find out whether the humor tickles you or leaves you flat. The shows are on characters called Ned the Nerd, Deezy, Shanaynay, and Aunt Hilda. Caricatures of popular icons like Paris Hilton are also staple on the channel. Most of the videos are about teen grade (not suitable for any age group below that).

Fred Figglehorn

youtube most viewed videos all time

Number of subscribers: 2,039,457
Number of views: 619,476,918
Category: Entertainment

A six year old with a disturbed home life with a mother on rehab”¦that’s Fred played by American actor Lucas Cruikshank. The character has “˜anger management issues’ and he takes it out on life and other characters in general. The series of videos parody life in general as seen through the eyes of a six year old. The videos do feature some cool music.


youtube most watched videos

Number of subscribers: 1,940,080
Number of views: 481,215,792
Category: Entertainment

The comedy partnership of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla brings you Smosh and 142 videos worth of funny skits and shorts. Usually Ian Hecox acts as the dumber half of the duo. The fanbase is comprised mostly of teens.

The one common thread that runs through the Top 5 shows that humor works like nothing else. We might have different angles to what’s funny, but these five channels manage to cover them to a degree. What’s your take on these five top subscribed YouTube channels?

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