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blogging tipsThe world of blogging 80+ Tools for Successful Blogging 80+ Tools for Successful Blogging Read More  is an odd place, but at the same time, it’s a beautiful paradise full of free speech 10 Occupy Movement Websites You Have To Check Out 10 Occupy Movement Websites You Have To Check Out Unless you've been living under a rock, then the odds are pretty good that you've heard a little bit about the "Occupy" protests that started in New York City on Wall Street and then spread... Read More and a variety of personal views 3 Easy Methods To Live Blog Events 3 Easy Methods To Live Blog Events Whether you're attending a conference, taking part in an event, or even watching a football match, there are various ways you can share your comments, thoughts, images and much more. While Twitter has become immensely... Read More . Granted, it could also be considered the graffiti of the Internet, but that’s just someone else’s opinion.

It seems like every blog has a theme or a running topic. However, there are a few topics that you might want to reconsider blogging about before setting your heart on them. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t write about them, but hear me out for just a few minutes.


blogging tips

I’m not against relationships (my girlfriend is pretty fresh), but I am typically against writing about relationships. Past, present, future… anything. Why? Well, the Internet is relatively permanent, and things might come back to haunt you.

For instance, say that you write about how amazing Dreamboat McSexy is in 2009. McSexy dumps you in 2010, and then you proceed to write every detail of the break-up including how you sliced his tires and burned down the front porch of his house 8 Ways To Exact Your Revenge On An Ex-Partner Online 8 Ways To Exact Your Revenge On An Ex-Partner Online When it comes to revenge, they say that it’s a dish best served cold. Today, it seems that when it comes to ex-partners and ex-flames, its best served online. Revenge is as old as man... Read More . One, you’ve potentially ended all possibilities for a future relationship. Two, you’ve confessed to destruction of personal property and arson. Good job, kid.

Making Money

what not to blog about


Online writers typically don’t make much money, so my question is why do some folks think that their blogs on how to make money PayPal Launches Facebook App For Sending Money [News] PayPal Launches Facebook App For Sending Money [News] Looking to send money to a friend this holiday season? Now you can easily do it through Facebook, using PayPal’s brand new "Send Money" app. This new app, though created by PayPal, is not a... Read More  are going to fly on the Internet? Granted, I believe that there are writers out there who give fantastic financial advice. However, I do believe that the pickin’s are slim.

It seems as though there are a lot of start-up blogs out there that are chock full of get-rich-quick schemes 2 More Places To Design & Sell Your Own T-Shirts 2 More Places To Design & Sell Your Own T-Shirts Read More . The irony is that when you look at the writer’s past experience… well… there’s not much to say for their financial history. My suggestion? Get out there and make some money before you try to gain ad revenue from your blog about making money.


what not to blog about

My philosophy on writing is this – there isn’t a set way to do it. However, a lot of blogs spend quite a bit of time telling you how to write. Now, I’m not against blogs that cover basic writing structure and the typical do’s and don’t’s. What I am against is the Nazi-fied this-is-how-it-must-be-done way of writing critique.

So when it comes to writing 4 Sites For The Aspiring Author & The First Book He Wants To Publish Or Sell 4 Sites For The Aspiring Author & The First Book He Wants To Publish Or Sell The web has revolutionized book publishing and promotion and made it within reach of anyone with an idea. There are numerous instances where a greenhorn has made a pretty bundle by offering books for the... Read More blogs, here is what I suggest. Don’t be a stickler about everything, and let the creativity flow. Much how everyone has a different voice than you, not everyone writes like you.

Your Life (Revised)

what not to blog about

We all love to embellish our lives a little bit, and for some reason, this often comes out through blogging. I don’t know how many Facebook posts I’ve seen that say, “Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow… and you’ll see what kind of adventures I can get into at Starbucks! [Still] Get Coffee With These 2 Replacements For Jonathan's Card [Still] Get Coffee With These 2 Replacements For Jonathan's Card In my last article about Jonathan's Card, we discussed how you could grab a quick coffee fix for free, but unfortunately, the system was shut down by Starbucks when Sam Odio manipulatively gained money from... Read More

Truth is, around the time this Starbucks post rolls around, the only interesting part of it is the fact that the barista misspelled the writer’s name on his cup and there was no toilet paper in the bathroom – stop the presses. But really, if you’re going to blog about your life, keep it real and don’t resort to making it sound cooler than it is.


blogging tips

I know what you’re thinking – “He’s blogging about what not to blog about, and he says not to blog about blogging. How do we trust this guy?” For the record, I wouldn’t trust me, but right now, that’s not my problem. The ball is in your court.

What I actually mean is that it’s not always a good idea to write a blog about blogs – blogging tips, blogging exercises, blogging everything. This isn’t to say a blog shouldn’t include tips about the trade. However, devoting an entire blog to blogging might be a little monotonous. If you can spice it up, then more power to you.


So now that all is said and done, hopefully you can see my reasoning for a lot of this blogging nonsense. Maybe you’ll change your topics, or maybe you’ll keep them the same. Who really cares?

What other topics should people reconsider blogging about? What should people not blog about at all?

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