5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

apple logo with bars   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]If you’re looking at buying a smartphone, you’re probably going to buy an Android device or an iPhone (sorry, Microsoft). What’s the difference, and which should you choose? We recently gave the pro-iPhone side of the story, and now in the interests of balance, it’s time for to put forward the case for Android.

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS aren’t just competing operating systems with different software; they’re radically different platforms. Apple provides a locked-down, restricted environment, while Android provides freedom, flexibility and choice. I bet some of you are already itching to comment on this one – remember to share your perspective in the comments.

You Can Run Any App You Want

Apple exercises ironfisted control over what you can do with your own phone – iOS is a walled garden. Exercising control over the app store is one thing, but it’s more pernicious than that. Apple prevents your phone – or rather, their phone – from running anything that doesn’t appear in the app store.

android allow unknown apps   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

Here’s an example of why this is bad. Apple originally banned Google Voice from the app store. Apple didn’t allow Google Voice apps on the iPhone because they “duplicate features that come with the iPhone“. Gee, it’s a good thing Microsoft didn’t think of that – if they had, you wouldn’t be able to run iTunes on your Windows PC because it competes with Windows Media Player. The US government stepped in, and now you can run Google Voice on your iPhone.

Firefox, Opera and other browsers compete with the default browser (Firefox for iPhone is just a shell on top of Safari). App stores like Amazon and GetJar compete with the Market by offering paid apps for free.

android browser choice   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

You Can Customize Your Phone

Although Google Voice is on the iPhone, it can’t be as deeply integrated with your phone. On Android, Google Voice can hook into the built-in dialer, so all calls will go through Google Voice. Android allows apps to replace and modify parts of the OS that are untouchable on an iPhone.

Custom keyboards for Android can provide new input methods (and themes, if that’s your thing). Swype and other keyboards allow you to slide your finger over the letters you want to type instead of hunting and pecking. It sounds a bit odd at first, but it’s very intuitive (and fast!) once you try it.

swype for android   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

Android also allows custom home screens. People complain about the launchers that come with Android phones, but you can replace them if you don’t want them – just install one of the many third-party launchers from the Market. Home screens, even the built-in ones, also support widgets, so you can see rich information without opening an app.

custom android launcher and widgets   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

Or, how about Tasker? It digs deep into the innards of your phone in a way that no iPhone app could and lets you create all sorts of automatic tasks. Tasker can automatically turn off the Wi-Fi at night, mute your phone when you’re in a specific location, and more.

You Have More Hardware Choice

Henry Ford once said that a customer could have any color of car they wanted – as long as it was black. Apple takes the same approach to hardware choice.

Do you think the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen is too small? Android’s screen size is negotiable – some phones have massive, 4.65-inch screens, while some have tiny, 2.8-inch screens.

android phone sizes   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

Looking for a cheap smartphone? You’ll find cheaper Android smartphones at the low end. Older iPhones may be available for $0 with a contract in some places, but you won’t find cheap iPhones that come without a contract.

Do you want 4G speeds? You’ll need an Android phone. There are also Android phones with physical keyboards, phones with 3D displays, phones designed for gaming and phones with a stylus.

You Can Escape Apple’s Censorship

When you buy an iPhone, you’re allowing Apple to censor content on your phone. Apple recently banned “Phone Story”, a satirical game that criticized labor practices at all smartphone manufacturing factories. They said it depicted “violence or abuse of children” which is kind of the point. A similar game would not have been banned from the Android Market. Even if it was, you could download and install it straight from the developer.

In the past, Apple has also banned a Pulitzer Prize-winning satirist’s app from the app store. Apple explained that they don’t allow “content that ridicules public figures” on your phone. Bad press forced them to back down in this case, but people who haven’t won Pulitzer Prizes would likely be out of luck.

apple app store rejection   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

You Can Use Custom ROMs

I hear you iPhone fans out there – you’re saying that this doesn’t matter because you can jailbreak your iPhone. But Apple works hard to ensure jailbreaks are reversed when you update your iPhone’s OS, and they fought to make jailbreaking illegal in the US. Not just against the terms of service, but illegal. As in an actual crime.

The Android equivalent of jailbreaking is called “rooting” and you can also install customized operating systems on your device (known as custom ROMs). Android manufacturers don’t go out of their way to make this extra difficult – some even help you do it.

cyanogenmod on phone   5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone [Opinion]

Android is open-source, so the modding community has a lot more freedom and flexibility when it comes to tweaking it for your device. It’s your phone, and you can do whatever you want with it.


There are other advantages to Android. Google Navigation is amazing. iTunes isn’t necessary for Android. Google Wallet promises to, one day, make the wallet obsolete.

There’s no denying that Android has problems and that Apple’s ironfisted control can make some things more convenient for iPhone users. But I’d rather have the choice, freedom and flexibility that comes with Android.

I’m sure many of you already have an iPhone or an Android phone – why did you choose your favorite device? Did I miss your favorite Android feature? Let me know in the comments!

Image Credit: Alan Levine, Mike Babcock, Johan Larsson

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All can be achived by a simpel jailbreak on the Iphone, pointless post.


Fan boy.

Dl Betty

I’m not a boy ed mann? and we have android phones, Windows PC’s and Macs so what would you like to call me now?

The Mute

Buy a phone that is locked down… jailbreak it and risk bricking it and instantly voiding warranty
Fanboy logic

just buy a phone that is unlocked as in android

Chris Hoffman

Hah, very true! The loss of warranty is a huge issue.


yea and breaking the law too – that’s why it’s called jailbreak, otherwise you’d have to pay for it.

Chris Hoffman

It’s not actually illegal these days. But Apple doesn’t like it.


You didnt read the entire article…. Re-read

Le Vinhcent

Awesome let me jailbreak my iphone then I’ll have a 4.5 inch screen and 4g!!

Chris Hoffman

I hear jailbreaking also gives you a physical keyboard.


I hear jailbreaking II also gives you a live Marilyn Monroe 3D android plus all the baloney sandwiches you can eat. (mustard extra on some models)

Dl Betty

No it doesn’t, the 4.5 inch phone I had started on fire in my pocket and I am on oxygen, the flames caught to my tube andI am lucky I am not dead so I am the one that got an Iphone as a trade in from AT&T and I LOVE IT,  we also have Android, Windows Motorola and Mac computers and PC’s in the house, that is why I HATE these articles, knock someone for a DEVICE??? Oh come on now, Peace to all.

Chris Hoffman

The point isn’t to knock anyone personally! Choose whatever device you prefer. MUO is quite neutral — we’ve had articles like this favoring iPhone and Windows Phone recently, too.


Read the last point. Jailbreaking relies on security exploits, so if it is possible to jailbreak your iOS device, it is insecure. Rooting doesn’t rely on security exploits (at least, I don’t think so), so manufacturers don’t try to make it difficult for you.

P.S. I am an Apple fan(boy?), so this isn’t a biased comment.


Some Android OEMs don’t like Rooting. LG is one of them. HTC was one offender until recently.


“Some…” Stop right there! Now think!

Chris Hoffman

It’s true. Android’s openness and flexibility means that OEMs can lock it down. This sucks — don’t buy from those OEMs.

Android is not perfect. But neither is iOS.


That’s why I bought a Galaxy S2. Samsung does a fairly good job of keeping things open. But ny next phone could be a Sony. Nowadays Sony is very open, first to upgrade and completely open sources their code.

Chris Hoffman

Samsung’s been decent. If you really want to be first to upgrade, though — get one of Google’s Nexus devices.


Yes I know but getting a Nexus where I live is almost impossible. The Galaxy Nexus is not available here yet. But I got a GS2. Nothing gets close to this awesome device (except the Galaxy Nexus which is supposedly better).

I use custom ROMs which are a better way of getting updates. Samsung totally sucks at updates.


HTC actually will walk you through the steps of rooting your phone. Let me see Apple walk you through jailbreaking an iPhone. HAHAHA

Chris Hoffman

Very true. There are nasty OEMs that disable the ability to install third-party software — but, on the flip side, there are OEMs that hold your hand and help you root.


Hey Aawdawaw, did you read and know that jailbreaking was deemed illegal by Apple while for Android you are free to do whatever you want to your phone.

Chris Hoffman

Jailbreaking is NOT illegal. Apple tried to make it illegal, but it isn’t.

Chris Hoffman

Most users won’t jailbreak, though. And when you do, it’s a pain because Apple’s trying to reverse it on you.

And not as many people are going to develop, say, alternate keyboards and apps that only work on jailbroken iPhones. It’s a smaller market.


There has been over a million A5 devices jailbroken since saturday, that’s quite a lot for just the 4s and ipad2, I’d gues that more people jailbreak their idevices than root their android devices

Chris Hoffman

Perhaps. But you don’t need to root an Android to take advantage of a lot of things you need to jailbreak an iPhone to do (the gap is shrinking, though!)


and vice versa :P  although my point is that there is a huge market for jailbreak only apps on the iphone, whereas only technical minded android user will root their phones.

Android is massively popular but, here in the uk at least, the majority of people that have android have it because the phone comes free with their upgrade on their contract, they have no idea what rooting or a custom rom is.

The same goes for a lot of iphone users with jailbreaking too obviously, but from the fanboy wars online you’d think everybody who single person from child to grandma who owns an android or iphone knows every single line of code in the operating systems :P

Chris Hoffman

Very true. Not everyone wants to root or use a custom ROM — but I was trying to list Android’s advantages and I definitely could not leave those off the list. Android fans would’ve been annoyed!

As I said to another commenter here: if you shrug at all the points in the article, then sure, maybe Android isn’t for you.

In spite of Apple’s lockdown, which I find really obnoxious, they’re still both just operating systems. The holy wars are a bit much — Android vs iPhone feels like the new Windows vs Mac or Windows vs. Linux. There isn’t an OS that’s right for everyone.

Dl Betty

It’s more the carriers, and the developers being ripped off, I think,  because you can tether your phone, put in any app Android or IOS on your phone so you have all possibilities here, it is not illegal, that was fought and decided in a court of law. You can’t root the Kindle anymore my daughter told me, ( it’s her’s so that is her word) I’ve heard others say they can’t do it anymore also, so I can’t say anything about that as I am not the one with the android phone’s in the house but I do use them for calling! Wiith Google developing it’s own tablet, not the Nexus being talked, about I can’t wait to see what they come up with and the Ipad 3, We have about any type of device you can think of in this house as far as phone’s, tablets, computers, I should make that distinction lol

Chris Hoffman

It will definitely be great to see Google’s official Nexus tablet. I’m looking forward to that!

Varun Nagwekar

First get your spellings right. 
Second, it’s iPhone, not Iphone. 
And third, you are totally wrong. 

Dl Betty

Yes and without the Malware and viruses…… even without jailbreaking I did not find it restrictive as to what I wanted in apps, software or in useage plus Siri was an addes bonus 


 fan boy.

Dan Wroblewski

In concept, Android has a lot of advantages over iPhone… in implementation, it’s not even close. I’ve owned both, and iPhone’s UI is so much more intuitive, smoother and easier to use than Android. Yes, you can customize Android endlessly, but as much as you try, you will not be able to customize it to work as well as the iOS interface.


Intuitive, smoothness and easier to use…I think you haven’t tried high-end android phones..Try Samsung Galaxy SII and you will regret you didn’t get this awesome device earlier.

Chris Hoffman

Agreed. Sure, if you compare the iPhone to an early-generation or sub-$100 Android device, the Android is going to get creamed. Compare the iPhone to one of the high-end Android phones — honestly, I think “interface lag” is overblown these days.


Try Samsung Galaxy Note. You will forget iPhone.

Chris Hoffman

I’ve heard good things about it — but it’s quite big, at over 5 inches!

Some people won’t want that and some people will love it — choice, the beauty of Android.


Sounds like someone has never used Ice Cream Sandwich.  I would agree that the earlier incarnations of Android were not as user friendly, but that’s simply not the case nowadays.  Having had Froyo on my old device (Motorola Cliq), I can say that ICS running on my Galaxy Nexus is almost an entirely different experience.  Also, have you noticed that Apple has “borrowed” some ideas from Android recently, like the notification bar?

Chris Hoffman

Very true — ICS is a big step up. And every OS borrows from each other.


Well, for me: I rather learn trial by error or loss than being forced into something. Thats why Apple was never something I could live with. Since being on Android I learned so much, met so many nice, great people (ok, in the beginning some not so nice, too) – had a stunt with the Iphone which was trial by error in perfection – never again ! I dont want to be told by anyone what I have to do or cant do. Thats why i never, ever used anything from Apple so far. If i look at all those lawsuits – thats some company desperately trying to do anything to avoid loss… If I look at Foxcon(n?) – well, its for you to decide. I didnt like steve jobs and will never like him – sad to see he passed recently, though. but – and thats only my thinking: i hope apple gets his ass bashed in international courts and concentrates on the only important thing: innovation. all these lawsuits will only hinder you at some point whilst being passed by someone else. For me me they can sue as much as they want, its Apples own death. 

Chris Hoffman

I agree completely, Howlbeck. I kind of regret that I didn’t get into the lawsuits in the article.

Apple’s patent lawsuits are shocking — please everyone, let’s compete on the market with quality products instead of in the court rooms.

If only all the money spent on lawyers was going to research and development.


Android apps rarely are of the same quality of iPhone apps. Jailbreaking isn’t illegal, though it will void your warranty. Apple needs to loosen its grip on its devices. Both have negatives and positives. In the end, I prefer my iPhone over an Android phone. 

Also, this article is the end of my reading makeuseof.com I’m tired of the slantest, incorrect postings that have become all too regular here. Ciao!


I’m an Android user, i do agree the app quality isn’t the same.
Partially due to a design standard as well, and Google only just released the design guidelines (not API)

Another thing is that being able to install any App is both a good and bad thing.
1. Unapproved apps/malware
2. Developers doing extra to fight piracy.

Chris Hoffman

Hey Geoff, I’m sorry you feel that way. We recently had a pro-iPhone post that slammed Android, and I’m sure a lot of Android users felt the same way when I read that.

I’m just putting forward an argument for Android here. We have a lot of readers that like iPhone and a lot that like Android (honestly, I think most MakeUseOf writers prefer iPhone to Android.)

Soon, we’ll probably have an article about why Windows Phone is the best. It’s all about a variety of perspectives.

I don’t think this was “incorrect” so much as a different perspective. I agreed that both platforms have positives and negatives — honestly, if Apple threw in a “Allow Installation of Apps From Anywhere” check box like Android had, most of my problems with iOS would be solved.


 Oh, how I adore these sweeping generalisations: ‘Android apps rarely are of the same quality of iPhone apps’. What utter and comnplete rubbish. And what an insult to the collective intelligence of Android users. I have numerous apps on my Android and THEY WORK. Why else would I give them house room? How the hell do you KNOW which app is “as good” or even better than an iPhone app? Have you bought an iPhone and an Android phone, loaded them with apps and tested each side by side?

Nah. Thought not.

Seriously, it’s this kind of worshipful Apple fanboi nonsense that actually drives so many into the welcoming arms of Android.

As for the article, it’s a useful read for any prospective smartphone or tablet owner because setting aside any technological considerations, it actually speaks to the culture of the two systems: Apple, domineering, restrictive, and a corporate ethos that wants to make every Apple customer an Apple employee (“no-ooo you can’t do this, you’re not allowed to do that, you mustn’t say the other”) and Android, where just about anything goes.

No wonder the world’s largest online tech publication, The Register, has long called Apple “The Walled Garden”. Because that’s exactly what it is. Apple sets the boundaries and locks the exit gate. Once you’re in, you’re in. And tough luck if you ever want to get out. Or even change your view of what’s in there.

As to your personal decision not to read any more makeuseof articles, well, many thanks for that. It means the rest of us will be spared further pompous rubbish of the kind you’ve posted on here. After all, if we want an absurdly inaccurate and biased communication on behalf of Apple Inc, we can read its corporate News Releases.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for the comment, Scott. I wanted to get more into the core differences instead of writing an article that goes “well, Android has widgets, but iPhone has Siri.” There are lots of bullet-point feature comparisons out there.

Of course, we obviously don’t want to alienate any readers. No point in having this thread further devolve into more of a flame war.

Ben Lang

Android all the way.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for your solidarity!


Google Music is also a great feature that I’ve started using. And for those that say that iOS is so much smoother, just wait until Android 4.0 (ICS). I have it with my Galaxy Nexus, and it is extremely smooth and crisp. 

Chris Hoffman

Yeah, I hear Google Music is awesome. US-only though, sadly!

I believe you can get it from the Market if you don’t have Android 4.0.

Xavier Burgess

I have to say you make some excellent points. I’ve had both an iPhone and Android, and all fanboyism aside, I absolutely love my Android. I’ve always considered Android to be the geek’s answer for windows/linux for mobile devices (not counting the actual Win7 phones), in the sense that it allows you the same openness, flexibility and functionality that you would expect from your favorite flavor of linux, with that same all-around polished feel of the Windows 7. But being the Android fanboy that I am now doesn’t mean that I would recommend an Android to everyone.

For example, my mom can’t use a computer to save her life. And it just so happens she wants a shiny new phone and is asking me what kind she should get. Taking into account the fact that iPhones are pretty much the most straightforward phones to use, and also the fact that they look pretty and polished and won’t break if she unintentionally tries do to a firmware upgrade or something. I would immediately recommend one to her. But If I was having a chat with a more computer-literate relative who likes to tinker around with their devices (much more than just changing wallpapers, for example), I would recommend an Android with no hesitation.

Chris Hoffman

“the geek’s answer” — very good point. I’m a tech geek and I’ve used Linux quite a bit. So I appreciate these sorts of things. 

Not everyone will appreciate these sorts of things. By all means, if you’ve read through this article and think “I don’t care,” then go for the iPhone.

My immediate family love their iPod Touches and iPhones; I don’t try to push Android on them.


Apple are for noobs who will follow whatever Apple guys told them to do on “apple’s” phone, while Android are for smart phone users who have skill, knowledge and guts to do whatever they want to “their” phone. 

The clear difference is you buy an Apple phone but you don’t own it fully, buy an Android phone and it’s totally yours.


More regurgitated nonsense. Enjoy your life under the bridge.

Chris Hoffman

I don’t know if I’d go this far! Apple users just have different values and preferences.

I may prefer Android, but can’t we all get along?

Bruce Bookman

this article seems very google centric.  half of the points say “you can use Google Blah on android and not (well) on iphone.  Okay, great.  And??? also, the vast majority of phone users either don’t want to mod the phone nor have the skill set to do so.  same is true with running alternative OS or rooting or jailbreaking.  my grandma doesn’t want to do that.  neither does my wife, the wife of my friend, the tween across the street.. etc..

hence most of these points relate to very few.  those very few may find the points highly worthwhile.  

and, so far, i have found the android market full of half baked applications that don’t work well.  And that is the vetted Amazon market (I have a kindle fire).  quality control and control of hardware has some plusses

Xavier Burgess

Considering the fact that Android is GOOGLE’s Operating System, you should’ve expected to hear of that.

Chris Hoffman

It’s true. When you read about Windows Phone, you read about how well it works with Microsoft Office, etc.

Chris Hoffman

Still, it’s a pro for Android that you can do these things.

Articles on the iPhone are also very Apple-centric: Sure, you can use iTunes, Facetime, etc — Okay, great. And??

Android app quality isn’t as across-the-board good as Apple’s, but it’s improving. There are a lot of high-quality apps in the Market.


I dropped my  Huawei android (In my pocket as I bent down)..it must of landed on its power end, and destroyed it, which means I no longer can use it..it must have pushed in the connector to the point that cannot be powered on or charged again. Supplier wont fix now as it was my fault (still under warranty)..my point is, that I know Iphones could probably be wrecked by dropping phone..  My daughter has one and her baby constantly drops it which still functions..BUT is it only this particular Huawei that seemed flimsy at best?? I’m normally careful with my stuff, and was p*** off when I wasted a couple of hundred bucks..so am thinking of an Iphone..because it maybe a better put together phone.

Chris Hoffman

Well, if it was a couple hundred bucks, it was probably a cheaper phone. You do get what you pay for — anyone can make an Android phone using terrible hardware, but Apple exercises a lot of control over their platform.

I will give Apple props for their excellent support and warranty service. It’s the same with computers — other manufacturers really need to catch up.


Insert “Title” append [Opinion], sigh…

Chris Hoffman

Hey Andy, I assume you don’t like the opinion articles. We find readers really engage with them — feel free to ignore them if you like, we’re still publishing mostly non-opinion articles.


We can all agree that they are both better than Blackberry ;)

Chris Hoffman

We certainly can!


I guess the post I spent an hour writing gets thrown away. Thanks MakeUseOf.

Chris Hoffman

Hey fumduq, some posts (especially if they contain URLs) have to be manually approved. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as it wasn’t spam; it should be approved by someone (I’d do it, but I don’t have the power).

Ryan Dube

Can’t beat the freedom and flexibility of Android – I love it. All excellent points, and a well written article Chris. Well done.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks, Ryan! For those who want that sort of thing, it can’t be beat.

Halim Ngah

Both have pros & cons, good & bad, positives & negatives. I use both…

Chris Hoffman

Probably the most reasonable reply yet. Thanks!

Xavier Burgess

Same. Like I said, I absolutely love my Android. And even though it’s pretty much my all-in-one device now, I just can’t find myself to part with my shiny iPod Touch either.

Chris Hoffman

True enough. The Android ecosystem has really dragged its heels on getting a proper iPod Touch competitor out — I think the Samsung Galaxy Player is the first product that even qualifies.

Chris Hoffman

Nice interface. Almost Windows Phone-esque, with the text.


It was inspired by WP7. I love simplicity, and cleanness so I can appreciate my wallpaper.

Chris Hoffman

WP7 has definitely brought some new ideas, which is awesome. Android 4.0’s new obsession with “magazine-style” layouts feels inspired by WP7, to me.


thanks for the input and potential article idea. We’ll try to do an article on it in the near future.

Varun Nagwekar

This article is a bitter pill for any iPhone fan to swallow. I think all the points stated above are valid. Nice article Chris. Cheers!

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for the feedback!

Chris Hoffman

Thanks! iPhone fans should take it as constructive criticism — there are a lot of things Apple could do to improve iOS and make it attractive to people that are turned off by it.


Great article.  I recently switched carriers to Sprint and decided to go with a Samsung Galaxy S ll Epic 4G Touch (what a mouthful).

I really have no horse in this race, but I avoided the iPhones precisely because of the limitations the people at Apple are so keen on upholding.  That, and their incessant lawsuits over incredibly minute issues.  I’d rather not support that.

I’m quite impressed by the Android OS (though maybe that’s because I upgraded from an LG Incite and its Windows Mobile 6.1) and all of the customization and functionality — and that’s not including the things you can download for it!

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds over the next few years.  Hopefully with a strive for innovation and as little lawsuits as possible.

Chris Hoffman

Anything’s an improvement over Windows Mobile; that’s for sure.

Xavier Burgess

I find it kinda sad that it’s hard to consider Windows mobile as the go-to OS for a mobile Windows-like experience, if that makes any sense.

Chris Hoffman

But it is — they jammed a tiny little start menu into it and everything.

But yeah, I definitely get what you’re saying.

Chris Hoffman

Definitely some interesting ideas.

To be fair, our previous article about why iPhone was better really riled up the Android users. Individual writers might prefer one platform over another, but MakeUseOf itself doesn’t prefer any platform.


1. I use Google maps heavily for navigation and on iPhone, one can’t see custom created maps :(

2. I use my bandwidth to download something and hell, i can’t use iPhone to share things across my own devices or with friends.

3. Bluetooth? why was it created? iPhone wants to change definition – can’t share via Bluetooth even the content which is created by me.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for sharing your experiences! Android definitely seems more flexible.


basically iphone is for riches and its got performance , matched by only high end phones like s2 ….. so obviously ppl wud b jealous nd same is the reason for this post !!! 

Chris Hoffman

Sorry, I don’t get what you’re trying to say — are you saying Android users are jealous because we’re not rich?


Excellent article!

And not only do you have the choice of hardware, the specs of Android devices are often much, much better. And this is a fact and not a matter of taste.

Example: iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
The Android tablet has twice the RAM, offers a slightly bigger screen, higher screen resolution, yet it’s thinner and lighter, it has two speakers, i.e. stereo sound, the front and back camera offer considerably higher resolutions, it contains a GPS, and with an adapter you can read USB flash drives and SD cards.

And Apple could think of nothing better than to attack the “design”…bad losers!
Taken together, I really don’t understand people who buy an iPad.

Chris Hoffman


People buy the iPad for the apps, of course.

Android smartphones have lots of available apps, but tablet-optimized apps are still few and far between, sadly.

Hussain Ayman

Apple is the best……………
The best in ”copying” everything they find…There is nothing made by Apple…..It is all ”copying”’………….

Chris Hoffman

To be fair, everyone copies from everyone.

What’s really hypocritical is Apple throwing lawsuits around instead of competing in the market.

Chris Hoffman


It’s good to see that some former iPhone users do prefer Android.


I didn’t choose my Droid. I traded an LG touch screen for it. lol.


chris……what’s ur favorite hardware device / phone?

Chris Hoffman

The Galaxy Nexus is probably the one to have at the moment. The Nexus line in general is great, you get the pure Android experience without it being polluted.

Stephen Robinson

Phone vs operating system.

Chris Hoffman

True enough. iPhone vs. Galaxy Nexus is a much more fair comparison — “Android” encompasses a lot of things.


You just said it:). I had an iphone and now i have an android phone because i dont like to be told what to do with something that belongs to me not theirs and thats freedom people.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for chiming in! I’m glad I could give voice to everyone that feels this way.


I’ve had both an iphone and an Android.
I’m currently running a HTC HD2 ( I know – 2 year old hardware), with ICS 4.03 OS on board. This is the fastest, smoothest OS I’ve ever used and up till 6 weeks ago I’d have fallen off the fence into the Apple camp but now…… Android.

Chris Hoffman

I haven’t had a change to use Ice Cream Sandwich yet, but I’m definitely drooling over it. Everything I’ve heard seems so positive!

Juan R. Pollo

I just want a phone that lets me hear the other person well. Is Android better in that respect?


 If you want a cellphone, then buy a cellphone: no point in throwing money on a computer-with-a-phone-attached, which is what the Apple and Android offerings happen to be. I have a HTC desire HD running Android and it’s superb as a phone; I guess iPhone users wil likely have had similar good experiences with theirs, always assuming they’ve learnt how to hold the phone in accordance with Apple’s instructions . . .

No, but seriously, Juan. A phone that makes and receives calls doesn’t need an operating system. It’s a phone.

Chris Hoffman

Scott is absolutely right. Smartphones are basically hand-held computers.

I don’t think you’ll see much of a different in sound quality with Android vs. iPhone. Maybe if you got a super-cheap, low-quality Android you’d have worse quality (or maybe not!). It will also depend on your carrier’s network.


That probably depends more on your service provider and the mobile antennas in your area than on the operating system. So Android is no better nor worse than iOS. However, there may be differences in the hardware, so the question is, what Android phone do you compare to which model iPhone?


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2) Disqus is hpeless;

3) Disqus is rubbish;

4) Disqus is a massive time-waster; and:

5) Disqus can’t even begin to cope with this kind of comment load: I’ve just received a Disqus email notifying me of Juan Pollo’s comment together with a link that has brought me NOT to that post but to some arbitrary point in this thread, as a result of which I’ve spent more than 5 minutes — an eternity, in computer comment time — waiting for Disqus to load more comments, load more comments, load more comments, until the darn thing finally locates the one comment it actually notified me about.

Perhaps the next Makeuseof  think piece might usefully be on the topic of:

Why makeuseof Disqus???? 

Chris Hoffman

Hi Scott — you’re absolutely right about Disqus, in my opinion. It’s really frustrating to me trying to keep track of this comment thread.

We’ve had some other issues with Disqus and we may be looking at switching away from it — but that’s not really my department. I’ve forwarded your comment along.


Hey Scott,

as Chris mentioned, we have been considering to drop Disqus for a while and the actual move may be around the corner now.


 Thanks, Tina — and also thanks to Chris, too — for the update. I know it’s easy for someone like me to be critical and there’ll be many and varied reasons why something doesn’t actually work out as well as intended, but this isn’t the first time that I’ve grown old (am now 135) waiting for Disqus to facilitate rather than obstruct a comment thread.

Siggi Bjarnason

I’ve been an Android user for couple of years when I switched from Windows Mobile 6.5. I choose Android for all the reasons you outlined. 

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for chiming in!

Microsoft really squandered their lead with Windows Mobile.

Kenneth Scicluna

All the reasons you mentioned are the reasons why people should be very careful not to go Android. All the reasons mentioned above are the solo reasons why Android has 70% of the Malware mobile market. Having control of your device should be the best choice for consumer. People choose Android because it is the only OS that is sold cheap.

Chris Hoffman

Some people choose Android because it’s sold cheap. And some people, like me, choose it for other reasons.

appointment setting

That’s why I hate the iPhone and prefer to use the Android which is truly open-source platform and offer you more things than any closed system.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for commenting! Open platforms are awesome.


I am planning to buy iphone soon. I’m already an android user but still I like to use other platforms. For long I was a symbian guy but when I got my first android I realized how the mobile platforms have evolved. I hear a lot about ios so I think I would try it. All the platforms have some limitations and its always good to read the pros and cons of things. I liked the post but now am gonna read the next post Iphone over Android so that my mind gets free from this “dontbuyiphone” dilemma lol :)

Chris Hoffman

Android definitely has some real problems as a platform. You have to select which platform bothers you least!


Actually I’m a fan of Apple and I use iPhone, but here you have written really good five reasons that Android is better. However, I prefer iPhone :)

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for the compliments, anyway!

Gavin Meeks

You made some good points on Android but there are many such points where iPhone seems to be better than Android.  Being an iPhone user since a long time this doesn’t really matters much to me as everything has its pros and cons at some stages.

Chris Hoffman

Thanks. Everything is a trade-off. Android definitely has its problems, too.

iPhone Application Development

hmm this site is awesome and impressive enough to me.


Of course there is a lot of spam among comments, and these spammers are stupid, because they DID NOT notice that links are “no follow”. Get a life idiots!

Chris Hoffman

Hah, very true, Angelo! The most the spammers will get is a few accidental clicks. But it certainly won’t help their Google search rankings.


And somebody pays them ahahahah


First off, Im very impressed with makeuseof and especially Chris. Good job man!! Never seen a writer who makes sure to reply to every comment on his post. Second,
I do agree with every aspect of the post. I being an android user myself love the user interface and being a geek, I always want to find ways to mod(modify) my phoone in as many ways as I can! Well for those who think iphone is better coz of the user interface, I’d rather buy and android, Use free apps like Go Launcher and give my phone a make over with a totally identical Windows phone 7 interface or even iphone for that matter. Does ios allow that? I dont think so. In my country,India, iphone is just a way of showing off that you are rich and nothing else. But now, costlier android have made many indians, who want to show off, ditch their iphones and go for phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Atrix 2 and Galaxy note. So, In india atleast, the only reason why people were buying iphone has been defeated by the android..

Chris Hoffman

Thanks for the compliments, Raulnayak!

iPhones are definitely a status symbol to some degree, just like the original iPods were at the time. But then, any type of expensive smartphone can be a status symbol, so that all makes sense.


Haha! I was just like you, thinking android is better and blah blah blah! But when I got my first iPhone, which was a 4s, it was awesome! Sure I missed some android stuff but apple had more than enough to keep me going. And when I thought things couldn’t be better, I jail broke it, and it was awesome!!

Chris Hoffman

Hey, use what works for you!

Personally, I’ve drawn a line in the sand as far as iOS goes — it’s a closed platform and you can only use what Apple lets you. I don’t want closed platforms. I want open platforms where people can do what they want with their own devices.

So, yes — line in the sand. It doesn’t matter how good the iPhone or iOS is to me, if Android didn’t exist I’d give up on mobile.

I suppose I’d a bit crazy and idealistic.

(Sure, you can jailbreak if you want to void your warranty, but Apple’s lawyers wanted to make that illegal. Yuck.)


Chris, many thanks for this article!

It gives me a better idea of which device to choose when I buy my next smartphone.

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It’s in reality a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Eric Dube

I own both an atrix 4g and a iPhone 4s and I like my atrix a lot more it runs faster you can do a lot more on it since I was a lil boy I always wanted a iPhone but this new android os is really neet but I also own a Samsung focus 2 and I’m telling ya windows will eventually be the leader it’s a faster os and it used less ram to operate so for all android lovers windows will be the best bye 2015 I love my atrix more than any phone but windows will go long ways bye. 2015

Chris Hoffman

Interesting to see Windows Phone getting so much love. Competition is definitely a good thing for everyone.


I was once a faithful iPhone user until someone flashed their oh so pretty Galaxy Skyrocket S2 in my face. As a friend once said, “I loved my iPhone, but I will never go back”. Ditto!

Chris Hoffman

Whatever the case, it’s great that there are multiple competing platforms. This isn’t 10 years ago when everyone used Windows.


When you mention advantages people are quick to say that its not and advantage. When one says you can add memory or and extra battery, run non market apps, customize your home screen, try different ROMs, not use Itunes, people are quick to say who wants that. Well, I do but besides that I think it’s good that we have the choice to decide if we do.
And cheap smartphones are not a bad thing. It makes if affordable to people that can’t spend over $300 for a phone that at the end of the day will do the same thing. After rooting them and putting a custom ROM you get a lot of bang for your buck.
Also “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither: :-)


I remember the original Iphone didn’t have multitasking and this was mentioned as a good thing to prevent crashes. ;-)


i dont like the iphones keyboard, i dont like the small screen
in android u got OPTIONS!!

Chris Hoffman

Very true! I was surprised that the Galaxy Note did so well, but it shows that lots of people want something different — you can get that with an open platform like Android, which is really cool.


A very good article.
Apple is for people who like their phones as it is but android is for people who’d like to get the most out of their phones and apple is highly over priced.

Chris Hoffman

High-end Android phones can be pretty expensive, too. Apple does have really high profit margins, though — no wonder they make so much money.

It’s funny to me that people cheer on Apple for making their piles of cash when it means that Apple products could be so much cheaper and Apple would still make a healthy profit.

Fitzgerald R

I find posts like this funny. Number one you say you can install any app you want – if that app is good why can’t it get listed in AppStore or GooglePlay? This apps can easily bring malware and viruses. Look at windows! If they had an AppStore we wouldn’t be speaking of windows malware.
Next, applications in AppStore create revenue for developers whether through ads or purchases. Allowing installation of apps outside AppStore creates piracy. That’s why most developers take time to make iPhone apps because they are worthy it.
Reason 2, u can customize ur iPhone too. U can change the small widgets and place them anywhere. As for the keyboard who needs a different keyboard? Have you used an iPhone 4S keyboard? Even someone with a large thumb like me can type really fast. I just typed all this using the iPhone.
High end Andoids are NOT cheap as you would want to suggest. Some of us are okay with the 3.5″.
As for custom ROMs it’s optional just like jailbreak!
Lastly an iPhone is not locked as you claim tell me how it’s locked! Android users say they love to customize phone. Which customization? Widgets or home screen or wallpapers?
PS: write a post saying what an Android can do that iPhone can’t then you can convince me otherwise.

Chris Hoffman

Well, maybe the app does something the platform creator didn’t approve of — for example, Apple blocked Google Voice from the iPhone for a long time. Apple is currently blocking OnLive from the iPad. It also censors apps with content it doesn’t approve of, like Phone Story, a game critical of Apple’s iPhone development process. When Apple censors an app, you can’t get the app without jailbreaking your device.

After jailbreaking, you can also install pirated apps. I understand there’s a thriving app piracy community for iOS with easy installation, but I haven’t heard about anything like this for Android.

And at least Google’s lawyers didn’t try to make custom ROMs and rooting illegal! Apple’s lawyers did.

At the end of the day, I prefer an open platform where I can do what I want. It’s my device, and I’ll run the software I want to run without Apple trying to make that illegal and control what I can and can’t do.

shaurya boogie

How about windows mango vs android vs iOS? however, jailbreak is illegal which voids guarantee.

Chris Hoffman

Not actually illegal these days, although Apple says it voids the warranty.

A post comparing all three smartphone platforms would be a great idea, though! Someone who’s used all of them should handle it — I’ve never touched a Windows Phone device.


I think another big point of Apple’s iPhones, as well as most Apple products is that they are rarely tech market cutting edge, though both Apple & Android often are cutting edge in innovation. For example when a brand new Apple product rolls out they rarely have the most cutting edge camera or processor specs or available hd space. Android’s phones were typically boasting 8mp cameras while iPhone’s were far substandard. Another important phone feature of iPhone’s (that was only recently addressed in their optimum & most expensive phone) was that the iPhones have never worked immediately out of the box. What kind of phone doesn’t work until you go home and plug it into a computer first? And the computer must have iTunes downloaded. Which is no small file, especially if you have a slow data connection. Apple didn’t seem to care about places around the world & in the US who didn’t have computers as commonplace or in every home or people who didn’t have fast data connections. I think these are important about iPhones and Apple products on a whole, and says a lot about the company!

Chris Hoffman

I believe I’ve heard that the latest iPhones don’t have to be synced with iTunes (or was that just iPads?).

Still, you’re right — the hardware is way behind. Compare an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S III, say — it’s the latest powerhouse. Significantly less RAM, no NFC, no 4G, significantly smaller screen size…


Thanks a lot Chris… I’m from India…I’m a vey low end phone user seeking an upgrade to Android or iOS… iPhone prices are very high here.. The iPhone 16Gb in US is just $199… in India it’s 41,000 Rupees($760 @ 54rupees/dollar). So I had a fix between Sony Ericsson Xperia U and iPhone(thought of asking my US friend to FedEx it.. so that can jail break)… as both were of same price $299…

But this review clearly stated of the problems with jailbreak… Thanks a lot Chris… So I’ve decided… Android or nothing…

Chris Hoffman

Thanks, Shiva! To be fair, a lot of people do like iPhones. I personally don’t like Apple’s tactics, but the software itself is slick. People should make their own decisions — I would never tell anyone they shouldn’t buy an iPhone if they’re making an informed decision and that’s what they really want.


What do u say abt Sony Xperia’s performance in case of Android Chris??? I have Xperia U(after it get’s ICS ugrade.. by the time it will be Diwali here) in mind….


Chris… now i’m well informed… I just have a pc… so can’t take it everywhere if i need o change songs from pc… Also I’ve started to learn Android programming… so … I’ll go with Xperia

Chris Hoffman

I’m not all that familiar with the Xperia — like many fans, I love stock Android devices (the Nexus line) because they’ll get updates fast and won’t be cluttered with bloatware.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Nexus is a bit behind the times compared to the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, hardware-wise.


But Nexus, galaxy sIII and HTC one X are all way costly bro…

Chris Hoffman

Yeah, it depends on what you want — the Galaxy Nexus is cheap these days though, $350 unlocked in the US. That’s cheap for a smartphone.

Of course, it depends what you’re looking for. I myself am using a cheaper device at the moment and holding on to buy a new one — possibly one of the new Nexus phones that will be out at some point this year.