5 Ridiculously Useful Tips (Firefox and Windows)

1. HowTo: Setup Quick Searches in Firefox.

Last month I posted about my favorite Gmail feature, well this one is my TOP 1 for Firefox. Probably the most underestimated (and yet VERY USEFUL) Firefox feature ever.

2. Three Awesome Firefox Quick Searches (via JimmyR.com)

3. Quickly Find and Download FREE MP3s from Google (using FF Quick Search) (via JimmyR.com)

for Windows

4. HowTo: Hide Files inside JPG images

5. HowTo: Speedup Windows Star Menu

Quick registry tweak that lets you speed-up Start Menu navigation.

Got a cool tip ? Let us know in comments …

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Would have been better if you’d have listed it in text along with video. Not all people have broadband, you know…


Hey buddy

Sorry for that, next time I post similar videos I will try to add text instructions as well.


mohammed hisamuddin

u know i dont hv broadband, hence cant c it. it wud hv been better if u had text accompanying with d video. sorry no comments since i cant c it.


Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely include comments next time.



good videos but the last 1 wont let me view it … it says its a private video but apart from that thanks mate!!!

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