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Normally we like to give you posts that you will find useful. However, this being Friday and perhaps you want to kick back a bit as the weekend approaches. I thought I would dig deep into my bookmarks and come up with 5 posts that are just downright strange or amusing (or both). You may already be in holiday mode, and in the mood for something a bit more light-hearted.

However, a couple of them do contain slightly naughty language. So if you are easily offended, perhaps you should click away instead.

Product Grunt

The website Product Hunt is making quite a name for itself at the moment, and it is a site which I monitor religiously for story ideas, and checking out new startups 4 Sites To Find Interesting New Startups & Betas To Join 4 Sites To Find Interesting New Startups & Betas To Join Through the caverns of the Internet, I've managed to get put on rather quickly to some of today's hottest Internet startups such as ifttt, Instagram, and Startups and betas are as popular as they've... Read More . It is a kind of a Digg or Reddit place where you can submit links to sites you like and startups you have started, and people vote them up if they like them. But how about the Internet’s suckiest sites? Surely they deserve a chance to rise and shine? Enter Product Grunt.

Product Grunt takes the same concept as its big brother Hunt, but instead delves into the murky scummy underworld of the Internet. There it finds shadowy and dodgy characters like AOL and Comcast. Just saying those names out loud sends shudders down my spine.

Assholes On Demand

AOD’s website is a bit on the pale side, so forgive the not-so-great screenshot.  This is a site run by ex-Reddit General Manager Erik Martin, and it is absolutely hilarious. It is pretty much an asshole agency which you can rent (although they are only taking pro bono cases right now for some strange reason — what kind of business model is that?). Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I can be so obnoxious that I am pretty much the company’s CEO!!

Their site description sounds a bit like the spiel for Ghostbusters. I’ll let you judge.

Assholes on Demand helps people get what they rightfully deserve. We’re caring and resourceful assholes who will fight the faceless corporations causing your customer service nightmares. You’re not alone and you aren’t going crazy.

Assholes on Demand currently only accepts Pro Bono cases. We specialize in helping senior citizens, active duty military, and non-English speakers.

If you or a loved one have no where else to turn, contact us maybe we can help. If you’re an asshole, volunteer with us and put your powers to good use.

We’re like the X-Men, but for assholes!

That last line is legendary. I can just see that on a T-shirt, along with a nice snazzy logo.

Ghost Singles

People think that when they die, that existence as they know it ends. The lights go out and it’s good night Vienna. But maybe not? If you are like my colleague Ryan, maybe you believe in ghosts 4 Great Websites to Find Abandoned Places & Old Ghost Towns 4 Great Websites to Find Abandoned Places & Old Ghost Towns Read More ? If that’s the case, ghosts last for all eternity and so it stands to reason that they are going to need help finding a mate to keep them company through those dark winter nights in the crypt. I mean, it’s not as if they can stand unnoticed in a bar, can they?

If humans can have singles websites OkCupid -- How A Dating Website Wants To Fix Your Love Life With Math OkCupid -- How A Dating Website Wants To Fix Your Love Life With Math Online dating won't fix all your romantic problems. But if online dating is where you're at right now, OkCupid is the best service, free or paid, available on the market today. Read More , then ghosts can too. Ghost Singles aims to fill this overwhelming paranormal demand in the market. Just say who you are seeking, what age, and manner of their death (you don’t want to end up with any zombie stalkers at your gravestone front porch). Then wait for the replies to flood in through psychic email. Choose your ideal mate and then go off haunting some desolate mansions for fun.


I hesitated before adding this one. In fact I hesitated a lot. I was going to give you a page of George W.Bush bloopers instead. But then I figured, what the hell? My boss has a sense of humour (I hope).

I’m sure there are some people in the world who you are rather ticked off with, seriously pissed off, or extremely angry (my three levels of aggression). For those who are nudging the higher end of that spectrum, wouldn’t you love to have the satisfaction of sending them a smelly delight? Maybe they might even pick it up wondering what it is and they’ll get it all over their hands, before the penny drops.

Yes, I am a person who believes in revenge. If Karma pays me a visit, I’ll show it the door.


We end with a really weird one. It is a site dedicated to bedbugs! Unless you have a good stomach, I wouldn’t click on “Bed Bug Photos”, otherwise you will see up close and personal what a bed bug looks like. Let’s just say I could have done without the experience! I will be extremely wary getting into bed tonight….

If pictures don’t cut it for you, then try a few videos on their page as well (although they make it clear that they don’t produce these videos — they only embed them). You can also get invaluable information on blitzing those critters to Bed Bug Heaven. It just goes to prove the old adage — there’s a forum on the Internet for everything.

I hope these 5 online offerings amused you. Next week being the holidays, I will perhaps do another amusing roundup of posts. I am also taking requests on the kinds of subjects you would like to see me tackle in this column. What tools would you like me to find for you? Let me know in the comments.

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