5 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up On Pokemon Games Even As An Adult [MUO Gaming]

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pokemon gamesWelcome to another installment of MakeUseOf Gaming, where we take a look at an interesting topic in the video game world for you to make use of. This week I will be talking about Pokemon, and why the Pokemon games are not just child’s play.

People tend to think of Pokemon as being just for kids, but as I have mentioned in a previous article about Pokemon websites, I respectfully disagree. I started playing Pokemon when the first handheld games came out for the original GameBoy. I remember it being one of the very first video games that I sunk hundreds of hours into, and I remember loving every second of it.

Flash forward to today, and I am 24 years old. Pokemon Black and White have come to market recently, and while the changes to the games have been incremental, I still find myself with over 100 hours in play time in the new ones. There is not a single other video game franchise that I have come back to as much as Pokemon.

The Difficulty Of The Game

pokemon gamesPokemon has always been able to strike the perfect balance to be easy enough for a child to play, and yet deep and challenging enough for an adult such as myself to enjoy. Right from the introduction of the game, it is geared to teach you how to play, while actually letting you play at the same time.

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The very early stages of the games consist of easy battles designed to get you used to the way the game plays, but as the game progresses the battles start to get more and more challenging. Kids can have fun running around the world and collecting Pokemon and even if the very end of the game is too challenging for them it does not matter, because they will be having so much fun playing either way.

The Hidden Depth

play pokemon games

There is a dirty secret underground world to Pokemon that most players will never even bother to explore. This is the competitive Pokemon scene. In this world the game is not as simple as collecting Pokemon and fighting your way to the elite four. They are worried about what kind of battles their Pokemon participate in so they can properly level them up a certain way through EVs. When I was a little kid I had no idea that any of this existed, and that is the beauty of the system; you do not need to explore any of this to have fun, but if you are looking for a deeper experience, then the option is there.


play pokemon games

Pokemon games are long. It is easy to invest well over 100 hours in a Pokemon game, and considering they cost half as much as a new game for Xbox 360 or PS3, this is a great value proposition. This is of course if you buy the newest Pokemon game. If you play the older ones you can easily emulate them for free, or buy a used copy for next to nothing. Any game that you can get many hours of enjoyment out of for extremely cheap is right up my alley, and Pokemon fits the bill perfectly.


pokemon games

Who doesn’t love being able to take something they enjoy with them everywhere they go? Well since every major Pokemon release has been on a portable Nintendo platform, that is not an issue. Pokemon is perfectly made for a portable system because it is the kind of game you can pick up and play for short bursts, or sit and play for hours on end. Either way, you will feel satisfied with your experience.

Just Downright Fun

All of these others reasons are great, but the most important reason is that Pokemon is just a fun game. I don’t care if you are 12 or 60, Pokemon has something fun in it for you. You like exploring? Check. You like interesting stories? Has that too. How about collecting? No worries. Oh you like fighting? Well that’s in there too. Pretty much every important thing that makes a game fun is in Pokemon.


If you haven’t played a Pokemon game since you were a child, I recommend swallowing your pride and going back and playing one again. I can promise you that you will enjoy it. Even if you just put a couple of hours into one of the games for nostalgia’s sake, you will not regret it.

Do you still play Pokemon games? Are you a Pokemon hater who thinks it is just for kids? Let us know in the comments.

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Chase Vandiver

Great post! +1



Nice pix bro! Lol awesome post though!



I’ll have you know, I am not a Pokemon hater. I do, however, think it is too simple. For me, beating the elite four means choosing the fire pokemon from the start, and using only it once you have passed the lv. 30 stage. At this point the game plays itself and if you are losing, you have a handy supply of revives. I think repetitively pressing a is no real way to enjoy a game, and I find myself mashing this button repetitively while enjoying other things like eating. Funny thing is, with this strategy, I always win.

I think Pokemon should be more customizeable, and should incorporate some things from sims as well as from megaman.
You should have to care for your pokemons health, and in a battle you should move around in a third person view, controlling the pokemon.
On top of this, the world should be a bit more harsh.


The pokemon are already extremely customizable to the point that many people including myself have not and will never be able to use every customized option of the games. 

Austin Appleton

If you think it’s to easy you should try the competitive scene, or at least try some online battles on the newer DS titles, I’m sure you will have your ass handed to you.



I love Pokemon ^_^

great post


Jack Cola

When I was a kid, I was a pokemon guru. Had the cards, watched the show and new every single pokemon (could almost name them all in order).

Crystal Version was the last version I had. My Pokedex had all 151 pokemon, but once you caught them all, what happens? I never actually found out how to “complete the game”.

Then about a year passed when then new Pokemon episodes came on TV and GameBoy advance came out. Since then, I never played it as I didn’t have a GameBoy advance.

But it was a great game, and I wouldn’t mind playing it again, but I just don’t have the time. I haven’t played computer games for about 3 years.



I’ve been trying to get back into it. I just stumbled across my GameBoy Color and a few of my games. My Pokemon games do not save anymore so I have been using my Mega Memory card but if I am not fast enough to “Backup” within about 15 seconds of turning the game I lose everything! I am going to attempt replacing the batteries and re-soldering the connectors. I should probably pick up a DS too so I can play at night ;)






I was really into Pokemon when I was a child(like age 9 or ten) and it was the new thing. ¬† ¬† Then I took a long leave from the scene and just discovered it in the last two years or so. ¬†I actually still have all my games and toys and cards. ¬†I can’t wait to finish Pokemon Yellow, which I was unable to do as a kid. ¬†It is so fun to be able to win something that as a child I wanted so much but was too hard for me.



I will proudly say that I’ve been playing pokemon since I was nine and will continue to play. I am now twenty years old and I did buy white as soon as possible and I was excited for it. My friends even call me pikachu. I love pokemon and probably always will.¬†


James Bruce

It’s so weird that crappy Japanese exports that pass as cool in the western world (pokemon, seriously?) would get you laughed at by any normal Japanese person.¬†

I’m not hating on you or the game here – you should do as you love to do man and it’s good you enjoy it…¬†These arguments are a bit weak though, I think. I could replace Pokemon with DragonBall, Monster Hunter, or any other lame Japanese quasi-RPG and it would make exactly the same weak point.¬†

Dave LeClair

Actually Pokemon sells more units in Japan than it does in North America. It is one of the most popular video games series in Japan. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/01/12/pokemon-black-and-white-reach-five-million-sales-in-japan/

James Bruce

Yes, because there are millions of otaku who buy it and the population of japan is greater. I’m not saying it isn’t popular at all, but the people who buy these kinds are games are considered the lowest of low in the society.¬†


The population of Japan is less than half that of North America.

Sheena Mensinger

The Japanese *love* Monster Hunter. Have you even looked at the sales any MH merchandise gets in Japan? Even the side-game featuring the cats sold like stink on a skunk. I’m not sure where you would get ‘lame’ from regarding the Monster Hunter games, they’re simply the best in their genre.

James Bruce

The Japanese *otaku* love MH.  

Saying it’s lame is not related to sales, by the way. There are some exceedinly lame things that sell like hotcakes in Japan. Notice how the worlds most popular console – the Xbox360 – absolutely fails in Japan. This is partially due to a deep-seated xenophobia – they simply won’t buy it because it’s American. That’s not the only reason of course – there’s no hentai for it either, another damning factor.¬†

The point is, Japan is on a whole different level of gaming to the rest of the world, and the market of gamers there is completely different. 

If you honestly compare any Japanese gaming titles (RPGs, specifically) with genre leaders here Рthe Japanese equivalents are a joke. 

Monster Hunter kind of defines it’s own genre though, along with Pokemon, so in that respect it is indeed the leader of *that genre* as you say.¬†

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy what you enjoy – but I do think that if Dave wants to write articles extolling the virtues of some game or another he needs to be prepared for frank criticism.¬†

Anyway, you just proved my point. The text in this article could have been replaced with the words “Monster Hunter” and said exactly the same thing.¬†

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