5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

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iphonecamera   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhoneApple does not make uploading and sharing videos from iPhone as simple as it does for photos, using Photo Stream, but thanks to several third-party applications, there are simple ways to upload and share your videos without having to make a wired connection to your computer.

Thanks to cloud services like Dropbox, YouTube, and apps like Photo Sync, you can upload selected videos and share links to them in a matter of seconds. It is especially useful to know how to get videos off your iPhone because if you shoot and save a lot of them, they can eat up memory space on your device fairly quickly.

We have already written about apps like Lumify, the iOS version of iMovie, the official Flickr app, and Cloudee, which requires a Facebook account for sharing videos, so this article will highlight a few other quick ways to share and back up videos on your iPhone.

Default iPhone Methods

As far as I can tell, while you can transfer movies purchased on your iPhone to your computer, there’s no way to do so with videos shot with your iPhone camera, at least not using iTunes 11. However, if you tap open a video in your device’s Camera Roll, and then tap the share button on the bottom-left of the video, you can share that video via Mail, Messages, and YouTube.

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video sharing   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

If you have a YouTube account and want to share videos from iPhone, you can post videos publicly or privately, in which only people with the link or specified users can view it.


The app I like to use for wirelessly transferring videos from my iPhone to my Mac is PhotoSync ($1.99). To use this app, you simply need to download the app to your iPhone, and the PhotoSync companion application for your OS X or Windows.

PhotoSync app1   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

To set up video (and photo) transfers, you simply pair the two mobile and desktop apps, tap open PhotoSync, select the videos you want to transfer, and then tap the red sync button for the transfer to begin. With PhotoSync, you can also configure the app to transfer videos to your Dropbox account, to other iOS devices with PhotoSync app installed, and to numerous online video and photo sharing sites like Google+ and Google Drive, Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, and a few others.

YouTube Capture

If you happen to use YouTube to show off your videos, you should know that there’s a special, fairly new YouTube Capture (free) app that allows you to shoot video directly from within the app, and then upload your captures to your selected YouTube account. Tim has written a review of the app here.

youtube capture   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

Dropbox Automatic Camera Upload

Since Apple’s Photo Stream feature doesn’t back up and make available my iPhone videos to other iOS and Mac computers as it does with photos, I depend upon the automatic Dropbox photo and video upload feature for this purpose. To set up this feature, you will need to download the latest version of the iPhone Dropbox (free) app and sign into your account.

Dropbox camera upload   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

Tap the Preferences settings in the app and select Camera Upload. From there, you simply enable the feature. Dropbox will automatically start copying all the photos and videos on your device to a Dropbox folder in your account entitled Camera Upload. It will do this again with new non-uploaded photos and videos each time you open the Dropbox app. The process can actually be done in the background, so you can switch to other apps without interfering with the transfer.

By the way, I also use a file sorting Mac application called Hazel in which I set up a micro that sorts my iPhone Dropbox uploads into separate PNG (screenshot files), JPG, and Video folders, thus saving me from having to manually sort the files.

Google+ Instant Upload

If you’re a Google+ user, the Google+ iPhone (and iPad) app includes an Instant Upload feature for automatically syncing photos and videos to a private album in your Google+ account.

Google instant upload   5+ Simple Ways To Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone

You can select to have videos uploaded only over WiFi or 3G, or over WiFi only. This feature is also for when you select photos from your private album and post them to your Google+ Circles. However, remember that your Google+/Google Drive account only allows for 5GB of free space. If you have a lot of media content on your iPhone, this could eat up your storage space fairly quickly.

Though Apple seems to have overlooked a way to transfer videos from the iPhone to our computer, as we can see there are several third-party developers and services that solve the problem.

Let us know of other ways you upload and share videos from iPhone. Do you think the process could be simpler? How so?

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you can transfer videos from yr iphone to yr mac using the Image Capture app – works like a charm for any kind of camera & is an excellent tool to capture images from yr scanner if u have one!


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Awesome, Chiarut, thanks for letting us know about Image Capture. I’ll take a look at it.


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Very nice

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