5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

There are lots of image editing applications out there, some focus on resizing, some on image editing, and others on photo enhancements. Here is a list of online image editors that incorporate most of the above mentioned functionalities in one application. In addition to nice interface and rich choice of image manipulation (and resizing) features some of them also give you an option to:

  • import images from your photo sharing account (i.e. Flickr),
  • upload and save image on one of the free photo storage services (i.e AllYouCanUpload),
  • instantly grab image any image from the webpage using provided bookmarklet,
  • and more.

We have previously mentioned them in MakeUseOf directory, so I am just posting the screenshots. However if you need a detailed overview just follow the link below each app.

Starting from the best:

(1) Fotoflexer

fotoflexer   5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

[FotoFlexer feature overview]

(2) Splashup (ex Fauxto)

fauxto editor   5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

[Fauxto feature overview]

(3) Phixr

phixr image editor   5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

[Pxir feature overview]

(4) Wiredness

wiredness image editing   5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

[Wiredness Feature overview]

(5) Pixenate (PXN8)

pixenate image editing   5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools

[Detailed feature overview]

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Wow… FotoFlexer looks pretty impressive I must say. Amazing how far internet technology has come.

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Yes FotoFlexer is nice, but I find http://www.picnik.com even more cool.

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@ Jasper
Picnik is a nice one too, especially it’s user-interface. However it doesn’t have as many image manipulation options as the other ones.

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I prefer FotoFlexer. I think it offers the best combination of rich features, and a clean mac-like interface. Also, it’s pretty fun to use!

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The best image editor is FotoFlexer http://fotoflexer.com/ their AI tools are very sophisticated. Handsdown, FotoFlexer is best in class.

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FotoFlexer http://www.fotoflexer.com is certainly my favorite of the bunch!

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Erik K.

FotoFlexer is by far the superior app, just look at the demos here http://www.fotoflexer.com.

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flauntr and picnik are worth checking out.

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Sridhar Katakam

Does any other online photo editing service provide a Firefox add-on other than Picnik? so one can simply right click on an image and send it to the photo-editing service to edit it.

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I have used lunapic in the past, really cool site.

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Really cool, Deefunia.com also fun for editing your photo. I love it very much.

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thanks 4 sharing it mate now to get fun!

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I really liked your collection and agrees about fotoflexr but I think you should include Irfanview and Gimp as well in the list. Gimp might be slightly technical but it have features equally good as Photoshop and Irfanview is really easy to work upon with its great capability to save for web and reduce image size option.
TechZee.com…Online, update and smile

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John Martin

Hi guys,

I’ve just discovered a new website that rocks.

It’s called http://www.funtasticface.com and it allows us to change our nose, mouth, eyes…

It’s so great to see ourselves with a different look!

Love your site,

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Great and interesting post!
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image editing service

Thank you for sharing photoflexer this has provided me great help and this is really unique i have come across.