5 Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 Will Be A Revolutionary MMORPG [MUO Gaming]

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guild wars 2If you’re into the MMORPG scene at all, then you know that the newest generation of MMORPG is always lauded as the one that will completely revolutionize the genre. Entirely new UI elements. Innovative gameplay elements. No grinds! All fun! And time after time, MMORPG enthusiasts are utterly disappointed when said MMORPGs are finally released.

Ever since World of Warcraft’s debut in 2004, pretty much every succeeding MMORPG has been compared to it. WoW has become the gold standard in the world of MMORPGs, and those MMORPGs that are supposed to be revolutionary are dubbed as “WoW killers.”

But here I am to tell you that Guild Wars 2 will actually live up to the hype. Though the past 8 years have seen the failures of supposed “WoW killers,” here are 5 reasons why Guild Wars 2 truly will change the genre on a fundamental level.

Beautiful and Stylistic

guild wars 2One of the most lackluster features of most modern MMORPGs is second-hand graphics. When you see a screenshot of an MMORPG, 9 times out of 10 it will have no distinguishing style. They all look the same!

Look at a game like World of Warcraft, which is often seen as the king of stylistic graphics (at least in the world of MMOs). WoW’s graphics aren’t top-notch, per se, but they are definitely unique. When you see a screenshot, you know you are looking at WoW.

In the same vein, Guild Wars 2 is not only stylistic but downright beautiful. When you see a GW2 screenshot, you know which game you’re looking at. The concept art is mind-blowing. The art direction is unmatched. Not only is this game supposed to be fun, it’s going to be a joy to look at.

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No Monthly Subscription

guild warsMMORPGs often fall into two main categories. Either you pay a monthly subscription for access to the game, or you play for free with the ability to buy in-game perks. Guild Wars was the first MMORPG to break that model, and it will likely do it again with its successor.

For Guild Wars 2, you’ll only have to buy the game. That’s it. Of course, there may be expansion packs that you can purchase, but if the developers follow the same model as Guild Wars 1 then expansions won’t be mandatory. You get what you pay for and you won’t need to keep shelling out more cash just to keep playing a game that you’ve already bought.

Skill-Based Action Combat

RPGs as a genre have a long history that reaches back to turn-based times. In games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft, combat is mostly just standing there with “auto attack” enabled. Player interaction is limited to casting certain spells every once in a while. Boring!


And then comes Guild Wars 2, which will have active combat. No more standing around and watching your character swing away. You’ll be able to aim your spells and dodge incoming attacks. If you’re out of reach, the attack misses. If you aim your spell incorrectly, then you blast the wall instead of your opponent.

Gone are the days of putting your fate in the hands of dice and random numbers.

Player vs. Player Options

guild warsThere is a lot of hype surrounding Guild Wars 2, and this is the main reason: player-versus-player (PvP) mechanics. As of now, two different forms of PvP have been announced. There’s World PvP and Structured PvP.

World PvP is a special game mode where players from 3 different servers will duke it out in a week-long battle for server-wide rewards. This will be a large-scale PvP event that feels epic in scale with real results.

Structured PvP is a special game mode that pits one team of five against another team of five in a battle for territory control. This is the type of PvP that will be used in competitive tournament settings. In fact, with Structured PvP, the developers of Guild Wars 2 intend for the game to be a central feature in most e-sports events.

No “Holy Trinity” of MMORPGs

guild wars 2What is the “holy trinity” with regard to MMORPGs? The archetypal trifecta of Healer, Tank, and Damage Dealer. Remember how in EverQuest your group needed to be composed of a Cleric, a Warrior, and four DPS classes? Or how in World of Warcraft, your raid groups were restricted by class roles?

Yeah, those days are gone.

In Guild Wars 2, every class can be self-sufficient. Each class can dish out damage, restore their own health, and dabble in utility. What distinguishes class from class, then, is not what they can do but how they go about doing it. This leaves a lot of room for innovative playstyles and fun gameplay.


There are a lot of things to look forward to in Guild Wars 2. I’ve covered 5 of the most exciting features, but there are a lot more to explore–dynamic events, sidekicking, catering to both hardcore and casual players. I know that I’m waiting for the game’s release with heavy anticipation, and hopefully this post has shown you why I’m so thrilled.

Are you interested in Guild Wars 2 enough to play it when it comes out? Why or why not?

Image Credit: Guild Wars 2 Concept Art, Guild Wars 2 Sceenshots

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Comments (35)
  • Tyler

    This no-subscription part seems to be popular. I read so many articles like this, like the one over at http://www.devilsmmo.com/blog/5-reasons-get-excited-guild-wars-2 and the writer calls it a brand new way to play MMO’s.

    I tend to disagree. I am yet to see anything good come out of free to play model. If there won’t be any subscriptions, how will they keep offering the quality service? It sounds too good to be true. It won’t be long before they go aggressive with in-game sales.

    I’d rather play a game like Eve Online and pay a monthly fee but know that it’s going to be the same quality for years and year.

  • SleepingGod

    GW2 will fail you will see and wow will endure

  • Thirio

    The reason this game is gonna be revolutionnary is pvp and wvwvw, which are pretty unique indeed and seem a lot of fun.

    But the no grinding and no class roles essentially means one thing: MMORPG Communism. Let me explain, in communism, everybody is the same and equal and gets exactly the same things. And in GW2, best gear will need limited amount of time at lvl 80 to get and easy 5-man dungeons that don’t need strategy and will be able to be completed leeroy jenkins style, the only hard things will probably get out of boss attacks, which WoW already mastered. Their big pve thing is the storyline quests and they essentially try to do it mass effect style impacting the world, thing is once you get to 80 PVE essentially ends after you get insanely easy-to-get best gear. What will be the essentive to start another class? The only insentive will be to play another storyline or the same storyline with different choices with no real reward at the end since you already have a max-gear character that does everything you want it to if you play well(if you take into account they’ll try to balance classes of course)

    In wow you had an incentive to start another character, different characters could specialize in different roles and you thus could maximise your usefulness to a given guild by having multiple roles to offer.

    In wow you were rewarded to play beyond cap, and in my case it’s where the game really started. You were rewarded with gear, and If you had the best gear people would need you to clear high-end instances.

    What gw2 wants to do is punish real gamers in order to please a majority of unserious casuals to make a pleaseful but unfulfilling PVE experience.

    Why couldnt a game have both great pvp and great pve?

    Before you answer I can tell you that the best time I had with wow was when I was top 10 tank in my server and people was whispering me left and right to tank for them and saying how good of a tank I was. I felt useful.

    Now I don’t think I’ll feel useful in anonymous inter-servers 15 vs 15 matches or 500 vs 500 vs 500 massively you don’t make a difference wvwvw and the non-existent end-game pve

    • Joel Lee

      Stopped reading at “And in GW2, best gear will need limited amount of time at lvl 80 to get and easy 5-man dungeons that don’t need strategy.” Like most people, you’re just making up BS, trying to cram GW2 into the preconceptions that you’ve already brought to the table. Do a little more research, please.

  • David

    every mmo uses the same marketing scheme of being “revolutionary” when really they are all just blanketed with similar gimmicks that get old fast. The “skill-based action combat” is like every other mmo. This game is so much like every other big mmo that it has to state why it’s not like every other MMO.

    If it had the combat of Monster hunter or Elder Scrolls, then it would be both “skill-based” and possibly “revolutionary” in its own way, but no, they use the same tired old everquest/WoW/warhammer etc style of combat and flat-out tell people its not the same thing we’ve all played.

    All this game has is more customization and more warhammer-style gameplay without actually changing the almost brainless click-the-skill-bars-5-million-times combat. It’s too bad Vindictus is run by Nexon, because that game has the most fun combat I’ve ever experienced in an MMO and could really be built on and marketed to hardcore gamers that want an MMO version of Dark Souls. Too bad it costs millions to make an MMO so they have to water down everything, every time.

    • Joel Lee

      Sorry, you are just plain wrong. The GW2 beta has already proven itself to have surpassed the hype.

    • david

      every mmo “surpasses the hype” then falls off after a month or two. Aion/warhammer/age of conan. Rift broke records and it was just a shiny WoW.

      Combat is what you do for 95% of the time in these games, and its a thoughtless, mundane task in every everquest-style mmo i play. It’s all the same combat just with different customizations and people keep buying into it. At least in the FPS genre we get stuff like TF2 and Tribes instead of CoD. In the action RPG genre we get DOTA and Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls freshening things up. But the MMO genre is such an expensive genre that being experimental means no investors. all we get is Nexon games and maybe a few others that actually are changing the combat to something besides the minor-movement=clicking-boxes everquest 1 combat with an artificial dodge thrown in. i dont like these mmos being recycled for over a decade, but its such BS when everyone pretends that its reinventing anything. its just once again throwing its own gimmicks in and pretending its not everquest 81,376, much like Call of Duty 10 does with every yearly release. i dont know how gamers can deal with this shit, once i started moving from mmo to mmo i got NOTHING out of each consecutive game and got sick of the entire genre really fast.

    • Joel Lee

      The games that you list and your mentality is very last decade. It’s painfully obvious to me that you developed this sort of attitude against MMOs back when every MMO was indeed a cookie-cutter WoW-clone. Developers and publishers (though not ALL of them, obviously) are starting to realize that bland gameplay isn’t selling anymore.

      Copycatting is a phenomenon not exclusive to MMOs. You cherrypick specific examples out of the different genres to show that they “at least” have non-traditional games, conveniently ignoring the fact that GW2 is indeed the MMO equivalent of those games.

    • David

      listen im not going to type back to you anymore if youre gonna start getting aggressive, theres no need to get angry. ive had this convo 2 dozen times, all im saying is theres nothing revolutionary or unique about GW2. its still EQ1 combat with some warhammer style thrown in, mixed with ability customization. people will play it for 1-2 months then quit, then everyone will do the same thing to the next mmo, and the next mmo, and the next mmo, and they keep jumping on every hype nonsense train there is.


      same thing happened for rift, it was terrible.


      same thing for swtor on THIS website, it was terrible.

      fine any big hyped mmo that you wouldn’t consider “cherry picked” by me, and you’ll find articles stating why its the next best game, almost trying to trick people that its good.

      why is every mmo given such hype? oh well, it took me about 7 hyped mmos to stop falling for it. ill stick to monster hunter, that game has fun combat. throwing in a different e-mail here, i’ve spent enough time chattering on this page. ive said everything i wanted to say


    • David

      I posted the 2nd half of my comment first. oops! this is 2/2

      if this decade was any better than last decade than i wouldnt be complaining, throwing random insults at me just helps prove me right. i dont have a problem with mmo players im just calling BS on paid reviewers and fanboys throwing words like “revolutionary” around when its the same everquest combat every time. its big business water-it-down try-whats-right that gets investors, not experimental art indie combat.

      Rift and SWTOR were massive hyped games that were just another cookie cutter MMO. I heard tremendous hype about those games and they were nothing new. The same thing is happening with GW2. bland gameplay doesnt sell, thats why every hyped mmo ever tries to cover it up with things like “PVPVE”, “amazing graphics”, “revolutionary combat”, “massive raids”, “unique crafting” etc when the combat is still the same as everquest 1.


    • Yeti

      I saw no anger being displayed. Instead I saw him calmly dealing with a person who believes the game will die like a couple games noone really got hyped about. Did anyone truly get ecstatic over Rift and SWTOR? I certainly didn’t. The fact is that people are getting extremely pumped for GW2 for the fact that many people are huge fans of the original guild wars.

      I.E. So many people getting hyped over Mists of Pandaria when it is going to just be WoW with a couple things thrown in. No graphic enhances and no real changes to the basic button-spam. Yet I guarantee people will be blown overboard in their wait for the expansion.

  • nope

    What people dont get is that everything here has been done in gw1..
    it’s fun for 1~2 monthes then it gets boring

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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