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find a job onlineIn times of job shortages and economic crisis it has become very tough to find a new job. Sometimes not even a solid education guarantees an adequate position. Good contacts are one way to yield a great job. However, a little bit of extra courage and creativity will also go a long way to getting noticed.

To be different, remembered, and invited to a job interview takes courage and a bit of luck. An interview then is the chance to convince your future employer personally. This article provides a few ideas about how to get noticed in the first place.

Note that details and traditions may vary depending on geographical location or job industry. Please do your homework and research requirements when you’re searching for a job online.

1. Job Search Pages & Networking

First of all, you will want to find the right employer or make them find you. Traditionally, employees hunt for jobs and hand in their applications. The internet, however, makes it a lot easier for employers to find and contact potential candidates. That’s why social networking can be more than wasting your time.

LinkedIn is one of many dedicated career networks. If you have other social networking profiles running use them as much as you can. Simply get the word out that you’re looking for a job and link to your online résumé (point 3).

Here are some networking resources to find a job online:


find a job online

The truth is, networking takes time, especially if you are just starting. So while the network is developing, you should actively search for jobs online. Here are pointers to get you started:

2. Cover Letter

The cover letter is your written plea to the employer to consider you. Creating a good cover letter may well be the most difficult step. You must craft it carefully to leave a good impression and spark interest.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Formatting

    If you mail your application in paper form or send the cover letter as PDF, make sure you use appropriate page size and letter formatting.

  • Spelling & Grammar

    This is essential throughout your application material. You do not want to leave a negative impression! Use a spell checker and have a friend check for grammar and readability.

  • Length

    Your cover letter shall not be a novel, rather a short story that fits on a single page. Your local standards may also dictate the formatting, i.e. amount of paragraphs.

  • Content

    Try not to use standard formulations. Be fresh and don’t bore the reader with too many details. Take the company’s point of view. Don’t talk about why you want to work there, but review the job description or advert, do an online research of the company, and then think about why you are right for them or why they will want to hire you. These arguments will be your selling point. The same way of thinking should be applied to your CV / Resume.

find jobs online

Let these resources guide you:

3. Personalized Résumé

Many people don’t realize that a résumé is something they have to re-create, update, and personalize for every single job they apply to.

The perfect résumé is unique. Not only because you are unique, but because you took the time to adjust it to the unique job at hand. Just as with your cover letter, you must ask yourself what the employer is looking for, and then compile your work and life experience in a way that demonstrates you are their wo/man.

find jobs online

Here are some resources for inspiration:

Karl has summarized 3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates 3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates 3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates Read More .

4. Online Résumé

To increase your chances of being discovered by a potential employer, put your résumé online. Most sites provide templates for you to fill in. While they do not allow you to personalize your CV for every job, they expose you.

We have reviewed several résumé hosting websites:

5. Creative Résumé

A creative résumé is a solid attention grabber. It could be a résumé in comic format, a brochure, a flash animation, or a presentation. In any case, it’s something that’s definitely out of the average.

Don’t say you cannot do such a résumé in your field. If you’re struggling to find a job, you really have nothing to lose. No, be bold and hand in two résumés. Start with an old-fashioned one, then follow up with a creative résumé and see which one receives a response.

find a job online

Care for some examples?

Once you have scored a job interview, check out John’s article on 5 Sites With Job Interview Tips To Help You Ace Your Interview.

Did you ever land a great job? What was your secret weapon? Or what do you struggle with most when applying for jobs?

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