5 Sites To Find Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Listings

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black friday adsIt is that time of the year again – time to start your holiday shopping. With the economy down in the dumps, expect both great competition from your fellow shoppers as well as some really good deals from stores.

This guide will help you sniff out all of those great Black Friday sale listings that are lurking out there, waiting to be taken advantage of. For the uninitiated, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Thursday in the US, a time traditionally when many major stores have huge sales, open early, and generally feed into the capitalistic frenzy that is the US economy. Cyber Monday is the following Monday, with online retailers trying to get into the action and boost their yearly sales as well.

Below is a list of some of five of my favorite sites for finding steals on both days, and also just in shopping online in a broader sense.


black friday sale listings

This site provides the Black Friday sale listings before the general public will get them – on Wednesday and Thursday, the two days before Black Friday. They get them several ways – usually someone familiar with the process gets a proof of the ads and sends it to the site. Honestly it is not a bad deal for the retailer, their deals get out early and generate some interest for them. We have covered this site in detail last year.

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black friday sale listings

This is a “forum” site where anyone can post deals. You can find some real steals here as they have some smart people doing comparison shopping for you and filtering out the good deals from the not-so-good deals.

One thing I like with FatWallet is they also have some cashback incentives depending on where you shop. This is usually an online-only thing, but you can really save a buck or two if you are willing to wait for the rebate to get back to you. I’ve used this in the past and they were very up front and prompt with regards to how the process worked.


black friday sales

Created by the same folks who brought you BugMeNot, this site allows anyone to post coupon codes to use in shopping carts across the web. For example, if a retailer emails out to past customers a new coupon code to save 10% on their order online – as long as it is not a one-time-use coupon – it can be posted to the site so others can use it as well.

I always check this site if I am ordering from anywhere online. I usually find at least a small percentage off my price. Make it a habit to visit this site and check before you checkout your shopping cart at any retailer.


black friday ads

Although this site also has other shopping deals posted to it, they have created a special “Black Friday” section specifically for Black Friday deals. This is a user-submitted site so you can find some interesting deals on popular items.

Google Product Search

black friday ads

The mother of all search engines also has a product search engine that not too many people know about. Formerly known as “Froogle” the product search engine (available under the “Shopping” tab in all search result pages) has been around for a long time and is a great way to compare product prices across the internet.

Before purchasing an item online or off, I will usually do a quick search to see if the price they want me to pay is reasonable before pulling the trigger. Using this method, I have literally saved myself and my business hundreds of dollars. Just one example, my boss wanted to upgrade our Peachtree version from Peachtree’s website – it was about 1/2 the price at Amazon!). Definately check out this site to do comparison shopping if you are unsure about the reasonable price of an item, and if a “sale” is actually a sale.


Using these sites will definitely help you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and even beyond that in your general shopping habits. If you are a smart shopper you can save a lot of cash, and even lift some of that holiday-time shopping that we all love to hate!

Image Credit: Steve Wampler

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How could you forget slickdeals.net?

Dave Drager

You are right! In my attempt to list websites which focus on black friday deals, I included fatwallet but not slickdeals.net. Another good one is techbargains.com for all year round deals.



what about gottadeal.com? good for black friday and year round savings.



Another way is to keep your eye out for the Black Friday emails. Like most people, I don’t like having my inbox filled with this sort of “junk” but I do want to know about the BF deals. http://bit.ly/bJos8 actually shows the latest emails from thousands of stores and they even have a category for Black Friday. No need to sign up for emails anymore! They’re also giving away 2 new iPhones if you needed another reason to check it out :)






I like your article about the Black Friday Web site BFads.net

I have compared them to some of the other BF sites and I have to say this site, BFads.net is the best site for Black Friday sales hands down!! I like their buyer’s guide section which helps folks like me, who are not super tech freaks, aid in my decision on purchasing products. Thanks again for the great article.

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