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best shopping sitesIs there a special geek in your life? Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to presents The Complete MakeUseOf 2010 Holiday Gift Guide The Complete MakeUseOf 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Read More ? Well hopefully this year you’ll be able to get them something uber cool, provided you know where to look.

The following are the best shopping sites that specialize in the geekiest, funkiest and sometimes stupidest gadgets for boys and girls, old and young. So if you’re shopping for yourself, a loved one just a friend you’re bound to find something that fits.

Fire up your browser and dig out your wallet – it’s time to put it on plastic.

I Want One Of Those

A very fitting name, considering the selection of products on offer. I Want One Of Those (or IWOOT for short) is a UK-based gadget company who have been trading online for over 10 years. On offer is a decent selection of toys and gadgets, as well as home wares, photo gifts and an old-school retro The 4 Retro Gaming Classics & Their Modern Counterparts The 4 Retro Gaming Classics & Their Modern Counterparts Read More section.

best shopping sites


If you’re really stumped, the website’s gift finder (on the left side of the homepage) is bound to help you pick that perfect prezzie 50 Tools & Resources For Christmas Gift Ideas 50 Tools & Resources For Christmas Gift Ideas Read More . The company ships worldwide for a fee of £9.95 (about $15), with reduced delivery rates to mainland Europe.


Certainly one of the more established geek-oriented web stores online, ThinkGeek has had it all sewn up for years. The startling array of weird and wonderful gifts (like this insane breathable chocolate) can be shipped anywhere in the world, though cost (and customs duties) will depend on what you’re buying and where it’s going.

best online shopping gadgets

The company now also offers a reward scheme called Geek Points, which accrue with each purchase. You can then save or spend your points on one of the many rewards available.


Not so much of a shopping website as a deal website 3 Sites To Discover Hot Deals Recommended By Other Users Like You 3 Sites To Discover Hot Deals Recommended By Other Users Like You Read More , Woot! highlights one deal a day and sticks to it. The item on sale will always be in stock and generally ships within 3 business days (but only to the continental United States, sad face).

online shopping sites

Despite the uh… limited selection, Woot! keeps visitors coming back with unmissable deals. Once the item on sale is sold out – it’s gone. You’ll have to wait till midnight (central time) for the next item to take its place on the virtual shelf.


Only open to UK residents (the US branch closed down so they could focus on the other side of the pond) but certainly worth a mention, eBuyer sell a huge range of laptops, desktops, tablets, netbooks 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Netbook 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Netbook Read More , peripherals and components.

online shopping sites gadgets

There’s also a decent selection of lifestyle gadgets including cameras and MP3 players, and not to mention a gaming section with both consoles and games. You can have your order the next day if you order before 11pm, perfect if you do most of your online shopping after dark.


Toys, gadgets, gifts and all things fun are available from this UK and US serving online retailer. The UK site also doubles up as an international store, allowing delivery worldwide (calculated at checkout). You can switch between stores at the top right of the homepage.

online shopping sites

Firebox sells similar products to IWOOT and ThinkGeek, though each store has its own offers, favourites and niches. If you can’t find anything you like then you can always check out everything currently available (steady on, it’s a big page to load).


If you can’t find the perfect gadget then you could always try making it instead. MakerSHED gives you the opportunity to do just that – build something really really cool, from scratch. The robotics section is a stellar example of the fun you could potentially be having with your own carefully crafted creation.

best gadget shopping sites

Children can really get a kick out of this one too, with a whole kids section bursting with fun projects that might actually teach them something. The company ships worldwide, providing you’re in the right country. You’re going to need to sign up for an account and check your country is listed to proceed.


Hopefully the list here of the best shopping sites for cool gadgets is enough to help you find that elusive electronic gift, gadget or activity. If you are ordering internationally then make sure you’re up to speed with the customs and import taxes you may have to pay.

Remember – unlike eBay sellers, retailers will not mark your purchase as a gift in order to avoid these charges. Shop wisely!

Picked up any cool bits of kit recently? Got any favourite gadget websites? Let us know, as usual!

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