5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Don’t Know What To Say

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icon1   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To SayReaction GIFs are a crucial part of Internet communication that help provide emotion where mere text cannot. Many people may say that they are over-used and tacky. However, where punctuation can make the difference between “Yes.” and “Yes!”, reaction GIFs help with the areas in-between. Without them, conversation online would be quite dull, and besides that, it offers more choices in dialogue as opposed to the tiny selection that typical English has.

Granted, it can be a little hard to find just the right GIF for your conversations. Sometimes these animations are overused. Sometimes they aren’t used enough. In the latter case, it would seem that whenever you want to find it, it becomes very difficult to do so. Granted, in the event of the former, it can be very hard to find a good variety of selections. However, these five sites will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Reaction GIFS

reaction   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To Say

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Reaction GIFs is a simple Tumblr blog that focuses on (of course) reaction GIFs. Here, you’ll find new selections everyday for your conversational needs. Granted, since it is in a blog format, it might be a little hard to find exactly what you want. However, there is a limited selection of galleries that seem to offer general usage for reactions such as “Yes”, “No”, and “Fails”. Additionally, there’s a section for GIFs of people eating popcorn that’s always useful.

Emotion Reply

emotion   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To Say

Emotion Reply is a site which offers an entire wall of GIF animations. No, there isn’t much of a search function (but it is coming soon). However, there is a list of emotions that you can choose from, and each one pertains to a GIF gallery that offers the proper response. There are many, many GIFs offered on this site. However, I’d like to see it better organized. The little thumbnails make it just a little hard to know what you are picking from. Despite that, it’s a great site and has a wonderful selection.

Reddit’s Reaction GIFs

reddit   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To Say

Reddit’s r/ReactionGIFs subreddit is as interesting to browse as it is to find GIFs for your personal use. Tied with each GIF is the personal tale of each user, and since there are so many different subscribers to the subReddit (over 119,00, to be exact), you know there’s going to be a variety. Spend some time here, but if your computer’s fans start spinning at a million RPM, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Additionally, there are a few extra sites in the sidebar that will lead you to more GIFs (two of which are actually written about here).

YT2GIF Generator

y2   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To Say

YT2Gif Generator is a nice site that converts YouTube videos into GIFs (which is something that I’m sure many of us have wanted to try before). Simply pop in the start time and the end time, and you’ll be good to go. Granted, the site itself isn’t anything pretty to look at. However, it’s useful, and that’s definitely what counts. (That said, there is a designer mode beta.)

GIF Sound

GIFSound   5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Dont Know What To Say

This site is more of a joke than anything. However, it’s still pretty great. A while back, there was a Reddit user who posted a question asking if you can get GIF animations with sound. Well, no… No, you can’t. However, the creator of this site took it upon himself to make that happen! Here, you can pair GIFs with the audio from YouTube videos to make interesting visual pieces. Additionally, you can browse the creations of others (note that some of these may be NSFW).


That’s about all we have for Reaction GIFs today, and I hope that these sites might have helped. So many people use them for communicating online, so it might help to at least know where they can be found.

What sites do you use to find reaction GIFs? Can you make your own reaction GIFs?

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Jason Pulowski



last website was really useful…..thanx


Efi Dreyshner

Useful, how need google when we got MOU?!



I’m starting to like GIF



Here’s another site with a lot of GIF


Mac Witty

I realize there are benefits with gif but I got some kind of allergy in the 1990s. That’s when all sites were full of jumping and flashing gifs. Crawling babies, e-mail jumping into mailboxes, leaping tigers …


Sebastian Hadinata

Thanks for the list of websites.



I’ve got another new one for you: http://www.reactiongifs.us/



http://dotgifs.com – a community for members to upload interesting contents for everyone to see, has voting system so makes it that much more interesting


Dot Gifs

http://dotgifs.com for gifs relating to everything

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