5 Personalities You’ll Meet on Random Chat Websites

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keys2   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat WebsitesMany people get on sites such as Omegle and ChatRoulette to meet exciting new people and have interesting conversations. However, a lot of the time, they will encounter several other different types of chat personas along the way. That said, it would seem as if not everybody is on these random chat sites just for a friendly chat…

However, I’ve narrowed down about five of these personas for you to take a look at (and I’ve even given them all a spiffy little name). All I ask is that you look through them and let me know if you’ve run into them before! Granted, these descriptions might be a little tame compared to what all of these chat-based characters can do, but I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to them regardless.

The Lover

heart   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat Websites

It seems so often that there are people out on the Internet who use these random chat sites as a means to look for love. (Granted, that love may be for only temporary purposes, but we’ll not get into the details of that.) However, the chat is always typical. The Lover will always ask for your age, sex, and location, and then he (rarely ever she) will proceed to seduce you with statements formed with poor grammar and horrible spelling.

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The Non-English Speaker

dictionary   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat Websites

I’m not bashing people who are not native English speakers, but it always seems that chatroom-hoppers will cross at least one language barrier during their conversational adventures. It can often lead to quite a bit of confusion, but occasionally, it can be pretty cool. With web apps like Google Translate (or other similar tools), you can get a rough idea of what the person is saying, and better yet, you can learn parts of another language.

The Advertisement

classifieds   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat Websites

The Advertisement is akin to the Lover. Often, what starts out with a “romantically” infused opening line will turn into a blatant advertisement for some of the less flattering sites on the Internet. Otherwise known as bots, these little advertisements can be quite the hassle. What makes it worse is that, for at least a little while, these bots can sometimes seem like actual people.

The Insane One

insane   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat Websites

Occasionally, you’ll mention someone absolutely crazy on these random chat websites. They often take on certain characters, and they will insist on acting like these personas for the entire duration of the conversation. These are the types of people who act like Dog from the Dog meme (yes, it happens). They will also pretend to be your dear sweet grandmother wondering how to use “the Google machine”. The Insane Ones are actually wonderful people, and without them, we wouldn’t have near as much spice on the Internet.

The Casual Conversationalist

coffee   5 Personalities Youll Meet on Random Chat Websites

Ah, but every once in a while, we will meet someone who uses these chat websites for the original intended purposes. These are the Casual Conversationalists, and they simply desire to have genuine human-to-human conversation. They are curious people who are always willing to learn. Granted, they often fall victim to the other four chat personas we have here. Unfortunately, it would seem we’re running out of these types.


These are just five of the types of people you will meet while randomly chatting online. However, everyone’s unique, and I’m aware that there are many other kinds of characters out there.

What other stereotypes use these random chat websites? Have you ever run into these characters while chatting online?

Image Credits: mconnorssullivan, Alvimann, xandert, southernfried, kconnors

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Adam Campbell

You are completely right

Joshua Lockhart

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m always right. It never works. But I’m glad that you think I am.


Zhong Jiang

So being said, everything’s random. Depending on the majority who visit the website, it’ll distinguish what kind of people they are.

Joshua Lockhart

I guess everything’s random. You’re right. But these are just a few different types you’ll meet.


Adrian Rea

The problem arises when you get a non English speaking lover who insanely advertises casual conversation! :D I get them all the time!


Douglas Mutay

Very interesting article. In some website you are sure to find all these people in some other just a single category. So it’s good to know how to deal with them. Thank you for sharing this Joshua!


Efi Dreyshner

I want to meet The Insane One :D

Din One

Me too its sure to be fun… :)

Joshua Lockhart

I’ve met plenty of them… They are definitely interesting.

Joshua Lockhart

What if you are The Insane One, and you just don’t know it?



i really enjoyed reading this article

Joshua Lockhart

I truly appreciate you saying that.


Gerald Huber

Seems spot on. I don’t frequent those sites but it seems those people can be found anywhere.

Maybe a follow up can be the types of people that can be found in comment sections of sites. I love reading those.

Joshua Lockhart

Glad you like those types of articles. I enjoy different kinds of people (from more of an observant perspective), so I’m glad someone else finds this topic interesting.


Mac Witty

I miss one – single subject. The one who turn all chats into a special subject. It can be there children/grandchildren, cars/motorcycles/boats, anger against authorities, and so on



would there be a part II including some statistic about each group…? By the way, you could write a really good bestseller based on Internet/ true life stories!


Lisa Santika Onggrid

I refrain myself from random chats. Once saw a bunch of my friends using it and I didn’t see anything exciting. Too much loverboy and bot.


Mike Reno has a social media account? Who knew. You can never get too much Loverboy, by the way.


Unless you mean Billy Ocean’s hit of same name. ;-)


Keith Swartz

Awesome article! You’ll find one, two or sometimes everyone named each time you chat with a STRANGER!!

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