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things people do on facebookHello, Facebook user. Browsing Facebook for at least an hour a day? Have over 200 friends? Used Facebook for a few months? By the time you’ve read through this post, I can promise that you’ll have nodded your head in agreement at least once.

When Google+ was first announced, I immediately assumed it would be a hit. Not because of how Google is so interlaced with the rest of our internet, but because of “Facebook fatigue“. Change is very refreshing and exciting (as long as it’s not Facebook changing How To Enable Facebook's New "Timeline" Profile Right Now Before Anyone Else Gets It How To Enable Facebook's New "Timeline" Profile Right Now Before Anyone Else Gets It Yesterday Facebook announced a host of new features in what was described by industry observers as the biggest shakeup in Facebook's history. Most of these changes are obviously due to the emerging and growing threat... Read More … itself) and seems to have a gravitational pull online.New stuff is cool to us. The great transition from MySpace to Facebook was a clear example.

But, how does one fall victim to Facebook fatigue? While that’s a question that is conditional to the temperament of each individual user, I can bet that experiencing any of the following five antics will have you begging for a Dislike button.

We ranted a bit with 5 Things You Need To Stop Posting On Facebook 5 Things You Need to Stop Posting on Facebook 5 Things You Need to Stop Posting on Facebook We've discussed things that annoy Dave on Twitter, and we've even talked about how you may have compromised your security on the Internet. However, it seems as if Facebook brings both of those topics together.... Read More . I rant on with five more.

Indirect Status Updates

If you’re above the age of 30, you probably don’t experience this horrible Facebook phenomenon quite as often as the rest of us. This is the go-to move of every disgruntled 16-year-old girl. It’s also high up there with males who need a cowardly and passive-aggressive way to openly rage at their ex-girlfriend. In the end, both end up looking pathetic, psychotic, and/or immature. Come on, you know what I’m talking about:

  • “I hate him so much. I can’t stand being around him every day of my life.”
  • “I like how my best friend seems to never be there for me…”
  • “Seriously, who hangs up on somebody in the middle of a conversation?”

All of these are cries for attention. All of these are very narrowly directed at one person or one small group of people. All of these are weird and annoying. All of these could just as easily point directly at the person, but that would still be immature. Send them a damn personal message, don’t go embarrassing yourself and looking like a wreck in front of your friends. Stop it.


things people do on facebook

I feel a little different about cute messages or ones that are positive and cheerful in nature. You get a pass on that, just don’t do it more than three times per week please.

MySpace-esque Behavior & “Games”

I hate to be the guy to claim, “That’s so MySpace!” but listen: The general quality of the Facebook community was at its peak when MySpace was alive and well. MySpace was for glittery graphics, profile songs, Mafia Wars, and comment spam. It generally seemed to appeal to kids in high school and younger. Facebook was for the clean-cut college student and above. It was for people who enjoyed an organized, no-nonsense approach to social networking.

annoying facebook posts

Unfortunately, that has all changed. Here are a few of the cancers that Facebook has unfortunately inherited:

  • The “TBH” word game – “LMS TBH” (Like my status, to be honest) is a little social game where users who Like another’s status will receive an honest opinion about themselves posted to their Wall.
  • “Inbox me numbers” – This is basically a private and more ridiculous mutation of TBH. You send a private message to a user with a random number. Instead of posting to your Wall, they post the numbers they received to their own Wall and then an opinion or memory about the corresponding person who sent them that particular number.
  • Ridiculous chain messages – “Repost this status or 12 kids will die of cancer”, “R.I.P. David: Just kidding. If you had an emotional response to David’s fake death, repost this on your Wall”, “Facebook is going to shut down in three days unless you pay them $50 for an account, let’s repost this a million times and stop them”, etc.
  • Friend-tagging word games – “Look at your friends displayed to the left. The first five are your co-stars in the next terrible sci-fi movie,” with five witty character names to label for each, etc.

There are more examples out there, but I’m annoyed in even describing these four.

Using Apps that Spam Walls or Tags

Okay, you definitely know this one. FarmVille 3 Tips and Tricks To Avoid FarmVille on Facebook 3 Tips and Tricks To Avoid FarmVille on Facebook Read More ? Sims Social? Horoscopes? The “Report Card” app that tags a ridiculous amount of your friends? Every birthday calendar app that obnoxiously invades your Wall?

This is just flat-out annoying. A lot of these applications spam your friends’ Walls, too. The fact that it spams yours is annoying enough. This hits hard because you’ve got to be considerate about things that not only affect your friends’ profiles, but yours as well. We see it on our News Feed. It spams the hell out of us. How about an application for horoscopes that messages you privately? Don’t get your hopes up, it’ll never happen because these apps thrive on virability and they need exposure through you so that they can be monetized.

annoying facebook posts

Being a Downer

Sometimes it’s like Frownbook. Lighten up! If you use your Facebook only to vent out your frustration and depression, you’re doing it wrong. I’ve never done it myself, but I can’t imagine that it is the best form of therapy. See a professional if it becomes a habit.

annoying facebook posts

Again, it goes back to being considerate and we all see it. I don’t want to be brought down by your six depressing posts per day. If that happens, I’m going to have to remove you, and then what if you notice? That’s going to upset you even more, maybe!

Using Facebook as Twitter

You know that friend who blows up your News Feed with a new status every 30 minutes? Have them look into Twitter. Maybe they’ve heard of it. Facebook’s not the place to tell us you’re waking up, driving to the store, watching TV, eating food, feeling sick, and laying in bed all within the same day and in separate posts.

things people do on facebook

So, who among you is saying – guilty as charged? Facebook is a social network. Just like our real world one, it falls upon us to keep it clutter free. Don’t you think so? What are your pet peeves when it comes to Facebook.

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